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Walkers for Elderly

A walker, or walking frame provides additional support to patients who need help moving from place to place.


These devices allow those who have trouble walking to move about with greater autonomy. They are common in rehabilitation facilities and are often used by the elderly.

Technologies for the best rolling walker

Some walkers consist of a metal frame with four legs which are lifted and moved forward as the user advances. Others have fixed casters on the front legs and skid pads on the rear. These are pushed along on their wheels. Accessories may include a tray, a basket, a seat or other features.


How to choose medical equipment walkers?

Choice will depend on the user’s height, weight and other physical characteristics. Walker height, width, weight, adjustability and maneuverability are also important factors. The amount of space occupied by the walker and its transportability should be considered. Intended use, whether daily or occasional, indoors or out, may influence selection.

Walkers for elderly people

Caregivers and individuals with limited mobility who are looking to buy walker and walker-related accessories must be assured they are getting the product that will best suit their needs from a supplier that understands the importance of quality in a walking aid.


Whether the need calls for a medical walker or other type of walking aid, safety and durability are the most critical features, and should be available at a reasonable cost. Users must feel absolutely confident that the device will not slip, bend or break if they are to better navigate through their surroundings and avoid injury.


It is also important that a medical walker be lightweight, so the majority of walking aids are constructed of aluminum. Extruded aluminum frames with fewer connecting joints can give a walking aid additional strength, yet many of these devices may still be adjusted for varying heights and be folded up for easier storage.


A walking aid is helpful for those with permanent limited mobility, but is also often used during rehabilitation. The stability and wide, deep frames of many walkers for sale offer users excellent support while recuperating from an injury and can be adjusted as needed if therapy and improvement call for needed change.


There are many high-quality brands of walking aids available, and a Drive walker is among the best. Drive Medical has been manufacturing top-tier medical equipment for more than 10 years, with a particular emphasis in mobility products. Their walking aids incorporate the latest technology in materials and design, and are renowned for ergonomic engineering that increases safety and stability in a lightweight and easily adjustable device.


We have a full line of walkers for sale as well as accessories that are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.