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Standard Wheelchair from Certhealth

Consider different models of wheelchairs, their designation, features, differences when picking the right wheelchair for you or the person you give care to.

Standard Wheelchairs at Certhealth. The kinds

Indoor – strollers, on which it is convenient to move around the house, apartments, movement becomes more convenient and comfortable.

Active wheelchairs are an optimal choice for people with disabilities who prefer active pastime and move around a lot, want to have maximum mobility and maneuverability. This type of wheelchair is distinguished by its increased strength, reliability, maneuverability and easy handling. Active wheelchairs can be used indoors and outdoors in the presence of hard pavement. The multifunctionality of active wheelchairs allows people using an active wheelchair to engage in sports and dancing, and also to use it during training in conditions of rehabilitation and restoration of the functions of the musculoskeletal system of a person. In the production of active wheelchairs, aluminum and titanium are used. These materials have such important properties as lightness and strength, which makes it possible to use such strollers in life as much as possible.

Sports wheelchairs are designed for professional sports and dancing. Such strollers are made to order taking into account all the features of the planned operation. At the same time, especially strong materials are used, capable of withstanding extreme sports loads. Sports wheelchairs weigh a lot less than the standard base wheelchairs. Such ease is achieved due to the frame of special light alloys, reduced diameter of the front wheels, a specially modeled backrest and minimal armrests. A sports wheelchair allows you to easily play basketball and tennis at any level, from amateur to professional.

Universal – wheelchairs of this type represent the optimal ratio of price, quality and functionality. Wheelchairs can be used, both in the apartment and on the street. Suitable for people with an average level of activity, provide a high level of comfort and reliability.

Heavy-duty Wheelchairs at

Reinforced or heavy-duty wheelchairs are designed for people with high weight and have a double stable frame made of steel. Backrests and seats are made of high-strength materials.

Multifunctional – they have such a unique function as a folding backrest and raising the angle of the slope of the footboard, which gives you the chance to get a flat surface and use a wheelchair even as a bed. The upper part of the backrest is removable, so the multi-function stroller can be used as well as a normal wheelchair. Some models can additionally be completed with fixators of legs, a head and hands.

A wheelchair with an electric drive – a stroller with an electric drive operates from batteries, is capable of running rather fast. The control panel of the wheelchair, or the joystick is built into the armrest, is as convenient and easy to use as possible. There are also electric chairs with a verticalizer – the mechanism of lifting to the vertical position, by which a person sitting in a wheelchair can reach a subject located high enough, for example, to get the book off the shelf. These strollers can be used indoors or outdoors. Most models can be used as necessary as a mechanical stroller. Wheelchairs with electric drive allow the patient to move much faster and more conveniently, while keeping the user much more strength. But they have a small minus – it’s their cost. Buy a wheelchair with an electric drive can afford no one.

These wheelchairs are equipped with fixing belts, an abductor, a head restraint, a handle-limiter, a front wheel lock, a roof and a cover from rain and sun. Light and stable design, high-quality performance and fun design will give pleasure to you and your child.

Wheelchairs with sanitary equipment – designed for use as a shower or toilet stroller. These strollers are equipped with a removable vessel.

We offer active, multifunctional, universal, standard wheelchairs from leading manufacturer Healthline Trading, each of which has high-tech execution, guarantees reliability and convenience of use, meets all modern needs.