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Runner 4 Wheels Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker 16lb (Red)

$185.00 $205.00

  • ALUMINUM FRAME: Walking has never been easier than with this Rollator for seniors.
  • 8″ PVC WHEELS: Large sturdy wheels make stepping onto curbs easier.
  • DETACHABLE SHOPPING BAG: Rollator walkers have a convenient detachable bag and handy tray.
  • MAXIMUM LIMIT: Despite its slim design and light weight, drive medical rollator is strong.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: 4 wheel rollators can be folded up for easy carrying.
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Don’t miss out on strolls through the park, shopping trips, or moving around the house as you please. The drive medical rolling walker for seniors goes wherever you like. It has a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Plus, the adult rolling walker is made of lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stay on the go and visit your favorite stores, parks, festivals, and more with the Runner rollator walker with storage bag and tray. Take a mall walk with friends, enjoy restaurants, and never miss out on the sights and sounds around town. This lightweight walker for seniors is useful indoors and outdoors, plus it can be quickly folded up for easy transport.

  1. I like the tray mechanism; it would be nice if it included a cup holder in the tray section. If you’re quite tall, it comes up to your hips. If you are shorter, you may find it simpler to steer because the handlebar is closer to you. A bit pricy but I am in love with the quality.

  2. Easy to fold up, includes a small table to put on food or any other stuff. The wheels and the whole construction is sturdy, it helps me a lot, especially when I need to rest. I lean on my walker and I confident that it won’t fall because of the sturdy brakes.

  3. Lightweight and reasonably simple for one person to lift. It flattens out to a respectable degree when folded, more so than some walkers. It is simple to open and shut.

    The basket is constructed from long-lasting fabric that can withstand heavy use. We could transport library books in it without worrying about harm. also a dog. I mean, anything. In conclusion, very decent rollator, I am glad I purchased it.

  4. Ordered a rollator for my mum (90, 65 kg, formerly 175 cm tall). Perfect equipment includes storage choices and a back bar. Seems to be nice, and the brakes lock without any problems, plus the wheels are quite big.

  5. My 60-year-old mother expresses gratitude to those who produced this really useful product, which has been of tremendous assistance to her. She it uses to navigate around the apartment with ease. Another effective brake lock is the manual one that is on the handle. Thanks to this rollator she does not require any other additional support and sometimes she can also go for a walk, which is rare in her routine.

  6. This walkerr is nice, but lacks a comfy seat where you can rest. It is easy to fondle and has a very big basket. Basically it is only for walking, it has very strong aliminium frame which you can rely on with your weight. The quality of the walker is high, so I would recommend it.

  7. I rarely leave some reviews, but this rollator impressed me for its quality. I bought it for my dad, who has trouble with walking around and he is satisfied with it. This rollator is very comfortable and light, does not take to much space which is its main benefit. The solid handle allows you to lean on the entire structure with your whole weight which is important for my dad when he gets tired. Thank you for such nice product!

  8. My elderly mother’s limited movement in her little flat is restored thanks to the rollator. She can take her meals into the living room because of how easily it can be moved and the rather large tray. My mum loves her new “transport” and she really appreciates how it was designed to fit her needs.

  9. This is quite strong and well-made. The tray is useful and stable even though it is made out of plastic. I am very pleased.

  10. I am really glad I bought this rollator for my 70-year old mom, she struggled with her lower back pain for years and now she has a support that helps her to move around without any problems. Awesome rollator with a big detachable bag that can carry groceries. A bit pricy, but I managed to buy it with the discount.

  11. No matter how wide your corridors are, using this at home is a breeze because to the large wheels and a smaller gap between them.
    While my mom is seated in her chair, it might be a bit challenging to see other people due to the height of the walker. It is not critical though.

  12. The wheels are huge, they have a rubber tiers and work just fine on any type of surfaces. My grandma had no problem walking around with it in her garden while she is watering flowers. She said that she wishes there would be a comfy seat so she could rest, so we might have to find another model eventually. I still recommend this one for short distances or home.

