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Runner 4 Wheels Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker 16lb (Blue)

$185.00 $195.00

  • ALUMINUM FRAME: Walking has never been easier than with this Rollator for seniors.
  • 8″ PVC WHEELS: Large sturdy wheels make stepping onto curbs easier.
  • DETACHABLE SHOPPING BAG: Rollator walkers have a convenient detachable bag and handy tray.
  • MAXIMUM LIMIT: Despite its slim design and light weight, drive medical rollator is strong.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: 4 wheel rollators can be folded up for easy carrying.
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Don’t miss out on strolls through the park, shopping trips, or moving around the house as you please. The drive medical rolling walker for seniors goes wherever you like. It has a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Plus, the adult rolling walker is made of lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stay on the go and visit your favorite stores, parks, festivals, and more with the Runner rollator walker with storage bag and tray. Take a mall walk with friends, enjoy restaurants, and never miss out on the sights and sounds around town. This lightweight walker for seniors is useful indoors and outdoors, plus it can be quickly folded up for easy transport.

  1. Fast delivery, easy assembly and a big bag that has enough space for groceries. The price corresponds to the quality.

  2. Totally adore this! It provides me with stability and support so that I may take extended outdoor walks. I can even manage some gravel. I had no trouble moving it across the grass in the backyard. I’ll most likely get a second one for my trip!

  3. My physical therapist has been perplexed as to why I wasn’t using my walker for some time. I didn’t have confidence in it since it was oo light and shaky. My life has completely changed after using my new aliminium rollator for three weeks. It assists with my daily tasks. In fact, I was talking to my half-mother, who said that her therapist had suggested the exact same approach to help her to move better. She has to stay active since she is just 84 years old. She just got hers, and she already has plans to move around and be active. For us, her family, that is of the utmost importance. As a result, I sincerely appreciate the quality of the product and the service staff. The ordering was quick and with no complications.

  4. The rollator is visually very beautiful and by the versatile adjustment options also usable for larger people. Absolutely to recommend.

  5. This walker is intended for use inside. It has a tray, a basket, and a cup holder. It has a comfortable handle, an easy-to-use brake system, and an easy-to-adjust height. The wheels move 360 degrees. The basket can hold a maximum weight of 11 lbs. The PVC tires are more than an inch wide. To assemble, no tools are necessary.

  6. The delivery was fast, the rollator is light and foldable, making it ideal for use at home. It has a large basket.
    The installation may be carried out without using any tools. The rollator provides security, is the ideal daily support, and weighs only 6.5 kilograms.
    It is great, I totally recommend to buy it!

  7. The rollator is very light and can be folded very practical and small, thus fits wonderfully in the car. Had to return in unfortunately due to a defect, the refund went quickly and without problem. Thank you

  8. Evaluation: The rollator was delivered in a very heavy box and it was well wrapped. Just assemble it and start to use.
    My grandfather handles it quite well. (in a cottage on the ground level).
    You can roll securely through the hallway. The brakes have a solid grip and are simple to release. He is over the moon about it.

    Conclusion: I recommend it and I hope that sharing my experience will be helpful to you.

  9. It has made my mother’s mobility much easier. I really liked the quality of the materials and how stable it is, although I thought it would be a little lighter. On the downside, I would like it to be a few centimeters narrower to pass more comfortably through doors and obstacles, and it would cost less to lock / unlock the brakes to sit, otherwise I am very satisfied with the product.

  10. The rollator corresponds to the description, is very easy to move and maneuverable..
    The brakes have a good grip.
    The bag is very narrow, like a notebook case.
    The product is great and works just fine after assembling.

  11. It is a pity there is no other color except blue. The functionality though is more than enough for a person after the surgery to take small steps during their recovery, the brakes are stable and firm. The handle is at the comfortalbe height.

  12. In comparison to the last walker my mom had, this one is a bit smaller. She had the handle height 32” and this one is 30.1” and easily gets through the door. The pouch is pretty useful too, she likes to put her stuff in there.

  13. Before purchasing this rollator, I did a lot of research. I absolutely wanted something that was both light and durable. Being 52, it was a pleasure to obtain one that doesn’t appear like a walker.

    I am impressed with how slick and simple to use it is. The wheels have tremendous grip, making turning around easy. The carry bag has a ton of space. It is simple to unfold and fold, and lifting it into the car is simple.

    I wholeheartedly endorse paying more for this!

  14. The beautiful thing about rollators like this one is that they work best on flat, or at the very least, non-slip surfaces. Moving a rollator, however, is virtually more difficult than it is worth if you have to take a few steps on your own. The answer? Another rollator!

    My 70-year old mother was using a rollator to walk around her home after she suffered from a stroke, but she had to take two steps down to enter the garage to let the dog out. She was attempting to maneuver with her cheap, shaky walker rather than wrangle her rollator. I bought her a second rollator so she could have one inside her home and one outside the garage and feel safe and protected wherever she went. I think it was a great decision.The instructions for this rollator might use some work, but it is still a fairly lightweight for the aluminium frame. The assembly wasn’t too difficult, but I’d prefer more straightforward design in some of the components. The brake lines were tightly wound around several components. If there had been a second person there to assist with the setup, it would have been simpler. Additionally, there is no actual description of how to attach one of the wheels, so that it would be attached incorrectly, causing it to wobble. However, once it was fixed, there were no other problems.

  15. I bought this rollator for my mother. It arrived in a large cardboard box. She used until now the cheap model which was over 11 kilos and very heavy but the new purchased one is just lighter (even though it is aluminium).

  16. The rollator can be quickly assembled with a few simple steps. It is lightweight and looks very good. Fast delivery and a good service is also included.

  17. I was impressed that the ordered walker was much lighter than I expected! Even though the wheels are big than an average rollator has they are easy to handle and the brakes lock without any problem. My grandad uses it to walk around the house.

  18. It is very easy to assemble, my dad walks more safely with the walker. He doesn’t use the basket, but it’s great too.

  19. This walking aid is great. It is equipped with brakes to not make the walker go forward the moment I get up from a chair or sofa thus avoiding accidental falls. I weight more than 180 kg and I am satisfied with the purchase.

  20. I can put only 4 stars because the rollator that arrived had slightly loose mounts where the wheels were. Fortunately, the support was easy to reach to resolve my problem in a meantime, so thanks to them!

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