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Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator With Extra Wide Seat450LB (Red)

$185.00 $199.00

  • Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″;
  • Seat Adjustable Height from flor 19.4″ to 28.2″;
  • Seat size is 16″ x 18″;
  • Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”;
  • Please see size diagram on pictures.
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Healthline Bariatric Rollator with 4 wheels 8″ This rollator walker with seat with Large Padded Seat & Extra Wide Backrest is made of thicken high quality aluminum material. Support up 450lbs Seat Adjustable Height 19.4″ to 28.2″ Seat size is 16″ x 18″ Adjustable handle height from 32.9”to 41”. Please see size diagram on pictures.

  1. I purchased the rollator as a present for my grandfather. He’s become a little clumsy in recent years, but he still enjoys going on walks.
    He stayed at home for a long time due to the uncertainty in his stride; now that he has this rollator, he is much more flexible, agile, and, most importantly, safer on the road.
    I questioned him about the rollator’s quality and stability, and he said he was really pleased with it; it helps him a lot, and he even transports his groceries with it.

  2. We have guests coming over, and this will make it simpler for one of them to navigate around. This is lightweight, and simple to assist our guest.

  3. My father is very pleased with the rollator. He can now go on a walk with us again, securely and comfortably. Previously, that was just not feasible. And my father appreciates being outside again, taking in the scenery and seeing the kids play. The seat, in particular, is ideal for this. Dirty clothing from a filthy park seat are a thing of the past. This also pleases my wife, who always seems to have a little bit extra to wash. And he may just sit down anywhere and at any moment to take a little rest. My father is doing much better with the rollator overall. He’s more attentive, more satisfied, and generally lot happier as a result.

  4. Since I’m a big lady, I wanted a reliable rollator with a tight fit. I had another brand, but I couldn’t manage it since it was too big and hefty. I therefore discovered the Havy Duty Bariatric Rollator while conducting study. The product had a great appearance and design, and it seemed to be well-made. So I impulsively got it with the idea that I could return it if it didn’t work out for me. THIS ROLLATOR IS AMAZING. It is incredibly stable and portable. It fits through my doors and in my car much easier because it is not as wide as my previous rollator. Unlike my last rollator, which could only fit in the back seat, I can store this one in my trunk.

  5. For my husband, who is having back surgery, we bought this walker. A friend recommended this walker for purchase. I’m only 90 pounds and 5′ tall, but I was able to manage it effortlessly, so we were happy with how safe it was and how simple it was to fold it into our car. It is great!

  6. Every single aspect of it is just wonderful. I particularly appreciate the fact that I can use it as a chair. Surprisingly pleasant is the curved back rest. I can’t always sit on the lower dining room chair because my hips hurt. Thus, it easily draws up to the table and is at a comfortable height for standing up. I strongly advise it.

  7. The rollator is of high quality. Unfortunately, my package suffered minor transit damage.
    I then called the firm and asked for a new component.
    This was done swiftly and at no cost to the organization.
    Thank you very much.
    That is what I mean by customer service!!!

  8. Everything was OK until an issue with the left brake occurred. We received a replacement brake after the vendor responded swiftly. It’s no longer flawless, but it’s still quite useful for indoor use because to its excellent maneuverability.

  9. Two issues: the unit is hefty due to its weight rating and excellent stability, making it difficult to load into a vehicle; when folded up, the substantial storage container lacks a top, necessitating the removal of stored items to prevent them from tumbling out or blowing away. Everything else is great.

  10. This walker arrived soon and didn’t take too much time to assemble. I am quite satisfied with the quality, but the wheels sometimes make a squeky unplesent noise. I wonder if there is something that can be done about that. Everything else is fine.

  11. Heavy duty also well-built. I weigh more over 200 pounds, and the seat is ideal for me! The metal components are sturdy. With this rolling walker, I can make through long distances. I’m really pleased I picked this one!

  12. The rolllator folds with one hand and is very easy to use. The seat is also quite nice; I purchased it recently, so I might update my review some time later. For now everything is great so far.

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