  13. Grandma asked to buy the walker that would help her to move around when she comes over to our house. Not gonna lie, we were surprised to recieve the package in a few days after ordering, it was easy to assemble. My grandma is very happy, she really needed that.

  14. Average rollator, but the bag is made from the nice material and quite big. I will give it a try. Purchasing for my 75-year old mother. So far we haven’t experienced any problems, it is very sturdy and easy to handle.

  15. I am very happy with this purchase! The rollator fits well into the trunk and folds easily. The table in the front is made out of plastic and has a cup holder. Pros: the wheels are silent, don’t squeak when the rollator is on the road. Due to my recent back surgery I really struggle with going somewhere without any extra support, so this one really comes in handy. There is also a big bag for my belongings which is easily detachable. Cons: the form of the handle. I would prefer to have two handles and I could not find the levers for the brakes.

  16. My Standard Indoor Rollator has been with me for about six months. It is my closest inanimate companion right now. Because of the frame shape and swiveling front wheels, it can easily enter and exit the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and even spacious closets. Although the device seems relatively flimsy, I load the bag with some hefty items—gallon bottles of milk, six-packs of Cola, etc.—and the collator has yet to fail me when I move goods from the car onto the rollator. I’m 82 years old and six feet tall. The shape of my back resembles a bent paperclip. Every day of my mediocre existence, I am supported by this rollator.

  17. The rollator was put together fast; there was no issue; if you approach it calmly, it will be on its four wheels in 10 minutes.

    The rollator is easy to use, and the brakes work nicely. It’s not too difficult to utilize the height adjustment. Although not as easy as the other models. I had no problem in putting the rollator in the trunk.

  18. Grandma’s favorite so far: lightweight design, yet solid, maneuverable, ideal for indoor use, with storage compartment that is very useful.

  19. Very sturdy and light. Didn’t work for me because I needed a seat, so I had to return it and ask for the refund. The quality is nice though, fits for house walking.

  20. Super maneuverable very stable for man who weights 184 lbs.

  21. Choosing between this model and the other one was hard. This one looks sturdy, so I decided to go for it. My dad required some assistence after his surgery so I had to buy a rollator for him. It was more than enough to walk around the house, however sometimes hard to get through the door. Other than that he is very happy with this walker.

  22. Well-done and useful; I would give two recommendations:
    – make the guiding armrest more adjustable
    – narrow the wheels by 2-3 cm so that it may fit inside the elevator more easily

  23. My dad has two of these – for walking outside and inside his house. Due to his back pain and constant dizzyness, he always requires a support. Fortunately, this walking is just what he always needed. It can handle his weight and moves with great manuverability. He didn’t have any problems of going through the doors. I totally recommend this rollator walker, it is light and fondable!

  24. Meanwhile, already the 2nd in the household of my grandparents.
    Stable, maneuverable and small enough to drive through the apartment.
    Absolutely outstanding in every way!

  25. I was looking for a walker for an elderly relative. This specific one is compact and maneuverable. When she is able to go out, a rollator is a fantastic helpful device. This is a basic walker that is not intended for extended walks. Some have built-in seats, but this one does not. This is one I’d recommend for at-home use. This was quite easy to transport between our home’s tight entrances once completed. The price of just under $190 at the time of writing this review is far more than I’d expect. Simply take a pass and go to your local medical supply store if you want it pre-assembled. The components, particularly the frame, are of very good quality. Everything is sturdy and will fit a wide range of people. The step-by-step instructions with images were excellent and quite useful. As previously said, if you want it completely constructed, pass. With this one, I didn’t even have to adjust the brakes. At the very least, I didn’t have to go through my tools to put this walker together. I didn’t even need to use the wrench, which is unusual. I really liked the fact that it includes a cup holder and tray. This walker is a little different than the others, however it’s too expensive. The walker / rollator folded up easily and fit easily into my vehicle. This is, however, a fantastic walker for homes with tight entrances and hallways, as described.

