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Runner 4 Wheels Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker 16lb (Blue)

$185.00 $195.00

  • ALUMINUM FRAME: Walking has never been easier than with this Rollator for seniors.
  • 8″ PVC WHEELS: Large sturdy wheels make stepping onto curbs easier.
  • DETACHABLE SHOPPING BAG: Rollator walkers have a convenient detachable bag and handy tray.
  • MAXIMUM LIMIT: Despite its slim design and light weight, drive medical rollator is strong.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: 4 wheel rollators can be folded up for easy carrying.
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Don’t miss out on strolls through the park, shopping trips, or moving around the house as you please. The drive medical rolling walker for seniors goes wherever you like. It has a foldable design for easy transport and storage. Plus, the adult rolling walker is made of lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stay on the go and visit your favorite stores, parks, festivals, and more with the Runner rollator walker with storage bag and tray. Take a mall walk with friends, enjoy restaurants, and never miss out on the sights and sounds around town. This lightweight walker for seniors is useful indoors and outdoors, plus it can be quickly folded up for easy transport.

  1. The rollator has a highly elegant look. It does not appear like an “aid”.
    The material and execution quality is excellent.
    It takes up very little room when folded.
    It’s lightweight and incredibly maneuverable.
    The bigger wheels make it simpler to go between doorways. I would buy another one for the outside walks.

  2. The rollator is awesome to use indoors! My dad loves it! So far, no issues occured, the product seems to be stable, the handle definitely plays its part because he can lean on it. The tray is also a nice touch – he puts his items there as well as in the basket underneath. I saw him going around the back yard the other day, seems like the walker is good to use on different surfaces too, this brings us a lot of confidence. Surely, worth of money investemnet after all!

  3. So my mother seems to like the rollator that is why I have now already bought a second for the upper floor. It Is very compact and easy to build. Only the lock for the brake should be a little easier to operate it, or you have to use more force to handle it.

  4. Very stable. It is very easy for my grandad to move around with it. I shoudl also point out that I didn’t need too much afford to assemble it. The height is perfect for him, he does not have to bend down. Thumbs up for the fast delivery!

  5. Fast delivery, easy assembly and a big bag that has enough space for groceries. The price corresponds to the quality.

  6. I should say that this type of rollators are not for all. It mostly plays a role of additional support, but you can’t sit on it. Works fine for my 80-year old mother when she needs to go from one room to another, without using the walls. The rollator fullfilles our goals, but it has more possibilities, like being used outside. We are not going to use its full potential, because we don’t need it.

  7. Totally adore this! It provides me with stability and support so that I may take extended outdoor walks. I can even manage some gravel. I had no trouble moving it across the grass in the backyard. I’ll most likely get a second one for my trip!

  8. This rollator can help with the physical therapy. At least that worked for my husband, who needs to learn walking once again after the car accident. Hopefully he recovers faster, but this walker will deifinitely play its part. It is afforadable and compact, in my opinion.

  9. My physical therapist has been perplexed as to why I wasn’t using my walker for some time. I didn’t have confidence in it since it was oo light and shaky. My life has completely changed after using my new aliminium rollator for three weeks. It assists with my daily tasks. In fact, I was talking to my half-mother, who said that her therapist had suggested the exact same approach to help her to move better. She has to stay active since she is just 84 years old. She just got hers, and she already has plans to move around and be active. For us, her family, that is of the utmost importance. As a result, I sincerely appreciate the quality of the product and the service staff. The ordering was quick and with no complications.

  10. The wheels were too big as for the rollator, we asked if we could get a smaller ones because the bathroom door was too narrow. Unfortunately, this model fits more for the walk in the part, then navigating around the house, at least this is what my aunt says, who is 75 and requires support. We decided to buy another model from the same company and leave this one for the outdoor activities.

  11. Nice that it is so light. One should only not lean too much on it. But the price is great in comparison to other rollators.

  12. The rollator is visually very beautiful and by the versatile adjustment options also usable for larger people. Absolutely to recommend.

  13. This walker is intended for use inside. It has a tray, a basket, and a cup holder. It has a comfortable handle, an easy-to-use brake system, and an easy-to-adjust height. The wheels move 360 degrees. The basket can hold a maximum weight of 11 lbs. The PVC tires are more than an inch wide. To assemble, no tools are necessary.

