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Bariatric Rollator Walker Heavy Duty with Large Padded Seat up to 400 Lb Capacity


  • Bariatric Rollator Walker Large Padded Seat
  • Large Padded Seat
  • Product weight 26.5lbs Seat width 18″ Seat depth 13″ Seat height 21″
  • Width between handles 23.5″ Overall width 27.5″ Overall length 26.5″ up to 400 Lb Capacity
  • Comes with a basket that goes under the seat for extra safety and convenience

A heavy duty rollator from Healthline Trading is a great overall choice for either a post hip surgery or a bariatric surgery patient. Some elderly people and those that are partially impaired prefer to use this type of device as a help up or a walking aid. Made for convenient walking, sitting and storing things while out and about, this heavy duty rollator walker with seat weighs around 27 pounds and can handle up to four hundred pounds of body weight. This heavy duty rollator walker is made of high-quality steel alloy. Four durable casters provide maneuverability and control. The dual hand look-lock brake provides efficient control over moving and stopping motion. The big prerogative of this particular model is how easily it folds into compact shape allowing for fast and swift collection for storage or transportation. The rollator is made in the color Blue. has seat depth of 13 inches, seat width of 18 inches, seat height of 21 inches. This item is usually bought for people with limited dexterity, so that they always had a place to seat and rest when going out. This rollator has 400 pound weight capacity, a wide seat and is made in three colors: blue, black and red.

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Black, Blue, Red

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