  26. A bit pricy, but the bag for groceries is big, most of the walkers don’t have too much space for it. This one, however, met all of my expectations and I don’t regret buying it. Thank you!

  27. Extremely strong yet being quite light. The brake feature is simple to operate and, if necessary, may be modified with ease. Easily put together. My mother, who is 98 years old, found it simple to use. She adores her new walker very much.

  28. I needed this rollator ASAP. It looks surprisingly good for a rollator. In any case, it is not one of those completely shoddy-looking cheap variants! The “support function” is optimal, and the price with under € 200.

    Update: since the rollator is really surprisingly good, was cheap and is used daily, I ordered a second for the second floor in the apartment. So the first rollator does not have to be transported up and down the stairs all the time. You usually can’t do that yourself if you’re dependent on it.

  29. The sleek, small, and highly nimble indoor rollator has quiet, smooth-riding wheels. The screw covers on the front wheels had already come off by the second day, but this was unimportant. In any case, my husband with dementia is unable to lock the brake. The brake is unimportant because he only needs to use the wheelchair indoors on level surfaces. Both the tray and the basket are useful. However, this his rollator cannot be used to sit.
    Nonetheless, we are really happy.

  30. I purchased this for myself because I am now undergoing significant hip surgery. This walker has really pleased me. It’s a lot nicer than the one my grandmother used to have. It features a storage section, which I appreciate. You don’t have any stuff to carry while you’re using both hands to support yourself on the walker, so it was important to have this tray and bag underneath it. I’ll absolutely use this to move around while I’m recovering from surgery.

  31. The rollator does its job quite neatly – is good to “handle”.
    There is one minus, the left handle is twisted and looks up, and you can not adjust it.

  32. At first, my 90-year old grandmother refused to buy any rollator, but I convinced her to give this Runner 4 a try. And you know what? She is very happy with it! Now she cannot imagine her life without it! She like to put the food on the tray and hide her knitting supplies underneath in a basket. It is awesome. Our evaluation mark is 5.

  33. The quality of the product is unique. Super fast folding, plus the staff has been very friendly.

  34. This walker/rollator is fantastic, but only for people who are physically capable of using it. It is thin and light, making it ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. However, it is similar to a shopping cart with the handle in front of you. If you can gain enough balance from a parallel handle in front of you, this is an excellent option. It is not as stable as a standard rollator.

    A typical walker, on the other hand, with handles perpendicular to the body, allows a person to stand further between the handles, providing additional stability.

  35. Rollator is easy to maneuver and provides with a solid grip.The brakes are firm.
    The rollator folds fast and effortlessly so that it may be transported in a vehicle.
    If required, you may detach the rollator’s wheels a little bit to make it very small, for example to ship it.

    The front pouch is quite useful.
    Excellent product!

  36. Thanks to Certhealth I got a decent rollator model for my mother. She always feels nausious and I cannot run to her to help all the time. This rollator saved us! Now she can lean on it and walk around the house without a problem. She is 71 years old. She likes how smooth the wheels are and the brakes work properly, no comments on that aspect. We can also take it for a walk in the part and put it in the car trunk. I am very happy with purchased this!

  37. This rollator is not only functional but also visually appealing. My brother is recuperating from a recent stroke, so this comes in handy when he needs assistance and folds up easily while we’re on the road. This isn’t a big rollator, and it’s simple to maneuver through doorways. The brake mechanism is very useful for one-handed people—my brother has limited left hand usage at the moment, but he can safely grasp the foam padded handle with both hands and simply activate the brake, which is placed just below the handle, with his functioning right hand. It’s been a difficult road thus far, but having this tray and basket close while sitting has been a huge help.

  38. Solid robust, elegantly designed, agile, and ideal for usage inside.

  39. The trolley arrived in a cardboard box well packed and complete in every part.
    The only drawback is the lack of an instruction sheet for the few parts to be assembled (handlebars, seat back), in particular the screws, to fix and adjust the height of the handlebars.
    Also you can lock it by pushing down the brake levers.
    Overall a good product and affordable price.

