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Disability Accessories

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Accessories for Walkers and Wheelchairs at

Accessories for disabled persons are vital for enhancing the everyday lives of individuals with injuries, the elderly, and disabled people. Small details like personal care products or replacement tip kits for various walking aid devices can make life easier and more comfortable for both patient and caregiver.

At Certhealth online store, we offer you a wide assortments of handicap accessories for home:

  • Wheelchair Accessories;
  • Personal Hygiene Accessories;
  • Medical Walker Accessories;
  • Incontinence Products;
  • Walking Aid Accessories.

Disposable Underpads and Wet Wipes

Underpads and hygiene wipes are two must-haves in a patient’s room. Whether used by the patient or a caregiver, underpads reduce laundry and provide protection for mattresses and furniture. At nighttime, underpads can be used on top of or under bed sheets in case of mishaps.

Incontinence patients can select the best quality for the price and buy these pads in bulk. Certhealth offers great deals on incontinence pads on our Disability Accessories page.

Picking the right size or quality should not be too difficult for you. Certhealth offers the best quality at affordable prices. Great absorption levels, high quality backsheet material – everything is there for you. Perfect for keeping your elderly family member dry at night or around the clock.

Wheelchair and Walker Wheel Replacement Accessories

Wheels are the first thing to wear out on almost any type of mobility aid. Wheelchairs in particular tend to need replacement wheels periodically. Certhealth provides replacement wheels and anti-tippers suitable for almost any standard wheelchair.

Replacement accessories include flat free rear wheels for wheelchairs, heavy duty bariatric walker wheels, laundry hampers, crutch tips, cane support tips, and anti-tippers. Sturdy, durable alloy wheels from Certhealth will make a great replacement item for your current device. Renovate your wheelchair or rollator to give it new life.

Crutch and Cane Tip Replacements

Crutch tips, quad cane support tips, anti tippers, glides, and crutch replacement part tips in colors nude and gray are good to have on hand in a patient’s room, especially if your elderly family member or patient has difficulty walking on their own.

Crutch and cane tips wear down quickly, so keep one or two replacement tips on hand. Buy the best quality tips at Certhealth, to wear-related mishaps.

Replacement Upholstery Components for Wheelchairs and Walkers

Wheelchair accessories and upholstery replacements improve your patient’s comfort and mobility.

Wheelchair strap belts and vinyl or textile upholstery pads for the wheelchair seat can greatly improve your patient’s safety and comfort. Replacement elevating legrests, back upholstery replacements, wheelchair armrest pads, and knee walker pad covers are all great options for upgrading your mobility device. Replacing your upholstery is simple and convenient. Keep a spare on hand to swap out for cleaning.