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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Wheelchair accessories are a very important aspect for a wheelchair user. It can also be viewed as certainly a very cost effective approach.

When a wheelchair wheel breaks or gets bent, when an upholstery item gets ruined by nail polish, when a cat scratches your armrest vinyl pad –  all of these and many more cases are the actual reasons why Certhealth category with wheelchair accessories is so popular.

Certhealth is the Number one Choice for Wheelchair Accessories Store

Certhealth is proud of more than ten years experience in selling the best quality wheelchairs and parts to patients countrywide. We provide highest quality goods, great service and beneficial delivery options.

Our competent managers will make sure to provide you with the highest quality replacement goods to fix your manual wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessories leg Support

Largest replacement are one of the most popular goods at The high sturdy quality, durable vinyl upper and simple lifting mechanism allow for easy setup and simple fixes along the way. Healthline – the leading wheelchair parts manufacturer is our lifelong partner. We are a proud seller for the best replacement parts for wheelchair on the market. Certhealth knows how tedious may the task of finding the right detail for replacement be. Find your way navigating through our website. We made sure it has the friendliest of designs for your convenience.

If you still find it hard to pick the right product, feel free to call us and ask for help.

Wheelchairs and Accessories from Certhealth

A wide variety of accessories for wheelchairs from Certhealth is able to provide almost any customer with what he is looking for. Our resource is the perfect answer for a routine wheelchair user or a caregiver with a patient who uses a wheelchair. At Certhealth we make sure your wheelchair functions at its best. Every accessory is available in a variety of sizes.

Replacement Parts for Wheelchairs are Important

Keep in mind even the best quality wheelchairs break, malfunction and stop doing what they used to do. Life happens and bumps on the road do as well. As any vehicle mobility appliances also break. Keeping replacement parts at hand is important for a wheelchair user or his family members.

Wheelchair Accessories Assortment at

The category is comprised of a range of wheelchair accessories:

  • Strap seat belts
  • Vinyl upholstery (for back and seat)
  • Textile upholstery (for back and seat)
  • Elevating legrests replacements
  • Armrest pads
  • Flat free wheel replacements for wheelchairs
  • Oxygen tank holders for wheelchairs
  • Anti tippers.

Reasons to get Replacement Parts for Wheelchairs

Some people cling to the fact that buying wheelchair parts is being pessimistic and hoping for the device to break soon. We suggest an opposite thought instead. Getting a part for a wheelchair means replacing it just in time. If you’ve been using wheelchairs for some time, you very well know that replacing an old part – not a broken one, but an old worn part – makes the device function as new.

With great deals from the top brand in the industry – Healthline – you get a good product at affordable price and excellent support.