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Standard Mobile Wheelchairs

A standard wheelchair is an ideal option for patients who need to operate the wheelchair without aid from a loved one or a caregiver. Equipped with two large rear-mounted wheels, a manual wheelchair can be set in motion by hand, making it easy and safe to ride.

An outdoor manual wheelchair is constructed in a way that makes it easily adaptable for your specific needs. All models available at our store are versatile, comfortable and durable. The main advantages of standard mobile wheelchairs are their affordability and sturdy construction.

A standard wheelchair is customized with various options that include folding, built-in or removable armrests, swing-away footrests, two large wheels, two small wheels in the front, and push handles to allow non-occupants to propel the chair.

Best Manual Wheelchairs at

At our online store, we offer you the best medical equipment,designed by our trustworthy and certified partner, Healthline Trading USA. Our selection of mobile wheelchairs includes various options with urethane tires on composite wheels, padded armrests, padded aluminum elevating legrests and more.

Wheelchairs can navigate various surfaces easily with two large and two small wheels for smoothly maneuvering. Padded seats are removable, making them easy to change or clean. The upholstery is specially designed to accommodate long periods of sitting.

Standard manual wheelchairs belong in the basic wheelchair category and have the following advantages:

  • sturdy construction;
  • seating systems can be added;
  • low price;
  • easy-to-clean;
  • flame retardant;
  • mildew and bacteria resistant;
  • limited lifetime warranty for original purchaser;
  • made of durable lightweight black nylon.

Healthline Trading mobility solutions are designed for patients to use at home, in nursing homes and hospitals. These models are also suitable for longer trips and allow for self-propulsion.

Wheelchair Assortment at Certhealth

Certhealth has been a supplier of wheelchairs and other various medical equipment and accessories for more than 20 years. Our manual wheelchair range, manufactured by Healthline Trading USA, includes wheelchairs for various purposes, of varying construction, weight capacity, dimension and color.

At Certhealth, we offer the best selection of mobile wheelchairs for sale. Our first priority is to offer high-quality medical equipment at affordable prices. Browse our extensive wheelchair accessories section to improve the experience of your brand-new wheelchair.

Call us to ask any questions, or fill out our online form to get in touch. We are always happy to help you pick the best product for your individual needs, lifestyle and personality. Contact Certhealth today to learn more about special offers, and get your order arranged quickly with free shipping to your address.