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Runner 4 Wheels Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker 16lb (White)

$185.00 $199.00

  • ALUMINUM FRAME: Walking has never been easier than with this Rollator for seniors.
  • 8″ PVC WHEELS: Large sturdy wheels make stepping onto curbs easier.
  • DETACHABLE SHOPPING BAG: Rollator walkers have a convenient detachable bag and handy tray.
  • MAXIMUM LIMIT: Despite its slim design and light weight, drive medical rollator is strong.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: 4 wheel rollators can be folded up for easy carrying.
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Don’t miss out on strolls through the park, shopping trips, or moving around the house as you please. The drive medical rolling walker for seniors goes wherever you like. It has a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Plus, the adult rolling walker is made of lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stay on the go and visit your favorite stores, parks, festivals, and more with the Runner rollator walker with storage bag and tray. Take a mall walk with friends, enjoy restaurants, and never miss out on the sights and sounds around town. This lightweight walker for seniors is useful indoors and outdoors, plus it can be quickly folded up for easy transport.

  1. Dispatch Contents: The rollator’s separate parts are all easy to assemble with the help of instructions.

    Pros and Cons:
    No sitting option; height-adjustable; quite and big wheels, easy brakes; includes tray and cup holder; light weight;

    In conclusion, the product is useful, aesthetically pleasing appropriate for an interior.
    Price/performance: Price is slightly high, but overall affordable. I recommend this rollator for purchase

  2. Purchsed to assist a senior who had a shattered femur. Functions both inside and outside. Although assembly has gone without incident, the instructions are a little confusing, and the small, monochrome illustrations offer little assistance.
    After doing the initial tests, I found a few areas that could be improved. The first is the amount of force required to lock the trolley. Definitely necessary, since locking a single lever requires the use of two hands. The second is that the wheels’ low grip leaves the walker less stable when locked on smooth floors, increasing the danger of a fall.

  3. This four-wheeled rollator-style walker is perfect for people with instability and mobility issues since it offers extra support when moving around. It may be used at home or outside. For a safe moving down the hill or any other elevation, it contains a safety brake. Additionally, it features a cup holder with a basket for transporting item.
    Because it is light and folds up fast, the walker is portable, I am satisfied with its functionality as well as my sister, who recently had spine surgery.

  4. In every way, the rollator has met up with my expectations. Both quality and functionality are top notch. There is a fair to very good price-performance ratio. I really appreciate that it may be used outside – the big wheels help to make through small obstacles. The frame is not too heavy and supports my weight.

  5. Due to a slipped disc and excruciating sciatica pain, I purchased the rollator to make walking easier. It works well for its objective. People with more severe, long-lasting walking impairments ought to get a more sturdy walker. Good handling thanks to ergonomics. Smooth-running, maneuverable, and simple to raise over curbs or other comparable obstacles (for me).
    Handles: The palm rests should be strengthened since when applied with more force, they yield too much.
    Folding is as simple as well as its design;

    The word “”brakes”” is not appropriate for them. Instead, they are tools that marginally raise the frictional resistance of the wheels and/or brakes.

  6. The rollator arrived quickly and was carefully wrapped. It was quick and simple to put together. The rollator is sturdy and of high quality. It folds swiftly and effortlessly.

  7. I would like to say thank you to the support for sending another model of this walker, because the one I bought came with a broken wheel. I am glad the issue was resolved quickly!

  8. I bought this after making an erroneous purchase, and it offers a lot of benefits:
    – Mobilitiy
    – The ability to fold, taking up minimal room in the trunk.

    You may tighten it while still having a sturdy support if you need to fit through narrow doors (like those in some vintage elevators). The one I had before rolled the opposite way, forcing my mother to enter with my help because the walker needed to bend and rest against the elevator wall to make it fit.

  9. The wheels of the rollator are pleasantly soothing on rough surfaces like cobblestones or bumpy sidewalks, and it is incredibly sturdy and simple to fold. Neither too little nor too huge, it has the perfect size. Although it is simple to fold and unfold, the total weight is quite substantial. The rollator also comes out darker than I anticipated (many portions are black), but that’s not too horrible). In addition, the shipping was fast.

  10. 1. Delivered on time
    2. Quick to assemble
    3. Larger and better with much more room while transporting in a car
    4.I’m satisfied with the price performance and my grandmother is thrilled as well.
    5. Everything is satisfactory and great.

  11. It has fulfilled all of my needs. To fit through tight openings, you can just partially close it, yet it still retains stability. It is highly practical. The handle sturdy. If you require that stability, the rear wheels lock quite firmly, making it similar to using a standard walker with wheels on the front and none on the back. The rear wheel locks keep it firmly in place. It’s really strong and well-made. Large wheels actually do a great job of minimizing bumps. However, despite its durability, it is manageable in weight.

  12. Very well made rollator, very stable. The wheels are quite so our neighbours in the apartment below didn’t hear it at all (in the past it was a big problem with other rollator).

  13. I find this easy to fold up which can be done with one hand. I can recommend it.

  14. This walker is super nice. I kinda struggled with the assembly but I had much worse models than this. After figuring it out the product is ready to use, bag is removable. It is a bit more expensive than the previous model I had, but at least there is no problem with brakes, I also like how the wheels which work just fine.

  15. It was a gift for my 83-year-old mother who has trouble walking, and she likes it, especially because it can be folded up and stored in the elevator when not in use. I will give it five stars!

  16. After a while I managed to get my order safe and sound to my house and unpack it. What did I get? A very good aluminium rollator walker (kinda wanted the black one but didn’t find it). I actually bought it for my mother, she likes how smooth and big the wheels are. It helped out a lot, thank you!

  17. Very easy to assemble (took around 10 mins).The plastic wheels felt too slippery on tiles and carpets in combination with the brakes. Personally, I would have keep it, but it depends heavily on the environment, the user and the conditions. So I had to send it back unfortunately

  18. The rollator performs the intended function and resembles what is shown in the photos of the product.
    My wife is now really happy, despite her initial skepticism about the appearence before to purchase. However, she changed her mind and is happy to use it every day.

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