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Runner 4 Wheels Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker 16lb (Red)

$185.00 $205.00

  • ALUMINUM FRAME: Walking has never been easier than with this Rollator for seniors.
  • 8″ PVC WHEELS: Large sturdy wheels make stepping onto curbs easier.
  • DETACHABLE SHOPPING BAG: Rollator walkers have a convenient detachable bag and handy tray.
  • MAXIMUM LIMIT: Despite its slim design and light weight, drive medical rollator is strong.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: 4 wheel rollators can be folded up for easy carrying.
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Don’t miss out on strolls through the park, shopping trips, or moving around the house as you please. The drive medical rolling walker for seniors goes wherever you like. It has a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Plus, the adult rolling walker is made of lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stay on the go and visit your favorite stores, parks, festivals, and more with the Runner rollator walker with storage bag and tray. Take a mall walk with friends, enjoy restaurants, and never miss out on the sights and sounds around town. This lightweight walker for seniors is useful indoors and outdoors, plus it can be quickly folded up for easy transport.

  1. I rarely leave some reviews, but this rollator impressed me for its quality. I bought it for my dad, who has trouble with walking around and he is satisfied with it. This rollator is very comfortable and light, does not take to much space which is its main benefit. The solid handle allows you to lean on the entire structure with your whole weight which is important for my dad when he gets tired. Thank you for such nice product!

  2. My elderly mother’s limited movement in her little flat is restored thanks to the rollator. She can take her meals into the living room because of how easily it can be moved and the rather large tray. My mum loves her new “transport” and she really appreciates how it was designed to fit her needs.

  3. A bit pricy, but the bag for groceries is big, most of the walkers don’t have too much space for it. This one, however, met all of my expectations and I don’t regret buying it. Thank you!

  4. The sleek, small, and highly nimble indoor rollator has quiet, smooth-riding wheels. The screw covers on the front wheels had already come off by the second day, but this was unimportant. In any case, my husband with dementia is unable to lock the brake. The brake is unimportant because he only needs to use the wheelchair indoors on level surfaces. Both the tray and the basket are useful. However, this his rollator cannot be used to sit.
    Nonetheless, we are really happy.

  5. Thanks to Certhealth I got a decent rollator model for my mother. She always feels nausious and I cannot run to her to help all the time. This rollator saved us! Now she can lean on it and walk around the house without a problem. She is 71 years old. She likes how smooth the wheels are and the brakes work properly, no comments on that aspect. We can also take it for a walk in the part and put it in the car trunk. I am very happy with purchased this!

  6. This rollator is not only functional but also visually appealing. My brother is recuperating from a recent stroke, so this comes in handy when he needs assistance and folds up easily while we’re on the road. This isn’t a big rollator, and it’s simple to maneuver through doorways. The brake mechanism is very useful for one-handed people—my brother has limited left hand usage at the moment, but he can safely grasp the foam padded handle with both hands and simply activate the brake, which is placed just below the handle, with his functioning right hand. It’s been a difficult road thus far, but having this tray and basket close while sitting has been a huge help.

  7. Solid robust, elegantly designed, agile, and ideal for usage inside.

  8. High quality!

  9. I really enjoy the rollator! It is extremely light, perfect for the outdoor walks, and looks nice and modern! I am glad that I purchased it!!!

  10. My father is quite happy with this lightweight rollator. It can fit through all of the door frames in the apartment without difficulty or “balancing,” which is a huge relief.
    Despite its little weight, the rollator is both sturdy and reliable. I can recommend it for purchase from this seller.

  11. After my 83-year-old mother was able to return home due to a fall, the rollator became a vital equipment for her walking safely.
    Despite the limited time frame, we were able to supply my mother with it instantly thanks to the vendor, who fulfilled the item quickly. Because of its little weight, the rollator is easy to maneuver while yet providing safety.
    Thank you again to the seller.

  12. One of the wheels of the rollator does not spin around its axis, I would like to replace it. Everything else is fine, but not being able to turn the rollator is annoying.

  13. Indoor rollator with a tray and a basket. It is tiny and thin enough to fit through all room doors. It becomes tough with thresholds. Even if these are low, the tiny wheels make it difficult to ride over obstacles. Otherwise, it stands and runs solidly, and it does not roll away easily, thus the brake is rarely used. The tray includes a little indentation that allows a cup to be moved more easily. In the end, my 60-year old mother who had problems with walking and navigating in her apartment is now using this lightweight rollator on every occasion. A big yes to purchase for your elderly relatives!

  14. The rollator is an excellent aid for persons who have difficulty walking and are afraid of falling. It gives my mum courage to walk again. She handles the situation without issue. The rollator’s dead weight is no problem. The handle is perfect in every way, and the brake is likewise quite easy to hold. The tray also performs admirably. The rollator handled the hurdles (with my mother’s carpets or comparable up to around 16 mm) without wincing.
    My mum and I both endorse the product!

  15. My dad has hand tremor and to him the tray helped a lot to carry his food. The rollator is pretty sturdy and with a nice bag that has enough space.Very good on, especially for outside walks!

  16. Every part of the rollator conveys the desired function.
    My wife was initially skeptical (before ordering, regarding the shape). But now she changed her mind because the rollator works just fine (she uses it in the street). She points out that the brakes are easy to cope with, they do not require too much effort. The whole construction is light and easy to put in the car or through small obstacles. We are happy and satisfied with this rollator and highly recommend it to everyone!

  17. Good price and performance ratio. The quality is stunning, basically corresponds to description.I am glad I bought this rollator, it really helped me with moving around. Being overweight (125lbs) this type works good enough for me. However, I would get another one with the seat, because I get tired pretty quickly. This rollator just helps move around and get on bed or a sofa.

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