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Buying a Cane for Walking. What to Choose?

It should be remembered that the supporting cane is a device to facilitate walking. Unlike a wheelchair or a walker, it helps reduce the burden on the injured leg and restores the symmetry of body movements and makes it easier to maintain balance for people with impaired vestibular apparatus. To use the cane effectively, a certain amount of force is required to avoid pain in the joints of the hand.


Certhealth online store offers a choice of canes: folding walking cane, traditional walking aid cane.

Traditional walking stick

Transformers (height-adjustable, folding, telescopic and cane chairs),

Quad canes (canes with an orthopedic handle and four supporting legs).

Classics presented in the performance of beech and bamboo wood (Garcia Prima), walnut and mahogany.

Transformers are made of aluminum and its alloys, have convenient handles made of polymer and are adjustable in height.

Quad canes are also made of aluminum alloy, have adjustable height and orthopedic handles.

Foldable Aluminum Cane

Basic Rules to Choose a Cane

For the cane to be ideally suited, all parameters should be considered: the patient’s condition, growth, strength, etc. For daily wearing, you should choose a simple cane with a minimum of parts and a tip against slipping. For people spending a lot of time traveling, it is better to buy a cane folding or telescopic – it takes up less space. And for the post-traumatic rehabilitation period, the optimal choice will be the purchase of a multi-support cane. For disabled people with impaired musculoskeletal or vestibular apparatus and heavy weight, quadropod will be ideal.

Go ahead and visit Use our simple site to buy a cane for outdoor walking.

Buy a Medical Walking Cane From Certhealth

Certhealth suggests a variety of walking aids. The selection includes walking canes, crutches, walking folding canes, wheelchairs, rollators and walkers. Take a look at and pick a walking aid of your preference. Call us whenever you experience a problem picking the right walking aid for yourself. We are here to help.