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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Personal Oxygen Devices at

Oxygen therapy has been evolving tremendously over the past decades. Now, patients can get full oxygen delivery 24/7 with all the modern portable oxygen concentrators and accessories.

Technological innovation and a continuously growing patient demand for new, more affordable and accessible medical grade oxygen therapy devices has led to considerable out-of-clinic improvements.

This is exactly what Certhealth delivers. All the oxygen devices available at our online store are produced by Healthline Trading, a certified and experienced manufacturer of medical equipment and accessories.

We offer you a wide range of medical oxygen supplies, including:

  • Aerosol Disposable Vaporizer Kits;
  • Oxygen cannulas of different sizes;
  • Adult Oxygen Masks;
  • Oxygen Bags for various cylinder sizes;
  • Oxygen Wheelchair Bags for various cylinder sizes.

Certhealth Oxygen Supplies Assortment

All the respiratory care products we sell are individually packaged to serve as appropriate sanitary solutions for our patients.

Oxygen masks are smooth, comfortable, and fitted for any head size. Nose clips provide quality inhalation, and the mask’s design goes under the chin to secure the product in place and prevent it from sliding.

Oxygen cannulas are made of hypoallergenic and latex-free material, so they are safe for allergy patients and do not hurt the skin. The tubing is non-kinking, fits comfortably over the ears, and ensures complete freedom of movement. The Nasal cannula is 50 inches and has a tubing system attached to it that is able to fit practically any patient.

The Aerosol Disposable Vaporizer Kit with tubing treats asthma and is a great solution for a nebulizer. The item is reusable and easy to clean. This system is compact and lightweight, suits perfectly for inhalation treatments for elderly, recovering patients and anyone who is in need of oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Bags go with C and D cylinders. You can also purchase an oxygen wheelchair bag tank holder for D and E sizes. Bags are made of durable lightweight nylon for easy care.

Who is in Need of Oxygen Therapy?

Patients with breathing issues, allergies, bronchitis and other types of chronic lung conditions (asthma for instance) may need a continuous oxygen supply as well as a nebulizer system.

If you have one oxygen tank and this seems to work for you, you may consider other options. Some manufacturers suggest switching to stationary oxygen concentrators. This will provide just the right oxygen delivery needs when at home.

When oxygen is really cold, it liquifies. This physical oxygen form allows for a larger amount of oxygen to be put into a small tank and weighs considerably less than a compressed oxygen tank.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the unit. Measure your daily oxygen consumption and make sure you provide enough supply when taking it with you on the go. If you are a wheelchair user, check out Certhealth’s Oxygen Wheelchair bag for an oxygen canister.