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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Bathroom Accessories for Seniors

Maintaining personal hygiene is an important issue for every individual, but some people tend to experience difficulties when aging, recovering from surgery or trauma, or living with some kind of disability.

Personal hygiene is vital for health purposes. This is why at Certhealth, we do our best to provide customers with a wide range of items to assist people in keeping their bodies clean and healthy.

Our selection of personal hygiene items includes:

  • Highly absorbent underpads
  • Wet disposable cleansing wipes
  • Laundry hampers.

The assortment of Certhealth personal bath accessories for the elderly will keep the patient dry and clean, thanks to high quality and top absorbency material.

The Importance of Personal Hygiene

Lack of proper personal hygiene can lead to additional health problems. Basic rules of personal hygiene include cleansing of hair and skin, brushing teeth, clipping and cleaning nails, and regular showers or baths.

Individuals with disabilities and seniors often confront problems when attempting to take care of personal hygiene on their own. To save independence and dignity, elderly people and other patients purchase various accessories like laundry hampers, premoist adult washcloths, and underpads.

At Certheath, we offer special kits that help you save money and time. For instance, our Baby Changing Kit (Wee Wee pad + Baby Wipes) is a multipurpose item. It helps parents change their babies, and is an irreplaceable aid for nighttime accidents, and for those who suffer from mild to severe incontinence.

Thinking about both patient and caregiver, we sell packs of hypoallergenic and alcohol-free wet wipes with convenient caps. A simple wipe takes away unwanted dirt, and solves the problems of cleaning up and wiping. These wipes are strong, durable, soft and include aloe for a soothing effect.

Bathroom Accessories for Seniors at Certhealth

Certhealth is a company with 20 years experience of selling quality medical equipment and devices. Offering our clients the best selection of wheelchairs, bathroom benches, walkers, and heavy duty commodes, we pay attention to small but essential details. You can browse a wide range of various bathroom toilet accessories for the elderly at our online store.
All the items we sell are produced by our reliable partner – Healthline Trading. Their products are certified and made in accordance with medical requirements.

Call us today and take a step forward to a healthier, more comfortable life. Our specialists will tell you more about all the items, answer your questions, and tell you about special offers.