How to Choose a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

How to Choose a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

In a perfect world, getting around in a wheelchair would be easy. Ramps would be universally accessible and sidewalks and curbs would be accommodating. Sadly, that is not the case, but at least there is a partial solution. A portable wheelchair ramp comes in handy when you need to get...

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Exercising When You Are Wheelchair Bound

Exercising When You Are Wheelchair Bound

Getting regular exercise is a challenge for anyone, but even more so when you are bound to a wheelchair. Yet spending long hours in a chair without physical activity can be debilitating and can even lead to premature death. A big challenge to anyone starting an exercise program is knowing...

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10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Older Adults

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Older Adults

Bathrooms are the number one site of home-based accidents that lead to injury and death. A bathroom’s hard slippery surfaces combined with moisture make for a plethora of safety hazards that pose a high risk for anyone with mobility and balance issues. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to bathroom-related falls...

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