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Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Lightweight portable wheelchairs are great options for elderly or anyone who prefers to have a caregiver or a loved one push them, rather than manually rolling themselves around. These chairs are especially great for traveling and transporting, thanks to their portability and light weight.

Supporting up to 300 pounds and equipped with sturdy wheels, our best lightweight wheelchair for travel provides good traction both outdoors and indoors. At Certhelath, we sell high-quality medical equipment from Healthline Trading USA – a certified manufacturer of various wheelchairs and accessories.
Healthline lightweight travel wheelchairs are designed with patient and caregiver in mind, featuring the following advantages:

  • Lightweight – the average weight is only 37 pounds.
  • Safe – despite the light weight, the construction maintains durability and special safety latches provide extra security. Push-to-lock wheel clasps reduce braking time and secure the wheelchair in place.
  • Easy to use – flip-back arms are removable, which allows for easy transfer and maneuverability.
  • Convenient design – folding wheelchairs are surprisingly compact and provide a great experience for both patient and caregiver at the same time.
  • Practical to use – the adjustable front leg rests ensure a comfortable body position and can be added and removed without the extra hassle of special tools.

Picking the Best Lightweight Wheelchair

When choosing a wheelchair for either transport or everyday use, weight is one of the most important parameters, because the lighter the chair is, the easier it is to manage, fold and transport.

And of course, when choosing a lightweight wheelchair, do not forget about the convenience for your companion. Lightweight wheelchairs are distinguished by their relatively light weight, up to 23-25 lbs, which greatly facilitates movement.

A wide range of models allows you to buy a lightweight wheelchair with the optimal range of price and quality. A wide range of models at allows you to compare various options and make a wise choice. If you experience difficulties with choosing the best solution, call us to get a detailed consultation.

Wheelchairs Assortment at

Lightweight wheelchairs provide users with multiple opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest. The great variety of multifunctional wheelchairs available today makes it much easier for individuals to pick the model that completely fits their lifestyle, needs and even personality.

At Certhealth online store, we are happy to offer a wide range of wheelchairs: bariatric models, lightweight transport chairs, reclining wheelchairs and more. To improve your experience when using our products, browse the accessories category and pick additional items you need to enhance everyday life.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have doubts about certain product specifications, or simply find it difficult to choose a specific wheelchair. Our first priority is to help you find the perfect chair for your individual needs. Certhealth specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions and arrange for free and fast shipping to your address.