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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Oxygen Devices

Oxygen delivery device is a strictly prescription kind of matter. Oxygen devices like oxygen mask, tubing, oxygen tanks and regulators are sold in medical supply store at

Since a few decades options for home oxygen delivery have changed tremendously. Technology innovation and continuously growing patient demand for new, more affordable and more accessible medical grade oxygen therapy devices has managed to build a need in considerable out-of-clinic improvement. This is exactly what Certhealth delivers. Oxygen Device Assortment

Offering a wide range of oxygen cannulas, oxygen wheelchair bags, aerosol disposable vaporizer kits and an assortment of oxygen mask sizes, Certhealth delivers countrywide and provides the best quality possible.

In modern world the necessity to meet every patient’s needs grows. Home long term oxygen therapy is easy to organize as long as you’ve got the proper equipment. Needs will vary from activity levels and lifestyles. Consistent labeling is key to providing the correct therapy at the time of need. Professionally trained and competent respiratory therapists are recommended to take over the initial installation and are strongly advised to conduct trial technical master classes.

Oxygen Systems at Certhealth

Smaller portable oxygen tanks (concentrators) are part of the system which is to be carried around by the patient receiving the therapy. The size of the system will heavily depend on how often the patient needs to receive oxygen therapy. A system like this for home use does not only include the tank itself but also a mask, a cannula and a bag to help the patient carry the tank around. The tank is actually a pressurized container with liquified oxygen, a portable unit small enough to fit into a mobile holder or a compact backpack like sac. Easy to store and maintain, these oxygen portable stations make life easier for patients needing continuous oxygen therapy. This type of therapy is very popular among patients, it is easy to set up, use and maintain.

Who is in Need of Oxygen Therapy?

Patients with breathing issues, allergies, bronchitis and other types of chronic lung conditions (asthma for instance) will or may need continuous oxygen supply as well as nebulizer systems.  

If you’ve got one oxygen tank and this seems a good way for you, you may consider other options. Some manufacturers suggest those who have tried to carry an oxygen tank along switching onto stationary oxygen concentrators. This kind of change will provide people with just the right oxygen delivery for their needs when at home.

Some patients are lucky enough to have oxygen supply systems covered by their insurance companies. Others are less lucky and have to provide for themselves. This type of tanks are what people typically imagine when oxygen therapy is mentioned. The biggest requirement with these types of oxygen tanks is that it has to be held upright position to avoid spillage.

When oxygen is really cold, it liquifies. This physical oxygen form allows for a larger amount of oxygen to be put into a small tank and weigh considerably less than a compressed oxygen tank.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the unit. Measure up your daily oxygen consumption and make sure you provide enough supply taking it with you on the go. If you’re also a wheelchair user, check out Certhealth Oxygen Wheelchair bag for an oxygen canister here.