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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Mobility Walking Aids

Walking aids can help adult patients regain confidence and mobility that has been lost due to trauma or illness. Walking aids are good for elderly people, post-surgical patients, those recovering from injuries, patients in a weakened condition, disabled people, and those who have lost dexterity in their body or limbs.

Certhealth provides high quality walking aids manufactured by Healthline Trading, a top medical equipment manufacturer.

We supply a wide variety of adult walking aids for people with reduced mobility. Buy walking aids for your loved ones and family members to help them recover and improve their quality of life with comfort of movement and convenience.

Certhealth Walking Aids Assortment

Certhealth features the most essential walking aids for elderly and disabled,  rollator walkers,  folding walkers,  walking canes  and  crutches:

  • bariatric rollator walkers in a variety of colors
  • combo transport rollator chair
  • deluxe folding walkers
  • folding walkers for juniors
  • folding walking canes with flashlight
  • rolling knee walkers
  • stabilizing canes with enlarged base
  • ultra lightweight rollators
  • soft grip standard walking canes
  • no wheels walkers
  • three wheeled rollators
  • fold up walker rollators with removable back
  • removable back rollator walkers in a range of colors

Certhealth Walking Aids – Great Quality, Affordable Price

The extensive variety of walking aids at Certhealth offers high-grade quality frames made of either steel or aluminum. Some items are height-adjustable to fit any patient.

We are proud to help our customers gain access to the best quality medical equipment and walking aids on the market.

With more than twenty years of experience, and featuring the top products from Healthline Trading, our company is proud to provide the best service and advice to our clients. We take walking aids and medical equipment for disabled customers seriously, and we firmly believe that this is what makes Certhealth stand out.

Equipment from Certhealth makes assisted walking easier and safer. Feel free to browse our broad range of walking aids, rollators, canes, walkers, and steerable scooters. We offer nationwide delivery for every order. Call us to learn more about the full set of benefits you can enjoy with the equipment you have purchased.