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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Bariatric Bathroom Aids from Certhealth

Certhealth stocks top-of-the-line bathroom aids for bariatric patients that simplify the process of showering or using the toilet. All shower chairs, bath chairs, transfer benches and commodes sold by Certhealth are designed with safety, reliability and quality in mind by the manufacturer, Healthline Trading.

When it comes to showering, bathing or using the toilet, caregivers and patients require home supplies that support the patient’s body weight and fit their frames. At Certhealth, we have gathered top-quality medical equipment to help everyone find the most suitable solution.

Browse the bariatric bathroom aids page at the Certhealth online store to find the item you need. Our wide assortment of bariatric items includes:

  • Heavy duty bath bench with comfortable back and adjustable height.
  • Heavy duty bedside commode with adjustable legs.
  • Heavy duty drop arm bariatric commode with adjustable legs.
  • Heavy duty transfer bench with adjustable height legs and non-slip seat.
  • White heavy duty transfer bench with back and adjustable height legs.

Do You Need a Bariatric shower commode chair?

The bariatric shower commode helps post-bariatric surgery patients and elderly people to relieve themselves during nighttime or any other time they need extra help.

A commode chair can help weak people go from sitting to standing, and can also act as a nightstand. Some people find a portable commode much easier to use than a traditional toilet because is easier to sit on and is generally much more convenient to use.

Bariatric Procedure at its Core

In essence, a bariatric procedure is a surgical method of weight loss, but the surgery alone does not eliminate excess body weight. It simply makes the patient’s stomach much smaller so their capacity for food is limited, impacting body weight and metabolism in the long run.

Sturdy bariatric Bathroom Aids have been specifically constructed to fit a larger person and accommodate them during post-surgery recovery.

Bariatric non-slip bathroom aids such as an adjustable height bariatric bathroom bench, heavy duty bedside commode with adjustable legs, heavy duty drop arm bariatric commode, adjustable height bariatric bathtub transfer bench and heavy duty transfer bench with adjustable height legs can all be found on the pages of

Best Bariatric Bathroom Aids at

There is a growing need in the US market for bariatric furniture, appliances and post surgery aids. Quality goods in bariatric sizes are often difficult to come by. Certhealth features only top quality medical equipment at our store, from one of the best manufacturers in the country – Healthline Trading USA.

We make an effort to please every customer. With more than ten years’ experience selling medical equipment, respiratory goods, wheelchairs and accessories, bariatric and standard bathroom aids, Certhealth is proud to deliver the best service and goods possible to our customers.