  40. This is light and simple to lift with one person. It folds up as flat as any walker and perhaps more than some.

    The basket is composed of a tough fabric that will survive and withstand a lot of misuse. We could transport library books in it without fear of harm. Or even a small dog. Anything goes.

  41. Extremely light and agile. That is why the purchase was appropriate for the apartment.

  42. High quality!

  43. I really enjoy the rollator! It is extremely light, perfect for the outdoor walks, and looks nice and modern! I am glad that I purchased it!!!

  44. My father is quite happy with this lightweight rollator. It can fit through all of the door frames in the apartment without difficulty or “balancing,” which is a huge relief.
    Despite its little weight, the rollator is both sturdy and reliable. I can recommend it for purchase from this seller.

  45. The construction is nice, but I think the tray could be made from other material, plastic is not the best choice.

  46. I could not use the rollator I had before even though it was prescribed by my doctor. I found the Certhealth shop. I placed an order for a rollator over the phone, and two days later, I received the shipment. I’m really happy right now. Even though I am not a flyweight, a superb rollator that can be flipped easily and folded up narrowly when traveling. Even the wheels I wanted were installed. Thank you to everyone at the Certhealth.

  47. The rollator is well suited for usage indoors. It operates well, is sturdy, and has some transportation choices. My mum is delighted.

  48. Everything is great except that there is only one handle to hold on. I wish there would be the same model but with two handles.

  49. After my 83-year-old mother was able to return home due to a fall, the rollator became a vital equipment for her walking safely.
    Despite the limited time frame, we were able to supply my mother with it instantly thanks to the vendor, who fulfilled the item quickly. Because of its little weight, the rollator is easy to maneuver while yet providing safety.
    Thank you again to the seller.

  50. I am pretty happy with how quite this rollator. People say that the plastic tray makes a noise, but it is not true, it is sturdy and very convinient. The neighbours won’t be distrubed by the rollator moving around the apartment, because the coverage of the wheels prevent rattle noise. I am satisfied with the decent design of the rollator so I totally recommend it!

  51. One of the wheels of the rollator does not spin around its axis, I would like to replace it. Everything else is fine, but not being able to turn the rollator is annoying.

  52. This is a perfect indoor walker, as described, it is narrow, easy handling, foldable and with the tray perfect for transport. A very good product indeed.

  53. I adore how portable and simple the Walker is to move around the house. The tray is big enough for me to eat. As I am a tall lady, I really appreciate the wide bar grip that adjusts higher than most other walkers.
    I was very delighted with the package because I didn’t have to put it together; it was already assembled, as I asked.
    I wish everyone who has a mobility challenge could get this rollator, it is practical and, more significantly, essential for daily life.

  54. I bought the rollator after an accident at home. Without it I would not have been able to move upright with a damaged leg. The rollator is very narrow, fits even through a 56 cm door, you can practically turn in place with it and support yourself. The tray is very useful, also the basket underneath. However, it rattles a bit, so the transported glass should not be too full, otherwise the water would spill around.
    It’s sturdy, I was even able to drag myself up off the sofa leaning on it without the walker tipping over on me.

  55. I ordered the rolator for my 80-year-old grandmother, who had previously said that she did not want one.The rolator has a great maneuverability and is lovely and narrow, making it ideal for compact living areas. The only issue is the tray slip; the tray’s edge might be raised so that cups and plates do not slide back and forth or drop on the floor. Aside from that, it is a great asset for my grandmother.

  56. Indoor rollator with a tray and a basket. It is tiny and thin enough to fit through all room doors. It becomes tough with thresholds. Even if these are low, the tiny wheels make it difficult to ride over obstacles. Otherwise, it stands and runs solidly, and it does not roll away easily, thus the brake is rarely used. The tray includes a little indentation that allows a cup to be moved more easily. In the end, my 60-year old mother who had problems with walking and navigating in her apartment is now using this lightweight rollator on every occasion. A big yes to purchase for your elderly relatives!

