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Bedside Commodes for Elderly

A commode is a bedside chair/toilet that is designed to facilitate daily routines for seniors, individuals with disabilities, people with poor health and other patients who are recovering from injuries or operations.

Bedside commodes for adults help to avoid worsening patient’s condition and daily routine for those who have difficulty getting to the bathroom on their own or with enough time.

At Certhealth, we offer a wide range of commode chairs in various styles, colors and weight capacities. All the items available in our online store are produced by Healthline Trading, a reliable partner and trustworthy manufacturer of medical equipment.

Types of Bedside Commode Chairs

Portable commodes for bedrooms come in different sizes and types to meet different needs. All the items we offer are equipped with adjustable legs, for optimal comfort. At Certhealth, we provide you with 5 bedside commode options:

  1. Folding Commodes. The folding feature makes moving the bedside commode from room to room much more convenient. Portable commodes can be easily folded, making them suitable for travel or taking it along on the go.
  2. Drop Arm Commodes. Bedside commodes are easy to transfer and use when they are tooled up with drop arms. Fortunately, the majority of commodes have this option.
  3. Bariatric or Heavy Duty Commodes. To provide sturdy support and comfort for each and every client, we sell bariatric bedside commodes with adjustable legs and weight capacities up to 450 lbs.
  4. Padded Commodes. Padding is more comfortable for patients and is relatively easy to clean. When purchasing padded commodes, you do not need to buy extra accessories to make seat more comfortable.
  5. Commode Pails are also sold separately. Pail holds 7 quarts, comes with lid and splashguard.

Bedside Commodes for Improved Safety

Bathroom safety is one of the most overlooked aspects of our everyday lives, something we take for granted until we become disabled. Safety measures in the bathroom are crucial for several reasons:

  • to prevent slip and fall incidents;
  • to provide a secure environment for elderly or disabled patients;
  • to create a risk-free area for seniors to perform their daily routines;
  • to help a patient to maintain balance and stability.

Certhealth Online Store

Certhealth is proud of our 20 years of operational experience in the tri-state area, providing the best quality medical equipment to elderly, disabled and other patients recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Still hesitating on where to buy a bedside commode? Call Certhealth today to get detailed consultation, have all of your questions answered and purchase the perfect commode for bedroom at a reasonable price.