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Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator With Extra Wide Seat 450LB (Blue)

$185.00 $199.00

  • Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″;
  • Seat Adjustable Height from flor 19.4″ to 28.2″;
  • Seat size is 16″ x 18″;
  • Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”;
  • Please see size diagram on pictures.
SKU: HL470BL Category:

Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″ This rollator walker with seat with Large Padded Seat & Extra Wide Backrest is made of thicken high quality aluminum material. Support up 450lbs Seat Adjustable Height 19.4″ to 28.2″ Seat size is 16″ x 18″ Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”. Please see size diagram on pictures.

  1. I can’t thank you enough; your rollators are really solid, well-made, and a terrific price for my husband, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall. xx

  2. This rollator was not wide enough for my habarites, I expected it to be wider. But there is a plus, the handles can be regulated and there is a pouch under the seat. I gave the rollator to my mother instead, who struggles with her varicose veins. Her legs get swallen a lot and she needs some support. This walker is just perfect and handles its functions.

  3. I didn’t expect much for the price, but I received far more than I had anticipated. My grandpa loves it. Everything about the basket, the seat, the handlebars, and their brakes is flawless and functions so well! Not gonna lie, I might purchase a second one for my grandma!

  4. This walker provides with stability and it is very sturdy unlike the one my mother used to have a year before. The breaks are working just fine and there is enough space for her to sit during long walks in the park, she is happy with it! My mother is 75 years old, 235 lbs.

  5. One of the best bariatric rollators I had so far. I am 250 lbs and always take it with me to local store, I am glad it is easy to put the walker into my car trunk. It arrived in a nice package, the delivery was fast. Big thanks!

  6. This has literally saved my life. I find it to be quite simple to use, and I feel confident using it. With any activity for any amount of time, I have trouble keeping my oxygen levels from falling to dangerously low levels. I can travel approximately 20 feet with the rollator before stopping to relax and let my oxygen levels rise again before continuing. This has given me the ability to breathe again and has given me the ability to accomplish many things that I had previously wanted to do but was unable to due to my lack of power in my legs. I can now get the rest I need. It is fantastic.

  7. For a big man like myself, it is very comfortable and strong. It’s a little bit taller than I anticipated, but that’s okay!

  8. A really strong, well-made walker. I feel extremely confident using it for both sitting and walking. Strong and reliable brakes. Its size and weight are a little different from the norm, so keep that in mind while moving it around in a car. It fit in a sedan-style car’s rear seat.

  9. Very mobile and sturdy. I mostly use it to handle the groceries that nicely fit in the basket and I need the walker to rest because I have breathing problems and overweight. The basket is not big but works for me. If you are not going to buy big pack of cola or sack of potatoes, this would be more than enough.

  10. compact little seat, the back of it is fitting enough for me to lean on. The handles are a bit stiff, that is the only thing I didn’t like.

  11. My mum, who is getting a hip replacement, has found this walker to be quite helpful. It is incredibly strong and long-lasting. The only issue my mother has ever had is that even though she sits and applies the brakes, the vehicle occasionally moves a little. Other than that, there have not been any issues, and I’d highly recommend it.

  12. My father will use the rollator. He is totally happy with it. The brakes function properly, and he sits extremely securely thanks to the back strap. He finds the seat height to be comfortable. The ergonomic handles provide him with adequate support without placing undue pressure on his hands. The height is simple to modify, and you have numerous height options. It is maneuverable and performs effectively in all moves. Even when folded entirely, it fits in my car. His weight is average and not excessive. I can’t say anything about durability just yet.

  13. Quick shipping and excellent packaging. It is easy to assemble: pull it out of the packaging, unfold it, adjust the height, and you’re ready to go. I am very satisfied!

  14. The rollator is fantastic. It is both light and stable. It is simply adjustable to any body size. The seat is solid, and the bag is convenient for storing items. It is simple to fold and store in the car or a tiny area when it is not used so that it does not be an obstacle to anyone. Irecommendt this rollator since it is lightweight, solid, and simple to use.I was seeking for a cash rollator replacement for my (still) 90-year-old mother. As a result, I spoke with the manufacturer about the possibility of receiving a health insurance subsidy (for this, the manufacturer must provide a cost estimate). I received an answer within a few hours! Despite the bad response, we purchased the model, and delivery was timely (Thu ordered Saturday delivered). The rollator is just as stated, and it is easy to build and fold back together. In a nutshell and in a nutshell: finest service, greatest product!

  15. The “basket” behind the seat folds up easily, eliminating the need to unhook it when carrying the walker. Fits comfortably into the trunk of a car.
    The seat is solid and comfy, as is the back support bar.
    Delivery is quick and precise. I endorse both the goods and the merchant.

  16. I needed this for extra security and support since I’ve experienced falls connected to dizziness that, despite getting PT vestibular therapy, never completely go away. I feel more secure and comfortable using this walker. It is well-constructed. I can store my handbag inside the seat when shopping. I can sit down on the wide and strong seat if I start to feel wobbly. Despite my height, it still suits me nicely. No worries about it rolling away from me because the brakes are simple to operate with hand grips and stop instantly. I am pretty satisfied with it. Now that I can walk with extra support, I feel like it’s given me some of my life back.

  17. Acquired for an 80-year-old relative of mine. Great product: light and sturdy in terms of shipping it arrived late exactly on time we expected it.

  18. Sturdy and easy to assemble. My 70-year old dad really needed this because of his constant back pains.

  19. It has a very good price-quality ratio, it appears to be resistant, and it weighs very little. It is also extremely simple to fold. It helps me a lot to walk, and it is wonderful to go for a stroll both at home and on the street.

