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Phone: 800-414-2358

Fax: 718-946-6727

Phone: 800-414-2358

Fax: 718-946-6727

Disability Accessories

Certhealth offers a broad range of disability aids and equipment with our customer in mind. We are proud of our 20 years of experience in selling medical wheelchairs and other mobility aids for patients living with spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disorders and other conditions that require specific lifestyle adjustments.

Disability Accessories at

Accessories for walkers and accessories for wheelchairs are among the most popular items at Certhealth. Find the highest quality accessories at our site and enjoy their solid construction, long-term service and efficient performance.

Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchairs serve an important role in enabling the mobility of a variety of users:

  • post-trauma patients
  • disabled people
  • partially disabled patients
  • post-surgery patients
  • patients recovering from hip fractures
  • people who have lost dexterity through illness or injury
  • injured people
  • elderly people
  • adults and juniors in poor health

Certhealth’s assortment of disability accessories includes:

  • replacements for universal rubberized wheels
  • anti-tippers for better wheelchair maneuverability
  • crutch replacement kits in nude and gray
  • healthcare hygiene items (wipes, underpads)
  • heavy duty bariatric rubberized replacement wheels
  • large and small flat free rear wheels for  wheelchairs
  • large super crutch tips
  • laundry hampers
  • oxygen holders
  • quad cane support tips
  • upholstery replacements (sheepskin and vinyl)
  • ski glide replacements for walkers
  • elevating legrest replacements
  • armrest pad replacements
  • wheelchair seat strap replacements

Disability Accessories From Healthline

Cerhealth has extensive experience in serving clients with medical needs. Our customers seek a more comfortable quality life, no matter what health changes they have encountered. High quality products and perfect customer support are key factors that make Certheath stand out.

We sell easy to use and quick to install wheelchair accessories. High quality medical grade materials and quick delivery will make your experience at a pleasure.

For years Certhealth products have enabled customers across the country to overcome mobility and communication challenges, and to experience an improved quality of life. Join our Certhealth family and enjoy durable sturdy equipment and superior customer service. You can turn to Certhealth for consultation at any time. Our managers will help you explore the full scope of benefits of the items you have purchased from us.

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