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Folding Walking Cane W/Flashlight, Adjustable Height & Magnifying Glass


Easy to fold and store.
The folding cane adjusts from 33 to 37 inches in one inch increments.

This cane has an anodized, aluminum shaft and folds to 11 inches. 250 pound weight capacity. Great for people who travel.

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This folding walking cane stands out from the bunch of generic folding canes. It has a flashlingt mounted into it for convenience, as well as a magnifying glass. This folding walking cane will make a great gift for an elderly person or someone who has a hard time seeing in the dark. Anodized aluminum shaft of this cane makes it very lightweight. The cane is very handy because it is able to fold to 11 inches – a truly excellent solution for travelers. The cane handles up to 250 pounds. The folding cane has a 4x power magnifying glass. It is also height adjustable and can change from 33 inches in height to 37 inches. Easy to fold and store.

Other Info

The Handle height is adjustable in 1" increments from 33" to 37"

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