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Runner 4 Wheels Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker 16lb (Blue)

$185.00 $195.00

  • ALUMINUM FRAME: Walking has never been easier than with this Rollator for seniors.
  • 8″ PVC WHEELS: Large sturdy wheels make stepping onto curbs easier.
  • DETACHABLE SHOPPING BAG: Rollator walkers have a convenient detachable bag and handy tray.
  • MAXIMUM LIMIT: Despite its slim design and light weight, drive medical rollator is strong.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: 4 wheel rollators can be folded up for easy carrying.
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Don’t miss out on strolls through the park, shopping trips, or moving around the house as you please. The drive medical rolling walker for seniors goes wherever you like. It has a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Plus, the adult rolling walker is made of lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stay on the go and visit your favorite stores, parks, festivals, and more with the Runner rollator walker with storage bag and tray. Take a mall walk with friends, enjoy restaurants, and never miss out on the sights and sounds around town. This lightweight walker for seniors is useful indoors and outdoors, plus it can be quickly folded up for easy transport.

  1. The rollator has a highly elegant look. It does not appear like an “aid”.
    The material and execution quality is excellent.
    It takes up very little room when folded.
    It’s lightweight and incredibly maneuverable.
    The bigger wheels make it simpler to go between doorways. I would buy another one for the outside walks.

  2. I should say that this type of rollators are not for all. It mostly plays a role of additional support, but you can’t sit on it. Works fine for my 80-year old mother when she needs to go from one room to another, without using the walls. The rollator fullfilles our goals, but it has more possibilities, like being used outside. We are not going to use its full potential, because we don’t need it.

  3. This rollator can help with the physical therapy. At least that worked for my husband, who needs to learn walking once again after the car accident. Hopefully he recovers faster, but this walker will deifinitely play its part. It is afforadable and compact, in my opinion.

  4. Nice that it is so light. One should only not lean too much on it. But the price is great in comparison to other rollators.

  5. This is a fantastic walker (it is missing a seat, but I wasn’t searching for one). I didn’t want to wait until I was in a desperate situation to use a walker, but I am just now starting to consider doing so. I’ll take this on very, very gently.
    In any case, it is exceptionally lightweight at only 16 lbs. It was also my primary criterion. It arrived assembled and prepared to use (much appreciated). It moves, rolls, and spins extremely flawlessly. It was simple to adjust the height to my liking. The mesh basket can contain quite a bit and is larger than it seems. Simple to hoist into the car and to fold. When inside, I’ll use the tray on it. Otherwise, it is perfect.

  6. Very easy to use both indoors and outdoors, my dad is very happy that we purchased it! It is a bit sqeacky sometimes, but if the wheels are oiled up properly, there are no problems with the rollator at all.

  7. The rollator arrived promptly and was carefully wrapped. It was quick and simple to put together. The rollator is well-made and of high quality. I purchase it for my uncle who is 70 years old. He required such support and now it is easy for him to go out.

  8. There is always a room for the improvement. In general, the rollator is very sturdy and stable with its brakes. No defects were found, however one of the wheels seems to be not being about to move around its axis, I will call about this matter, otherwise the rollator is not convinient to use. The tray and the bag are big enough to keep anything you want, fits good for the groceries. I really hope the matter with the wheel will be resolved soon. Until then 4 stars.

  9. It is very easy to assemble, my dad walks more safely with the walker. He doesn’t use the basket, but it’s great too.

  10. The rollator is well-made and creates a good first impression! I removed one point since, unlike typical rollators, it does not appear to be as stable while getting up from an armchair or similar owing to its design. Unfortunately, my mother does not do well with the rollator in this aspect. Otherwise, a strong purchase suggestion!

  11. We purchased the rollator for our aunt so that she could enter and exit her home’s little bathroom. And she was happy about it right away.
    She finds it difficult to use only the hook that locks the brake since her hands aren’t as strong as they once were, but she believes that with practice, it will become less difficult.

    Hence, thus far, we are quite pleased. We can remark on the durability, but as it has only been a few days since the sale, we cannot yet give any points.

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