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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Certhealth Walking Aids and Accessories

Walking aid accessories are created to improve walking safety for every patient using them. Our store presents a wide variety of mobility aid products and components that will definitely improve your lifestyle and daily routines. Making life easier for wheelchair patients is one of Certhealth’s missions.

An extensive range of mobility accessories is here for you at to explore and purchase online. Our managers are here to help you pick out the right replacement part, or to provide necessary details.

All mobility accessories for disabled, elderly and other patients available at our online store are manufactured by Healthline Trading, a leading producer of medical equipment and walker accessories.

Products we stock include:

  • crutch replacement parts,
  • walking cane tips,
  • quad cane support tips,
  • knee walker pads.

Mobility Accessories Assortment

The quad cane support tips we offer at Certhealth online store fit the majority of standard canes and provide patients with balance and stability. This walking aid accessory is easy to install and has a four-tier design, which allows for better traction.

Using a knee walker can be challenging and uncomfortable. Therefore, our reliable supplier Healthline Trading, has designed special pad covers with synthetic sheepskin material. Universal knee walker pad covers are stretchable, so installation is simple. The elastic material securely fits over the knee pad for better air circulation and patient comfort. The soft material ensures less pressure, irritation and rubbing.

Walking canes and sticks provide elderly, individuals with disabilities and recovering patients with the opportunity to move around in a safe and secure manner. Prolong life for your sustainable walking aids with sturdy and lightweight folding canes, quad canes, arm cushions, hand grips, and tips.

At Certhealth, we offer special kits to enhance your crutches and improve your comfort. The set of accessories is available in different colors and consists of arm cushions, hand grips, and tips.

Walking Aid Accessories at

Walking accessories like cane tips, crutch tips and crutch attachment replacements provide extra control over stops and movement in patients who lack limb dexterity. Go ahead and look at our selection of walking aid accessories, including replacement rubber tips and ferrules, and walking stick quad tips.

Tips allow patients to maintain stability and balance. The variety of colors and sizes makes it even easier to pick and choose your preferred item. Certhealth walking aids and accessories are expertly designed and manufactured for safety and durability.

Explore the full range that has to offer. Pick and choose, order online and call us whenever you cannot decide between one item or another.