  14. I’m quite happy with this rollator. It is portable and lightweight. One hand can be used to operate the parking brake, which is important to me because I can hardly use my right hand at all. The tray works well for transporting food and beverages. I have already ordered a 2nd one. Need one on the ground floor and one on the 1st floor.

  15. My expectations were completely met by the home rollator. Very agile while being small and stable. Great tray, where anything may be transferred or parked. Furthermore, the underneath bag is really beneficial.
    Unfortunately, I had to return the rollator since my mother is so sick that she can no longer get out of bed.

  16. Generally, the product is fine, but there are two areas for improvement:
    – the wheels might be higher quality, less rigid, and less likely to bounce on the road;
    – the value for money could be increased by either raising the quality or decreasing the price by 10% to 15%.
    I purchased the item since it works well indoors for me but so well outside.

  17. The delivery was fast, the rollator is light and foldable, making it ideal for use at home. It has a large basket.
    The installation may be carried out without using any tools. The rollator provides security, is the ideal daily support, and weighs only 6.5 kilograms.
    It is great, I totally recommend to buy it!

  18. The rollator is used frequently at home since it is stable and moveable. It easily passes over carpet edges; only larger obstacles (3-4cm) require a minor raising.

  19. The rollator is very light and can be folded very practical and small, thus fits wonderfully in the car. Had to return in unfortunately due to a defect, the refund went quickly and without problem. Thank you

  20. We are quite happy about the rollator, it was bought my granny. The construction seems to be very sturdy because the rollator was dropped for a few times but didn’t get a scratch. The quality is top-notch!

  21. For persons with impairments, having a tray on a roller walker is freeing. It enables my mum to cook on her own and assist with cleanup after meals. Her sense of freedom is restored. It is simple to control. The only drawback in our situation is that the height is a little bit too little. She has to lean forward excessively.

  22. As soon as I unpacked this maneuverable rollator, I was delighted to see that it had clear instructions and handled the assemble almost without the use of any tools. It is both useful and attractively pleasing in appearence, perfectly suited my requirements. The handle is easy to grasp, it also allows for perfect operation of the brakes and faultless folding. There isn’t a better in-doors rollator that I can think of.

  23. Evaluation: The rollator was delivered in a very heavy box and it was well wrapped. Just assemble it and start to use.
    My grandfather handles it quite well. (in a cottage on the ground level).
    You can roll securely through the hallway. The brakes have a solid grip and are simple to release. He is over the moon about it.

    Conclusion: I recommend it and I hope that sharing my experience will be helpful to you.

  24. This is a fantastic walker (it is missing a seat, but I wasn’t searching for one). I didn’t want to wait until I was in a desperate situation to use a walker, but I am just now starting to consider doing so. I’ll take this on very, very gently.
    In any case, it is exceptionally lightweight at only 16 lbs. It was also my primary criterion. It arrived assembled and prepared to use (much appreciated). It moves, rolls, and spins extremely flawlessly. It was simple to adjust the height to my liking. The mesh basket can contain quite a bit and is larger than it seems. Simple to hoist into the car and to fold. When inside, I’ll use the tray on it. Otherwise, it is perfect.

  25. The rollator is both lightweight and stable.
    Its height may be modified, and the brakes are simple to operate.
    The tiny basket and tray are quite useful.
    It’s ideal for the apartment but also for taking with you in the car because it folds up easily.

  26. My mother uses it in the apartment and is quite happy with it since you can use it to easily pass through any door and even in narrow spaces. The little tray is really useful. Also, the brake kind is advantageous for elderly people whose hands no longer possess the same level of strength.

  27. It has made my mother’s mobility much easier. I really liked the quality of the materials and how stable it is, although I thought it would be a little lighter. On the downside, I would like it to be a few centimeters narrower to pass more comfortably through doors and obstacles, and it would cost less to lock / unlock the brakes to sit, otherwise I am very satisfied with the product.

  28. The rollator corresponds to the description, is very easy to move and maneuverable..
    The brakes have a good grip.
    The bag is very narrow, like a notebook case.
    The product is great and works just fine after assembling.

