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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Lightweight Wheelchair

Lightweight Manual Wheelchair at Certhealth

Multifunctional lightweight wheelchairs – maximum of opportunities to feel the fullness of life!

The first wheelchair was invented more than 300 years ago and since then such designs are being improved every day. Today there is a great variety of multifunctional wheelchairs, which are simply an invaluable tool for people with disabilities. To buy a multifunctional wheelchair in the chain of stores “Your Health” means to get at your disposal a reliable, comfortable and maneuverable design. Thanks to this product, a person can lead a full-fledged way of life. After all, how many known Paralympians are making records, tourists go on many-day hikes and all this is done on wheelchairs. But even if a person with disabilities does not intend to make long trips, but simply wants to have the most convenient means of transportation, it is necessary to stop the choice on a multifunctional wheelchair. And there are many reasons for this.

Advanced Options of Lightweight Wheelchairs

Additional options for lightweight wheelchairs In some models of folding wheelchairs, you will find additional options. One of them, due to the vertical reinstallation of the axles of the wheels, allows you to adjust the height of the seat. This model is very conveniently placed on the height of the bed. Some models of folding lightweight wheelchairs are equipped with additional transfer wheels, which can temporarily replace large drive wheels. They will serve as a temporary support, which is very convenient and sometimes necessary, for example, when entering an elevator with a narrow opening. Each model has a detailed description, and our experts will consult and help you to buy the best option at a bargain price just for you.

Picking the Right Wheelchair

When choosing a wheelchair for either transport function or for everyday use, weight is one of the important parameters, because the easier the stroller is, the easier it is to manage, fold and transport. The weight of a conventional wheelchair reaches 57 lbs., and of course it is not very convenient, such strollers are not walking or folding. And of course, when choosing a lightweight wheelchair, do not forget about the accompanying person, because all the manipulations with the stroller lie on it. Lightweight wheelchairs are distinguished by a relatively small weight-up to 23-25 lbs, which greatly facilitates the movement in it. A wide range of models allows you to buy a lightweight wheelchair with an optimal ratio of price and quality. A wide range of models at allows you to buy a lightweight wheelchair with an optimal ratio of price and quality.