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Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator With Extra Wide Seat 450LB (Blue)

$185.00 $199.00

  • Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″;
  • Seat Adjustable Height from flor 19.4″ to 28.2″;
  • Seat size is 16″ x 18″;
  • Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”;
  • Please see size diagram on pictures.
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Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″ This rollator walker with seat with Large Padded Seat & Extra Wide Backrest is made of thicken high quality aluminum material. Support up 450lbs Seat Adjustable Height 19.4″ to 28.2″ Seat size is 16″ x 18″ Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”. Please see size diagram on pictures.

  1. For a big man like myself, it is very comfortable and strong. It’s a little bit taller than I anticipated, but that’s okay!

  2. My father will use the rollator. He is totally happy with it. The brakes function properly, and he sits extremely securely thanks to the back strap. He finds the seat height to be comfortable. The ergonomic handles provide him with adequate support without placing undue pressure on his hands. The height is simple to modify, and you have numerous height options. It is maneuverable and performs effectively in all moves. Even when folded entirely, it fits in my car. His weight is average and not excessive. I can’t say anything about durability just yet.

  3. Thank you for your quick delivery. The assembly was simple. It can be used even after shear spine surgery.
    The hand brakes might be tightened up a little more. I enjoy using the walker in the house since it provides me with excellent stability. It is also used in the garden, depending on the surface.

  4. The rollator was quickly constructed; there was no trouble there – took around 10 minutes without being in rush.

    – The rollator is steerable, and the brakes are adequate. The height adjustment is quite simple to use. The weight is adequate; it is not as light as the other models, but it is also not as hefty them. It is quite simple to lift into the trunk.

    – Folding works nicely as long as the elderly individual still has arm strength. When entirely folded, the rollator is quite compact and fits into the small trunk. – However, there are things that can be improved – the material of the bag smells odd, the size of the seat is not big enough for people who are bigger in size. Overall, I will give this product 4 stars, it handles it functions but could be better.

  5. I enjoy how simple it is to put together and the seat itself. The brake wires should be closer to the walker, in my opinion. It seems to me that if you try to attach them onto the walker, the wheels get locked and immobile. Additionally, I wished the wheels were of higher quality. However, I adore the seat and will use this walker only for its comfort. The brakes on the handle of the walker have become so slack after one month that they no longer lock at all. You must thus be careful, although getting up and down is rather simple.

  6. Taken for the grandma, who is now nearly self-sufficient. It has a really comfy seat and is extremely nicely crafted and visually appealing. It features quite comfy brakes.
    I definitely recommend it, not only because the price is reasonable, but also because the quality is excellent.

  7. Bought this rollator for our mother, who has mobility issues (70 years old), and she was surprised. She was hesitant to try this type of a seat, but she is now in love with it. It is lightweight, made of high-quality materials, and allows her to sit down after a long stroll by activating the brakes. I highly recommend it!

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