  29. I am 83 years old. My grandson bought this rollator for me and I am pretty satisfied with how it works. My grandson assembled it without any problem – 5-20 minutes. I could use it anywhere I want – outside or inside my house, it is a great help. The delivery was fast, we recieved the rollator in a good condition.

  30. Very easy to use both indoors and outdoors, my dad is very happy that we purchased it! It is a bit sqeacky sometimes, but if the wheels are oiled up properly, there are no problems with the rollator at all.

  31. It is a pity there is no other color except blue. The functionality though is more than enough for a person after the surgery to take small steps during their recovery, the brakes are stable and firm. The handle is at the comfortalbe height.

  32. I agree with some of the reviews of this rollator and find it useful. Several tall people question if they can utilize the adjustable handle because of its height. My suggestion is to stand with your hands on the 36-inch-tall kitchen counter. This rollator’s handle may be raised at maximum of 37.2 inches. So, the height of the handle on this rollator will also be tall enough for you if your kitchen counter is. I think it is a good detail and it is pretty helpful. My grandad is satisfied with it and uses it daily. It even fits in the bathroom door, so he doen’t have to leave it outside!

  33. Pros:
    1. Low weight.
    2. Sturdy Construction
    3. Compact Foldable Size
    4. Hand Brake and Smooth Wheels
    5. High Quality Materials used for the back and the whole product
    6. Robust and stable

    Cons: the price seems to be too high, but at least you pay for the quality product.

  34. In comparison to the last walker my mom had, this one is a bit smaller. She had the handle height 32” and this one is 30.1” and easily gets through the door. The pouch is pretty useful too, she likes to put her stuff in there.

  35. The rollator arrived promptly and was carefully wrapped. It was quick and simple to put together. The rollator is well-made and of high quality. I purchase it for my uncle who is 70 years old. He required such support and now it is easy for him to go out.

  36. Cool item! I was firstly afraid that light weight rollator won’t handle the man like me (I am around 126lbs) but it is just fine. I had some surgery and this rollator helps me to walk around the hospital and keep my stuff with me! I usually have a tablet, bottle of water and my phone, so the tray and the bag are very useful for that.

  37. Before purchasing this rollator, I did a lot of research. I absolutely wanted something that was both light and durable. Being 52, it was a pleasure to obtain one that doesn’t appear like a walker.

    I am impressed with how slick and simple to use it is. The wheels have tremendous grip, making turning around easy. The carry bag has a ton of space. It is simple to unfold and fold, and lifting it into the car is simple.

    I wholeheartedly endorse paying more for this!

  38. I feel much more mobile inside my house now, because it gives the sense of safety. Not comparable to a walking stick. The rollator is incredibly simple to move about the apartment. A stylish, contemporary style with many of helpful touches that simplify daily living. The polish on the rollator is quite nice. I’ll be happy to share my recommendation with my friends and family.

  39. I bought the rollator after an accident at home. Without it I would not have been able to move upright with a damaged leg. The rollator is very narrow, fits even through door, you can practically turn in place with it and support yourself. The tray is very useful, also the basket underneath.
    It’s sturdy, I was even able to drag myself up off the sofa leaning on it without the walker tipping over on me.

  40. The beautiful thing about rollators like this one is that they work best on flat, or at the very least, non-slip surfaces. Moving a rollator, however, is virtually more difficult than it is worth if you have to take a few steps on your own. The answer? Another rollator!

    My 70-year old mother was using a rollator to walk around her home after she suffered from a stroke, but she had to take two steps down to enter the garage to let the dog out. She was attempting to maneuver with her cheap, shaky walker rather than wrangle her rollator. I bought her a second rollator so she could have one inside her home and one outside the garage and feel safe and protected wherever she went. I think it was a great decision.The instructions for this rollator might use some work, but it is still a fairly lightweight for the aluminium frame. The assembly wasn’t too difficult, but I’d prefer more straightforward design in some of the components. The brake lines were tightly wound around several components. If there had been a second person there to assist with the setup, it would have been simpler. Additionally, there is no actual description of how to attach one of the wheels, so that it would be attached incorrectly, causing it to wobble. However, once it was fixed, there were no other problems.

  41. This rollator is so helpful in my apartment. I can now bring my food to another room and sit and comfy armchair in front of the TV. This walker does not roll over and stands still when I get up from my sit. I would like to buy another one for outside, because the wheels get covered in mud fast and I cannot wash them all the time. I highly recommend it for purchase!