  20. Two issues: the unit is hefty due to its weight rating and excellent stability, making it difficult to load into a vehicle; when folded up, the substantial storage container lacks a top, necessitating the removal of stored items to prevent them from tumbling out or blowing away. Everything else is great.

  21. Excellent walker. nice, big seat. I only had a problem with a weld coming loose, but the service staff sent me a replacement frame almost immediately. The frame replacement was rather simple, and things have been going well ever since.

  22. Very fast delivery – very good quality – very good instructions

  23. Thank you for your quick delivery. The assembly was simple. It can be used even after shear spine surgery.
    The hand brakes might be tightened up a little more. I enjoy using the walker in the house since it provides me with excellent stability. It is also used in the garden, depending on the surface.

  24. I love this walker, however I wish the seat was softer and it was much easier to put it in the car.

  25. A heavy-duty rollator was required, but a short person would not be able to use it. It is challenging for someone with weak hands since the handlebars are too high. Nevertheless, it is a really good rollator.

  26. Quite simple to put together; I could have done it on my own. Adjusting the height is helpful. Brakes are simple and reliable.

  27. “Everything about it pleased me. It is constantly by my side. purchased a second one to store in my vehicle.
    I can stand and sit down without any problems. The bag is comfortable to use for shopping.”

  28. The rollator was quickly constructed; there was no trouble there – took around 10 minutes without being in rush.

    – The rollator is steerable, and the brakes are adequate. The height adjustment is quite simple to use. The weight is adequate; it is not as light as the other models, but it is also not as hefty them. It is quite simple to lift into the trunk.

    – Folding works nicely as long as the elderly individual still has arm strength. When entirely folded, the rollator is quite compact and fits into the small trunk. – However, there are things that can be improved – the material of the bag smells odd, the size of the seat is not big enough for people who are bigger in size. Overall, I will give this product 4 stars, it handles it functions but could be better.

  29. Easy to assemble, wheel base is narrow though. I am satisfied with buying this walker, pretty solid.

  30. I enjoy how simple it is to put together and the seat itself. The brake wires should be closer to the walker, in my opinion. It seems to me that if you try to attach them onto the walker, the wheels get locked and immobile. Additionally, I wished the wheels were of higher quality. However, I adore the seat and will use this walker only for its comfort. The brakes on the handle of the walker have become so slack after one month that they no longer lock at all. You must thus be careful, although getting up and down is rather simple.

  31. Ordered for my dad, he said that he experienced problems with folding it so he could put it in the car. Other than that, the walker helps him out a lot, very stable.

  32. I find it to be a little too tall, but at least I can regulate the height of the seat. View this height level before purchasing.

  33. This rollator fits for both indoor and outdoor activities, my dad loves it. The only thing that we recommend improving is the seat and handle height adjustment, it very firm and requires force to readjust.

  34. When we encountered a problem with the seat, the customers support sent a replacement component. My dad is 6’5″ and weighs 310 lbs., so his movement is somewhat restricted, but the help of this walker things got much more easier for him. Excellent product!

  35. My father is a big man. He wanted something sturdy enough for him to actually sit on because he is 6′ tall and 240lbs.
    The bought product was quite simple to assemble.
    It’s a little heavier and bigger than his old walker, but I can easily lift it and put it in the trunk.The handles on this walker are much more sturdy than on dad’s former one, which only had a cotton handle at the bottom of the basket. I feel confident lifting the walker.
    We have it set to the highest position, which my dad appears to find comfortable.

  36. Ordered this online for my 80-year old grandma.When she is really dizzy, she may use it like a wheel chair for short distances since it is pleasant and simple to roll. fantastic stuff really simple to gather up together. The 4 legs have to be secured though, sometimes they slightly move even with brakes.

  37. The price-performance ratio is appropriate.
    A little wire basket, easily connected onto the back strap, would be quite useful for moving small goods (water bottles, glasses, medication box, fruit, dishes, etc.) from one room to another. The rollator bag is ineffective for such tasks.

  38. I like how nice and compact the “Basket” is.
    It fits nicely and is crafted just as described.

    It requires some attention to ensure it is attached correctly, other than that, there are no other issues with this rollator.

  39. The installation is easy, it works perfectly and weighs very little. It goes very well both at home and in the street, brakes are working well. Seat and basket are comfortable for me, I am happy I can put some books or groceries in there.

  40. Taken for the grandma, who is now nearly self-sufficient. It has a really comfy seat and is extremely nicely crafted and visually appealing. It features quite comfy brakes.
    I definitely recommend it, not only because the price is reasonable, but also because the quality is excellent.

  41. There were no complaints about the packaging, it was very convinient. The instruction book made assembly simple. However, I experienced some slight problems with attaching the back under the seat. There was a minor issue with the initial effort to fold the rollator. After 5-minute struggle we finally managed to resolve the issue – basically the handles were too sturdy and didn’t move at all. My wife then tested it out. The handles can be easily height adjusted. The front wheels turn 360 degrees quite smoothly. The seat is adequate. All that remains is to test this rollator outside.

  42. Arrived on time! I am very satisfied I am comfortable with it even though I use it mostly for sitting because of my knee surgery. It is very light and handy, I am satisfied!

  43. I bought this walker for my mother, who underwent Femoral Surgery and required assistance both at home and on the road. We were pleased since it surpassed our expectations given the affordable price. Mom is pleased and content.

  44. Bought this rollator for our mother, who has mobility issues (70 years old), and she was surprised. She was hesitant to try this type of a seat, but she is now in love with it. It is lightweight, made of high-quality materials, and allows her to sit down after a long stroll by activating the brakes. I highly recommend it!

  45. Rollator’s construction appeared to be a bit heavy for my mother who is 86 years old, but she still can handle it. The rollator looks sturdy and is easy to use. It is a great help to be able to move outside again.

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