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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Bathroom Aids


Bathroom Safety Equipment for the Elderly

The importance of home safety is often underappreciated. Safety within your own home, especially your bathroom, is key for every family member, from toddler to elderly. Your bathroom the most dangerous room in the house for numerous reasons:

  • high humidity levels
  • wet slippery tiled flooring
  • high slip and fall risk at all times
  • hazardous hard surfaces and sharp corners

Bathroom Supplies

Bathroom equipment plays an important role in providing safety while bathing and showering. Quality shower safety equipment that is firmly secured in place provides necessary support, stability and reliability at all times.

Bathroom Aids for Disabled and the Elderly

Certhealth specializes in mobility and items for bathroom safety. Bathroom aids provide added protection for people who have lost dexterity in their limbs, disabled and partially disabled people, post-stroke patients, post-surgery patients, and people recovering from an injury.

Improve Bath Safety in Your Home

Slip and fall accidents happen quite frequently among elderly people, patients recovering from a stroke, and post-surgery patients (especially hip surgery). Statistics shows a high incidence of children falling on bathroom floors and injuring themselves. There are several ways to address safety issues in your home:

  • install appropriate balance aid equipment
  • apply rubberized bath mats and rugs
  • provide a bath bench with suction cups and a back

These measures will help the bathroom user maintain balance, ensure stability and safely bathe or shower.

Fall Prevention

With properly installed bathroom safety equipment, accident risk is considerably reduced. Prevention of slipping and falling accidents should be a primary goal in every household,  especially if household members include:

  • post surgery patients
  • bariatric patients
  • elderly family members
  • weakened individuals
  • a patient recovering from trauma
  • a disabled family member
  • a partially disabled elderly family member
  • anyone lacking dexterity

For an elderly person, slipping and falling can pose a risk for:

  • hip injuries of varying severity
  • skull traumas
  • brain injuries
  • fractures of various limbs
  • a range of maxillofacial traumas
  • death

Bathroom Supplies from Certhealth

Certhealth’s online store offers a wide variety of bathroom equipment and supplies for disabled people, small children, bariatric patients, elderly people, and post-surgery patients.

Explore the range of premium Healthline products we offer at Certhealth:

Ensure your loved ones enjoy security and safety in the bathroom by finding and installing the right bathroom safety equipment, aids and accessories in your home.