  42. So I picked this rollator for my mother-in-law, primarily because of the handle, it is very comfortable for her to lean on. My admiration for the manufacturer!

  43. I bought this rollator for my mother. It arrived in a large cardboard box. She used until now the cheap model which was over 11 kilos and very heavy but the new purchased one is just lighter (even though it is aluminium).

  44. This thing is incredible! Because it has a smaller footprint, it works well in the home. The tray is quite useful. Even if I didn’t need it as a walker, I’d keep it for the tray…move it to the kitchen, wheel it to your sofa or chair, and use it as a table. My only complaint is that I can’t get the right rear wheel to set when I put it in park.

  45. The rollator can be quickly assembled with a few simple steps. It is lightweight and looks very good. Fast delivery and a good service is also included.

  46. I was impressed that the ordered walker was much lighter than I expected! Even though the wheels are big than an average rollator has they are easy to handle and the brakes lock without any problem. My grandad uses it to walk around the house.

  47. The tray function is my favorite. I can navigate my kitchen more easily and prepare dishes faster. The tray may be used to transfer items from the microwave, cupboards, or refrigerator to the table. Even the bulky water pitcher may be moved to the desired location without having to be carried the full distance. The nicest aspect is that it helps me become a little more independent. So, high recommendation from me!

  48. There is always a room for the improvement. In general, the rollator is very sturdy and stable with its brakes. No defects were found, however one of the wheels seems to be not being about to move around its axis, I will call about this matter, otherwise the rollator is not convinient to use. The tray and the bag are big enough to keep anything you want, fits good for the groceries. I really hope the matter with the wheel will be resolved soon. Until then 4 stars.

  49. I wanted a rollator that was straightforward, low-profile, and devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles like a seat. I mostly use this one to travel to appointments so that I can traverse distances more easily. It is excellent for that. The tray is not something I use, but the basket is great for transporting stuff. Furthermore excellent is maneuverability. To make sure the legs stay together when it is taken out of the trunk, my husband made a velcro strap and attached it to one side. Overall it is great and convinient to use.

  50. Can’t express how grateful I am to the seller! This rollator is everything we needed, it is stable with good brakes, my mother is very happy with it! In addition, she can use the tray for various purposes (she wanted to sit on it first). I think that the big strengh of this product is the ability to change the height of the handle, some of the models do not have it. Overall we are satisfied with rollator’s functionality and potential.

  51. It is very easy to assemble, my dad walks more safely with the walker. He doesn’t use the basket, but it’s great too.

  52. This walking aid is great. It is equipped with brakes to not make the walker go forward the moment I get up from a chair or sofa thus avoiding accidental falls. I weight more than 180 kg and I am satisfied with the purchase.

  53. I can put only 4 stars because the rollator that arrived had slightly loose mounts where the wheels were. Fortunately, the support was easy to reach to resolve my problem in a meantime, so thanks to them!

  54. A fantastic rollator that is compact, light, and agile while yet being quite stable. My father now feels much more secure on his feet; a walking stick was not appropriate for balance issues and periods of weakness. The basket and tray are also quite helpful.

  55. I had some doubts about this rollator first, but it seems that my mom really likes it. She had a few falls, so this walker helped her to keep her balance. A good addition – a nice tray where she can put her beverages. Absolutely amazing!

  56. I had rather uneasy feeling when I bought this rollator because I was doubting if it will fit in our door frame. However, in the end everything turned out just fine. The rollator can be also folded and maneuverable. My father is happy with it, he can travel on longer distances now. So, it is worth trying it after all.

  57. The rollator is well-made and creates a good first impression! I removed one point since, unlike typical rollators, it does not appear to be as stable while getting up from an armchair or similar owing to its design. Unfortunately, my mother does not do well with the rollator in this aspect. Otherwise, a strong purchase suggestion!

  58. This is just the setup I’ve been looking for! Something to move food and supplies throughout the house, making a cane superfluous. Not only does this item allow me to carry lunch, but I can also load it with various objects and transport it/them to my destination! AND it’s thin enough to allow for good maneuvering if needed. Simply perfect!