  57. The walker is really well-made and serves as both a tray and a cart with its basket. It is composed of metal and appears to be rather strong. While being used as a walker, the basket is large enough to hold necessary belongings. The durable tray has a raised plastic bottom that sits on top of the basket and keeps it in place. The walker also folds extremely flat for storing. The height of the handle may also be modified. The walker comes with brakes that must be set when you receive it; the instruction papers hanging from the handle explain how to do so. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase, so I will give it five stars!

  58. This is my very first walker (78 years old). I conducted a lot of research and came to the conclusion that this was the best option for me. I was not disappointed!

    The assembly was simple and uncomplicated. The walker is exceptionally steady and agile. The tray is really useful for transporting plates and other goods. Overall, this gets 5 stars! I am a very satisfied client.

  59. I keep a walker with a seat in the trunk of my automobile. However, after injuring my knee, I needed something smaller and narrower to navigate around my apartment. This walker is wonderful. It includes a spacious basket with a non-slip tray for carrying objects. It readily rolls around corners. It’s fantastic!!

  60. A rollator is ideal for use at home, small and mobile. It took me a while to figure out where the lever for brakes is.
    The rest is flawless.

  61. The rollator is an excellent aid for persons who have difficulty walking and are afraid of falling. It gives my mum courage to walk again. She handles the situation without issue. The rollator’s dead weight is no problem. The handle is perfect in every way, and the brake is likewise quite easy to hold. The tray also performs admirably. The rollator handled the hurdles (with my mother’s carpets or comparable up to around 16 mm) without wincing.
    My mum and I both endorse the product!

  62. My dad has hand tremor and to him the tray helped a lot to carry his food. The rollator is pretty sturdy and with a nice bag that has enough space.Very good on, especially for outside walks!

  63. Lighter weight for elderly people. It is quite attractive and frequently receives praises, however I wish the tires were a little thicker to make it easier to move outside the house. The price was good enough, so I bought 2.

  64. I am really happy with my walker! I ordered it mostly because it folds. I have a standard rollator, but it takes up a lot of room and isn’t always necessary.
    Well! My husband occasionally borrows my walker when his back hurts. When he spotted this one, he unexpectedly claimed it as his!
    The design is lovely, with clean, sharp lines and blond wood. It’s really strong and feels like you can totally rely on it. There is no doubt I would recommend this rollator to buy, thanks to outstanding work of Certhealth!

  65. I bought this for my mother. When climbing and descending steps or walkways, she encounters several difficulties. She has to lift it immediately, which might cause her to slip or fall as she gets older. It’s not secure.

  66. I was dreading buying this walker for my husband because I had just purchased one for my mother. OMG, I am so glad that this one was so easy to put together. Husband was determined about not obtaining it. He was using a basic no-wheels walker. But now he prefers his new rollator. A big plus is the tray that allows him to move items such as his plate, dirty dishes, garbage, and so on. In any case, it is save. Hopefully, we won’t have to rely on this walker for too long, we are waiting for his back surgery.

  67. The use of this item will assist and direct your walking. The rollator is lightweight and does not require too much effort to fold it, very easy to assemble and move around. Very happy with it, thank you!

  68. Over the years, I’ve assisted individuals with numerous walkers, and this has to be one of the finest. It’s quite easy to drive, and the wheels spin on a dime when you want them to. It makes strolling with it so much fun. The timber frame seems and feels exceptionally strong and long-lasting. The hand brakes are responsive with a simple press, and I appreciate that the braking is a bar that runs the full length of the bar handle, allowing you to readily use the brakes no matter where you hold the handle. It would have been a good addition to have a separate beverage holder. Overall, I believe this is a fantastic alternative for a walker without seats and strongly suggest it.

  69. My “van” ; – ) for dishes, to buckets of laundry, to my many craft supplies. Until now I always had the problem, how do I hold on when I need my hands to transport things from one room to another. Now I finally have the security I need.

