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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Personal Hygiene Accessories

Accessories for walkers that are in a home for the elderly people include many different items.

It can be a set of replacement parts as well as personal hygiene sets. If you are a caregiver or a family member that takes care of an elderly person, you very well know that both segments are equally crucial to keep the patient safe, to maintain the sanitary conditions, to promote a healthy atmosphere in a patient’s room, to provide a secure environment in a patient’s bathroom, to maintain the good work of the wheelchair (if it is in use), to overall keep the conditions necessary for a caregiver intact.

Replacement parts for the walking aids may include:

  • Crutch tips
  • Walking cane tips
  • Elevating legrests.

The selection of personal hygiene items may include:

  • Highly absorbent underpads
  • Wet disposable cleansing wipes
  • Laundry hampers.

The assortment of Certhealth Personal accessories for the elderly will keep the patient dry and clean thanks to the high quality and top absorbency material.

Personal wheelchair accessories for the elderly

When using a wheelchair, one has to keep in mind that nothing in this Universe lasts forever. You may need a wheel or an armrest replacement some time in the future. A cat may rip an upholstery element. If you simply want to upgrade a wheelchair – fine tune it so to say – you may also need replacement parts from Certhealth store to your taste.

Walking Aids Elements

Wheelchair patients can be loosely grouped into two categories. First group of patients uses wheelchair only in the case when transportation is necessary. It means that the device does not run on the daily and is kept safe in the storage. The second group of patients “live” in their wheelchairs. Those kinds of people need wheelchair replacement parts much more often than the first group. The wear and tear their walking aids get is tremendous. Take a look into the Certhealth categories of wheelchair replacement parts and stock up.