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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Transport Chairs

Rollator Transport Chair from Certhealth

Often disabled wheelchair users have problems when traveling on trains and planes. The problem is that in airplanes and trains narrow passages and a wheelchair simply do not pass. Of course, now there are railway cars that are adapted to carry disabled people, but there are very few of them and the likelihood that you will be very small in such a way. And it’s not always convenient to put an invalid in the hands of a disabled person, and it’s just as hard or simply nobody. The way out of the situation is the “Transport Wheelchair”. The folding lightweight wheelchair from Certhealth if you have changing needs or if you are looking for a portable option, folding frames collapse for easy transport and they are highly adjustable, ultra lightweight, and offer our broadest range of options.

Transport Chairs from Certhealth

Transport Chairs from Certhealth are ideal for active users who know what they want in a wheelchair. With fewer movable parts, most of the energy from the push on the wheels is translated into forward motion. Highly responsive, rigid wheelchairs are ultra lightweight and offer precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance.

Patients who can not walk independently must necessarily be provided with special apparatus – wheelchairs. They make life much easier and open more opportunities. Modern manufacturers such as Healthline offer a very wide range of unique rehabilitation equipment. But it should be noted that such a variety complicates the process of choosing the best option. To buy a wheelchair from Certhealth today is easier on the one hand, since the market for such equipment has become much wider than a few years ago, but the classification of models has also expanded, which complicates the choice.

Transport Wheelchair. The structure

The transport wheelchair is a unique development that has no analogues in the world. The width of the wheelchair is 25 to 28 inches, the width of the seat is the standard wheelchair for disabled people. Movement on such a wheelchair is possible only with the accompanying person, who rolls the stroller. Features of the wheelchair – it’s excellent strength and lightweight. Also, the wheelchair for transportation of the disabled is equipped with seat belts, which fix the trunk and legs. There is a convenient footrest that protects your feet from damage and bumps. The weight of the stroller is 57lbs at maximum, the maximum load is up to 250lbs

Get your transport wheelchairs at Certhealth. Call if any questions on the product arise.