  70. Evaluation: The rollator arrived in a large package. It is quite easy to put together. So simply unfurl it and go.
    My grandfather handles it quite well. (all on the ground floor and in a cottage).
    The brakes grab are secure and release easily. He really likes it!

    Conclusion: I strongly suggest it and hope that my experience might assist you.
    I hope this was useful.

  71. My husband handles pretty well with this equipment in our non-wheelchair accessible, tiny flat. In our third effort at selecting a gadget, we are extremely pleased with this indoor rollator.

  72. I’m quite happy with this walker.
    With the risk of dropping, the tiny bag is a highly handy addition that is also lightweight and simple to fit in a car.
    One minor drawback: it is hard move on the ramp with this rollator, I don’t have enough strength and endurance to push it.

  73. Every part of the rollator conveys the desired function.
    My wife was initially skeptical (before ordering, regarding the shape). But now she changed her mind because the rollator works just fine (she uses it in the street). She points out that the brakes are easy to cope with, they do not require too much effort. The whole construction is light and easy to put in the car or through small obstacles. We are happy and satisfied with this rollator and highly recommend it to everyone!

  74. The delivery was fast, the rollator was nicely and safely packaged. HIgh quality and affordable price. One thing I like in this model of rollator is its big wheels. I am glad I purchased it for my grandfather. He didn’t experience any problems with it and uses it every day for moving around his small apartment. He said it is more than enough for him.

  75. Convinient, sturdy, the wheels are big but never interfere the movement. I should admit, that the height regulation could be smoother, it takes some effort to pull the handle up or put it down (like that happens in suitcases with handles). Other than that, this rollator is very helpful inside and outside the house!

  76. With this rollator my life became so much easier. It is very smooth and sturdy, never rolls over when I move to bed or a chair. I am glad I purchased it!

  77. My dad like this new walker, especially how the brakes work. My order had an issue, but the seller quickly repaired it once I contacted them. Wonderful service!

  78. Current price at the time of the review: $185;
    – the quality of the materials is great;
    – can be folded easily;
    – large and comfy basket for the belongings;
    – very light;
    – height adjustment;
    Slim, space-saving rollator in a sensibly constructed, robust design.
    I hope that I could be of some help to you with the review. Thank you very much!

  79. Good price and performance ratio. The quality is stunning, basically corresponds to description.I am glad I bought this rollator, it really helped me with moving around. Being overweight (125lbs) this type works good enough for me. However, I would get another one with the seat, because I get tired pretty quickly. This rollator just helps move around and get on bed or a sofa.

  80. My mother, who is 99 years old, just moved into a retirement home. Her bedroom is tiny but pleasant (as is she). Her outside walker was far too large and heavy. While pricey, this walker is really worth it. She was first afraid that it would require her to learn anything new at a time when she was becoming accustomed to her seat-equipped walker. This turned out to be false, and she now actually loves using it. She finds it convenient and useful whether carrying her dinner plate to be unloaded after a meal or enjoying tea and a biscuit in the common area. A great purchase!

  81. Pretty decent rollator, but I don’t like the plastic tray, feels like it can be easily broken at any moment. My mother though, who uses it every day seems to be satisfied. As for the other stuff, like quality of the whole construction, wheels, etc., it is nice, stable, does not require too much effort to fold. I can put it in my car.

  82. This was bought for my mum, who is 85 years old. It fits well in my small hallway. The wheels move smoothly. She keeps all of her tiny personal belongings she wishes to travel from room to room in the bag. She can go securely back to her chair or bedroom and into the bathroom on her own since the top tray stores items that she doesn’t need to hold onto, such as a cup of tea and a snack plate. Her balance concerns have benefited greatly from it! Before discovering this gem, I had ordered three other items. To accommodate a taller or shorter user, the handle may be lifted or lowered.

  83. One of the best rollators I had so far. The last one got pretty floppy so I had to find some other model ASAP. Runner4, on the other hand, seemed to be very sturdy and does not require much effort for movement. I am actually very happy with it and I hope it will be a good help for the next few years!

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