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Rollator Transport Chairs

Aluminum transport wheelchairs are lightweight, compact and able to easily pass through narrow passages in airplanes and trains. These transport chairs are also used by patients for short trips: shopping, going to the doctor, meeting friends at a cafe and other daily outings.

Having fewer movable parts than a standard wheelchair, a transport chair is pushed by a caregiver, companion or a loved one. The wheels are small and the entire chair weighs between 15 and 25 lbs for the comfort of the assistant. Lighter weight also makes it much easier to carry the folded chair, store it in small spaces, and transfer to a car, truck or public transport.

At our online store, you can find best solutions from our reliable partner and certified medical equipment manufacturer, Healthline Trading USA. All the products we sell come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser.

Best Transport Chairs

A transport chair in its basic configuration sometimes becomes uncomfortable after one or two hours of sitting. Such models require extra equipment, such as a seat and back cushion to improve the patient’s experience. Apart from this, you can also increase the level of comfort by adding a cup holder, a bag or a new padded seat.

Transport wheelchairs from Healthline Trading USA are available in padded nylon, with flip-back desk or full armrests. The chairs are made of durable lightweight black nylon upholstery, which is easy to clean. The fabric is also flame retardant and resistant to mildew and bacteria.

The product can be easily folded, just pull up the handles and fold the back down. Some models come with a convenient bag to meet the needs of customers who enjoy traveling. Store and transfer your transport wheelchair in a special bag to maintain the appearance of a brand-new chair for a longer time.

Aluminum Transport Wheelchairs From Certhealth

At Certhealth, we offer high-quality aluminum transport chairs for elderly, post-surgery patients, individuals with disabilities, and anyone who needs extra support or is unable to walk independently.

Folding lightweight chairs from Certhealth are portable and helpful for people who prefer an active lifestyle and need a compact wheelchair to move around on trains and airplanes. Browse our website and explore a wide range of wheelchair accessories to improve your experience and increase your comfort.

Feel free to contact us using an online form, or call us to ask any question about our products. We would love to hear from you. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with a detailed consultation and help you arrange your order. Call us today to learn more about special offers and free shipping.