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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Our commode toilet chair is created with both caregiver and patient in mind. Bathroom commode chairs for elderly patients are designed to provide safety and convenience for the handicapped and the elderly. Framing and rails are easy to grasp, to assist in getting up and sitting down.

All-in-one bedside commodes (also called 3-in-1) are designed to perfectly assist any person who struggles with balance or instability while getting to the bathroom. Use the portable commode at bedside, or use it over an existing toilet, as a raised toilet seat. The all-in-one bedside commode elevates the seat height and assists the user in standing.

Rolling Shower Commode Chairs at

Bathroom wheelchairs are convenient and safe for showering and toileting. They allow patients to roll into the toilet or shower without having to transfer.

  • Convenient Size. Shower-friendly commode chairs are designed to fit bathroom and shower doorways, which are often quite narrow. Standard models start at the width of 22 inches.
  • Damp Proof. Commode chairs for elderly patients are water-resistant. Both seat and back are fully padded and covered with vinyl material that is easy to clean
  • Care for caregivers. All the commodes available at are designed to make intimate cleaning easy, while their rolling ability helps with patient transfer from toilet to shower. Tilting bath commodes can recline to simplify bathing for both caregivers and patients, allowing for a more thorough bathing experience.
  • Lightweight design. Aluminum shower chairs with commode openings are made of durable lightweight aluminum material.

The bathroom commode chair eliminates the need for heavy lifting, extra transfers and other stressful aspects and risks of bathing. Bathroom wheelchairs help patients maintain privacy and dignity, while easing the burden of caregivers.

At Certhealth, we offer an extensive range of bathroom safety items: toilet aids, bath benches, grab bars, commodes and more! We do our best to satisfy every customer’s preference and budget.

About Certhealth

Certhealth online shop offers a wide selection of bathing aids, walking support and other disability devices and accessories. We strive to help people overcome everyday challenges, so they can live life to the fullest.

Certhealth operates in the tri-state area, but delivers its best mobility equipment to customers across the country. We appreciate the trust of our loyal customers, and we keep working to improve our support.

Our 20 years of experience makes it easy for us to help each and every customer find the best equipment or device. Certhealth professionals are always ready to help you make the right choice, and to offer safety tips as well.

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