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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Reclining Wheelchairs

A reclining wheelchair is a great option for the most active people, a collapsible armchair made of aluminum is suitable. It is very light (from 10 kg), plus it is easily folded and transferred. It is easier to control and you need to apply less effort to set it in motion. Lightweight wheelchairs are convenient if there is a need for frequent carrying in hands and your assistant does not have the ability to carry weights (women, elderly people, children). All models presented in our store are placed in a car and can be transported by public transport. They fit into the trunk of standard automobiles easily as well.

Wheelchairs. Structure

Wheelchairs are lightweight, designed for use both indoors and outdoors on hard-surface roads. Such strollers differ in several characteristics: the design of the frame and armrests, as well as the color and the presence of different options. Standard equipment for invested wheelchairs. Armrests. In all models, the armrests are removable, foldable and adjustable in height, which is also very important. When it is necessary to change from a bed to an armchair, the armrests make this task very difficult, in that case they should be thrown away. Wheels-anti-dumpers or anti-tippers as some call them. All lightweight wheelchairs are equipped with additional anti-tipping wheels. They provide additional support when driving, which improves maneuverability. At the same time, do not interfere during the usual movement. Pneumatic and polyurethane wheels, all-cast, quick-detachable. Footsteps. In all models the footrests are foldable, adjustable in height and removed. Foldable backrest. Back in lightweight wheelchairs folds, which creates additional convenience for transportation in the folded position.

Specificity of a Reclining Wheelchair

Just as its name suggests, a reclining wheelchair is a wheelchair with a reclining backrest. Typically light in weight, these chairs are ideal for users with orthostatic hypotension and hip extension contractures. They also allow you to redistribute pressure to avoid skin breakdown.

Aside from this, a reclining manual wheelchair can also make life a little more comfortable for people who use them as their primary means of mobility. The reclining feature moves incrementally to maximize safety and support while also preventing pressure sores.

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