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Phone: 800-414-2358

Fax: 718-946-6727

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Walking Aid Accessories

Walking aid accessories are created to improve walking safety for every patient using them. An extensive range of mobility accessoires is here for you at Explore and purchase them online. Our managers are here to help you out to pick the right replacement part or a necessary accessoire.

Certhealth Walking Aids and Accessories

Our store presents a wide variety of walking aid elements and components that will definitely improve your lifestyle and daily routines. Making life easier for wheelchair patients is one fo Certhealth missions. Products we stock include crutch replacement parts, walking cane tips, quad cane support tips, knee walker pads. Take a look at our categories. We also present a selection of wheelchairs, rollators and walkers. Take a look at our bathroom safety department: commodes, grab bars, safety frames and bedside commodes we present are the highest quality on the market and are manufactured by Healthline – a leading producer of medical equipment and walker accessories.

Walking Aids and Accessories. How do they work?

Walking accessories like cane tips, crutch tips and crutch attachment replacements provide extra control over stops and movement in patients who lack limb dexterity. They allow patient to maintain stability and balance. The variety of colors and sizes makes it even easier to pick and choose the item. Certhealth walking aids and accessories are expertly designed and manufactured for safety and durability.

Explore the full range that has to offer. Pick and choose, order online and call us whenever you balance between one item or the other.

Below go ahead and look at our selection of walking aid accessories including replacement rubber tips and ferrules, walking stick quad tips.

Look at our wheelchair accessories and personal hygiene accessories in the neighbouring categories at