  59. This walker is just what I needed – I can now stand up straight and stroll! I’ve been looking for something that looks like a shopping cart or a baby stroller and has a bar handle, and this is great! I am very pleased to have discovered this walker; it is great and truly works for me!

  60. The walker suits me perfectly. Both the tray and its dimensions are excellent. It was really simple to put up and appears to be nicely manufactured. Despite my modest stature, I wish the handle could extend a little higher to help me stand up straight.

  61. Solid construction, sophisticated design, and maneuverability make it ideal for interior usage. Can’t say anything negative about this model, because it has everything my old grandma required.

  62. The walker helps me go about the house. It makes walking much simpler, and the tray in front allows me to hold numerous objects. I can’t imagine myself without it.

  63. Once I was able to change the fitting so that the brake functioned, I was delighted with this useful and fashionable indoor walker. The tray and pouch are both handy, and it easily fits through doorways.

  64. The rollator is incredibly cozy and easy to use inside.
    The processing appears to be of great quality, I love the wheels.
    Of course, at this point I am unable to comment on durability, it is just what I needed, Simple, modern, easy to assemble.

  65. If you had told me that I would be happy to have a walker, I would have laughed at you! This was purchased for personal use. We are solely at my house, and it is PERFECT for that! The appearances are wonderful! Sleek design that is modern and trendy! Even amazing than the images in the listing! The bottom basket holds all of the small items I prefer to have with me – phone, reading glasses, and so on! While the tray holds beverages, plates, an iPad, and other items. There aren’t enough positive things to say about it!

  66. Bought this rollator for my husband who needed one after a femoral neck fracture. It was the only one that fit through the narrow spaces in our apartment. It is also very maneuverable and pleasantly light (only 5 instead of 6 and more kg). It is very quiet to run on parquet and tile floors, whereas all the other models I tried were clearly audible. Since it has a pleasant color scheme, it is a nice addition to the interior. Due to its lightweight design, it’s not quite as stable as heavier models, but you can still support yourself well on it. Clear buy recommendation.

  67. I bought this nice rollator for my mother, who is 78 years old. The tray on the basket is useful. It would be beneficial to be able to increase the handle’s length even more and tilt it. She doesn’t like that the wheels are too big, she accidentelly hits her toes when she is walking.

  68. Lightweight, easy to handle, fits precisely through tight doorways, and of high quality. My entire family is happy. In addition, the internet store provides friendly and efficient telephone assistance. This rollator is highly recommended by me.

  69. I bought the indoor rollator after looking at comparable models at a neighboring medical supply store. I don’t see how such obvious pricing discrepancies can exist. This model’s selection was right. The handle bar fits comfortably in the hand, and the rollator is agile and simple to use. The tray, in particular, is useful and adaptable. I can subtract a tiny amount for the hinged wheels (front). When changing direction, they can react a bit slowly. Overall, a decent everyday assistance with a favorable price-performance ratio!

  70. I like the form of the rollator in general, it has more rounded shape, so a person who is using it cannot accidentally snag one of its parts. I bought it for my granny, who requires additional support, she is 70 years old. Even though this rollator is light weight, it is pretty cool for elder people who are overweight. The tray is nice too, my granny usually puts her books on it, or the bottle of water. It helps her to get in bed or on the sofa. The brakes prevent its moving and rolling over.

  71. I bought this for myself because I’m waiting to have a significant hip operation. This walker really impresses me. Compared to one my grandma used, it is much better. I appreciate that there is a storage area. You don’t have to use any hands to carry items while you are using both of them to support oneself on the walker. This will undoubtedly come in handy for getting around while I’m recovering from surgery.

  72. It is not easy being old, you always need some extra help and this walker is just something I always needed. Not going to lie, first one I had got broken because it not good in quality, the wheels were made of some material that caught up dirt and it was difficult to maneuver. However, this light weight rollator covered everything and I don’t want any other model. Sturdy, big wheels, nice brakes and moreover a big bag! The material which covers the handle feels nice too, I like it.

  73. I want a smaller walker but was unaware that doing so would alter the center of gravity and lead to instability.

  74. The rollator great for the apartment. You can move some various stuff on the tray since it is stable. I bought it for my father, who is delighted with it. Now his hands are free and he feels secure using it inside the apartment. I can only say that this rollator is absolutely worth the money.

