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Walking Canes at Certhealth Online Store

A supporting cane is a device that facilitates walking. Unlike a wheelchair or a walker, it helps to reduce the burden on the injured leg and restores the symmetry of body movements. Medical canes make it easier to maintain balance for people with impaired vestibular apparatus.

Being an experienced medical equipment manufacturer, Healthline Trading strives not only to ensure the best quality materials, but also sturdy support for patients. When creating a variety of height-adjustable, folding and telescopic medical canes, details and portability are taken into consideration.

People who need walking canes for health issues include elderly, individuals with disabilities and patients recovering from surgery, trauma or injury. Walking sticks can be transformed for the patient’s comfort: adjustable height simplifies moving around, while the convenient size and folding option make it easy to take walking aids along on a car trip.

How to Choose a Cane

For the cane to be ideally suited, all parameters should be considered, including the patient’s condition, growth, strength, etc. Choose a simple cane with a minimum of parts and a tip that prevents slipping for a day-to-day routine.

For people spending a lot of time traveling, it is better to buy a walking folding or telescopic cane, which it takes up less space. And for the post-traumatic rehabilitation period, an optimal choice would be the purchase of a multi-support cane. For disabled people with impaired musculoskeletal or vestibular apparatus, or heavier weight, a quad cane makes a perfect choice.

Here are some helpful points to consider when choosing a walking cane:

  • Make sure your elbow bends at a comfortable angle when you hold your cane in hand. An angle of about 15 degrees works the best.
  • Appropriate cane height is crucial, so be careful with details. For instance, put on the shoes you usually wear for walking.
  • Check whether the top of your cane lines up with the crease in your wrist when your arm is hanging down straight at your side. If it does, the height is correct.

Buy a Medical Walking Cane at

Certhealth suggests a variety of walking aids. The selection includes walking canes, crutches, walking folding canes, wheelchairs, rollators and walkers.

Take a look at and pick the best walking canes for balance for elderly people or those who need extra support. Use our easy-to-browse website to buy a perfect cane that meets all your needs.

Call us whenever you experience a problem choosing the right walking aid for yourself. We are always happy to help and tell you more about our special offers.