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High Quality Commode Chairs for Elderly

Bathroom safety is one of the most overlooked aspects of our daily routines. It becomes important for a person the minute it gets relevant. Safety in the bathroom is crucial for several reasons:

  • prevents slip and fall incidents
  • provides a secure environment for an elderly or a disabled person
  • creates a risk-free place for a disabled senior to perform his daily routines
  • helps the patient maintain balance and stability

Certhhealth Bathroom Safety Commode – the Item of Choice for Elderly

A commode is a bedside chair/toilet that is designed to facilitate daily routines for elderly people, post surgery patients (especially post hip surgery patients), people with weak health, disabled patients or post stroke patients.

Using an interior element like this along with other medical equipment will help to avoid worsening patient’s condition through an incident trauma.

Commodes for Bedside. Structure

The pieces of medical equipment like bedside commodes are used by infirm fragile weak people, thus are normally very strongly built, have rubberized legs and armrests with hand grips to help elderly, disabled and sick people to maintain their safety, stability and comfort while following their daily routines. Limited mobility people have to be provided with appropriate equipment such as support items, toilet items, shower stability stools, bath rub clamp rails, grab bars or bariatric drop arm transfer chairs.

Certhealth is the Store of Choice When it Comes to Bathroom Safety for Elderly

Certhealth is proud of 20 years operational experience in tri-state area, providing the best quality medical equipment to patients living with spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disorders and other conditions that require specific lifestyle adjustments.

People who are fragile and weak, have extremely hard time even getting to the bathroom or standing up, or leaving the bed will appreciate the high quality durable standing chair commodes and safety frames. Functionality and convenience are the key points about each of these items. They allow disabled and elderly people to protect their independence and maintain stability and control the movement.