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Growth of patient room items demand is prompted by overcrowded but under-performing patient rooms at hospitals as well as in homes. Medical equipment planning will have a huge impact on how your beloved family member or the person you give care to feels or performs his routines while you’re away.

Patient Room. What is it like?

If you’ve seen examination rooms in hospitals – that is real close to how a room you’ve chosen for the patient in your home should look like.

Make sure that it has everything for the patient to feel comfortable in. Such as:

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Pedal exerciser
  • Commode at his bedside
  • Transfer bench in the bathtub
  • Shower grab bar
  • Raised elevated toilet seat
  • Toilet safety frame
  • Rubberized floor mats
  • Slip resistant tiles.

Patient Room Improvements from Certhealth

Here is what prompts the striving to getting your patient room:

  • A healthcare construction boom in the last several years, combined with renovations of existing facilities, has brought thousands of new rooms onboard
  • Medical errors, infection control and clinician injuries necessitate safer, more efficient patient rooms at peoples homes
  • New healthcare laws directly link patient outcomes and satisfaction scores with reimbursement levels, so every square foot must deliver profitability
  • With outpatient procedures gaining popularity and complexity, patients who are admitted to the hospital exhibit more acute symptoms, so the space must be able to respond to critical care needs.
  • Years of research confirm that the patient room plays an important, yet largely overlooked, role in positive outcomes. This body of research is literally transforming patient rooms with built-in ability to flex for the future.

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