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Adult Oxygen Mask With 7′ Tubing & Elastic Strap


Individually packaged Adult Oxygen Masks with 7′ Tubing

Product Features: Under-the-chin design for excellent fit on a wide variety of face sizes

Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit complete with 7 foot oxygen supply tubing

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Individually packaged respiratory care products – adult oxygen mask with seven inch tubing is an appropriate sanitary solution for nebulizer users, asthma patients and people of all ages with respiratory allergies. Due to the health condition certain patients are required to undergo special medical substance inhalations on the regular basis to control their condition and keep crisis at bay. An oxygen mask and other parts of the nebulizer system have to be replaced on the regular. Depending on the frequency of inhalation treatments, the repurchase of the whole set has to be made consistently due to the high risk of bacteria and mold growth in the thin tubing canals. This mask is an inseparable part of any inhalation process. It is smooth and easy to adjust for any size head. Fits a face of an adult perfectly. A nose clip provides a great fit and quality inhalation process. Seven inch is a standard length for nebulizer tubing. This tubing comes complete with the mask. The oxygen mask has a convenient under the chin design, that prevents the product from sliding around and secures it in place.


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