  75. The rollator is pleasantly light and maneuverable. So far, it has fully served its purpose. The wheels are big, but don’t get in the way, it is easy to control it. I am glad I purchased it, because my legs, especially the right one start to hurt after long walking. This rollator is a nice alternative to a standard walker, that does not have any wheels, it is modern and designed for all your needs!

  76. I feel much more mobile inside my house now. It gives me a sense of safety. This cannot be compared to a walking stick inside the house. Moving the rollator around the apartment is fairly simple. It is stylish, contemporary with many helpful touches that simplify daily living. The polish on the rollator is quite nice and shows high quality. I will gladly recommend it to my relatives/acquaintances.

  77. It’s simple to put up and operate, gets a lot of usage, and is holding up well. This well-liked walker is unquestionably recommended!

  78. We purchased the rollator for our aunt so that she could enter and exit her home’s little bathroom. And she was happy about it right away.
    She finds it difficult to use only the hook that locks the brake since her hands aren’t as strong as they once were, but she believes that with practice, it will become less difficult.

    Hence, thus far, we are quite pleased. We can remark on the durability, but as it has only been a few days since the sale, we cannot yet give any points.

  79. A stylish, lightweight, and smooth-running rollator for indoor usage. My 90-year-old mother is pleased. And I am as well.

  80. Apartment rollator that is lightweight, nimble, and runs smoothly.
    I got it for my grandmother to provide her greater security in her apartment; she loves it since it glides softly over the laminate, amazingly smooth and yet stable.
    Nothing wobbles, processing is excellent, the color is lovely (blue and black), and it comes with a useful, detachable tray.
    Super packed and constructed, simple to unfold, precise height adjustment, and ready to use right away.
    Clear purchase suggestion, fantastic stuff.

  81. It was purchased for indoor usage, and while almost ideal for an apartment, it is still too wide for my house. It’s pleasant, practical, and exactly meets the bill. It looks to be quite sturdy. I thus endorse it. also useful because to its table.

  82. My old mother has the mobility she needs in her little apartment thanks to the rollator. She can take her meals into the living room because of how easily it can be moved and the rather large tray. She is very pleased with her new rollator that helps her a lot.

  83. My 80-year-old neighbor no longer has to wait for someone to help her accomplish something because of this lightweight indoor walker for seniors. Her one-bedroom apartment is cramped and disorganized. Even for a younger individual, being able to freely navigate around it is a difficult effort.

    This rolling walker is not heavy at all. The handle has a nice protective foam covering. The wheels glide effortlessly on carpeted or wooden floors. A little turn of the rollator is all that is required to go around corners or through doorways.

    Best of all, no tools are necessary for construction or height changes. It includes simple directions with excellent images to guide you from start to end. Yes, it is a bit pricey at $185. Consider this: how much is your independence important to you? Not having to wait for someone to assist you to the restroom, fetch you a cup of water, or prepare a snack to eat while watching TV?

    By having this adaptable folding rollator intended for narrow houses as your 24/7 assistance, you can live your life on your terms, not someone else’s.

  84. Really simple to put together and useful to use. a convenient tray for storing a phone, remote control, pair of glasses, or glass covers a storage basket. The walker is neither very large, nor is it overly little. The huge wheels are highly useful since they spin very easily and slide easily even on carpets. An older person may be able to stop by pressing the horizontal brake, but if not, it is useless. Overall, it conveys a terrific feeling of durability and build quality, and I believe it to be the worth of purchasing.

  85. That is just what I needed to move around the house. It can fit through all doors and other open spaces because of its proper size. I adore how useful the tray is and how there is storage beneath. I was able to precisely alter the handle’s height. The only recommendation is to create a cane holder that may be attached to the side. I haven’t found a cane that will fit on the frame, therefore I still need the cane to lower myself to sit.

  86. This rollator is not only simple to operate, but also incredibly stylish. This helps my brother when he needs some aid and folds up easily for when we’re on the road while he recovers from a recent stroke. It is simple to maneuver through doorways. The brake mechanism is particularly useful for one-handed people; at this time, my brother has limited use of his left hand, but he can safely grasp the foam-padded handle with both hands and use the brake with his functional right hand. It’s been a difficult journey thus far, but having this tray and basket close by when sitting has been such a convenience, and the easy-gliding walker provides him with assistance when needed.

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