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Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator With Extra Wide Seat 450LB (Black)

$185.00 $199.00

  • Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″;
  • Seat Adjustable Height from flor 19.4″ to 28.2″;
  • Seat size is 16″ x 18″;
  • Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”;
  • Please see size diagram on pictures.
SKU: HL470BLK Category:

Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″ This rollator walker with seat with Large Padded Seat & Extra Wide Backrest is made of thicken high quality aluminum material. Support up 450lbs Seat Adjustable Height 19.4″ to 28.2″ Seat size is 16″ x 18″ Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”. Please see size diagram on pictures.

  1. My mother-in-law is pleased, especially because the basket isn’t mesh like the regular ones and you can’t see what’s within. She is unable to attach it on her own since she is not strong or mobile enough to do it. But that is ok, everything else is pretty nice in this rollator.

  2. The rollator does its job. Models of health insurance were too heavy for me, and those with a co-payment option were too pricey. However, this one was quite good for its price.
    Because my mother had another model, I can compare the quality.
    The only issue I had to struggle with – the tires. I might have to ask to change them, because it takes some effort to move on the uneven surface. I think that this rollator is rather for home than for outside activities, but it depends.

  3. The clips that keep the seat on broke in a few weeks after we received the item, but after contacting customer support, new clips were sent to us pretty fast. Soon we had the seat fixed without any problems. Since we started using the walker, there have been no further issues.

  4. The rollator is an excellent buy at this pricing. There’s nothing to complain about in terms of quality. You may have used a different material in the interior of the pouch though.

  5. This walker enhances independence, allowing you to maintain a high quality of life in old age.
    I purchased it for my partner, who often used it around the house. It is simple to maneuver, comfy, sturdy, and secure.

  6. It adapts to your height quite nicely. The wheels turn quite smoothly. It glides easily and is simple to put together. Excellent value for money. It’s robust.

  7. Very robust and quite simple to put together. Arrived in time, all details are in great condition.

  8. The rollator works fine. Lightweight and simple to use. Built simply. The basket under the seat remains the finest deterrent against theft. Furthermore, everything is right in front of you.
    A sturdy, functional, and low-cost type that is ideal for persons of average size.
    We looked for a smaller model for my mother-in-law and found one.

  9. It is easy to assemble, my wife totally loves it!

  10. I was actually surprised that this rollator model is so simple and light! I really like the back strap that I can lean on, it provides enough comfort. I had to put an extra pillow on the seat though, for me it is to firm. For this price though, I didn’t expect much, yet I was satisfied with it. I would advice to check the parameters carefully before buying or ask the vendor if it fits you.

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