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Phone: 800-414-2358

Fax: 718-946-6727

Bariatric Walking Aids

Bariatric surgery is a complex procedure that requires quite a bit of down time for full recovery. Bariatric walking aids are key to making a patient’s  life simpler and more comfortable. Bariatric transfer benches and rollators with extra large seats will aid a bariatric patient in daily life activities.

High Quality Bariatric Products from Certhealth

As with any other category, Certhealth strictly adheres to the principle of high quality, sturdy construction and long term effective service. With our rich experience in medical aid sales and serving people with disabilities, Certhealth provides great quality bariatric walking aids and equipment to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better and easier. We offer outstanding quality at affordable prices. Wheelchairs and rollators built specifically for heavier people have built-in strengthening braces within the wheelchair’s steel structure.

Certhealth Bariatric Assortment

By helping our patients find what they need within their budget, we provide the highest quality equipment to help them stay balanced and independant. Our inventory of bariatric walking aids includes:

  • heavy duty transfer benches
  • heavy duty bedside commode
  • heavy duty bariatric commode
  • heavy duty bath bench with a back
  • heavy duty bariatric wheelchair with full arm
  • heavy duty bariatric wheelchair with desk arm
  • bariatric rollator walker with large seat

Bariatric Items at Certhealth

Wheelchairs sold at Certhealth are brought to our customers by the top medical equipment manufacturer Healthline. Products we offer to people throughout the country are of high quality and durability, able to handle every task with power and flair. We take pride in the longevity and quality service of our products.

The specific requirements of bariatric items include durability, reliability and sturdy construction.

Bariatric walking aids from Certhealth are:

  • supported by telescopic guides, front and back
  • have built-in strengthening and bracing
  • constructed with a minimum of moving parts for durability
  • made with patient independence in mind
  • built with hard-wearing strong frames

Most bariatric equipment units are characterized by increased weight capacity. Whether the item is a bathroom transfer bench or a rollator walker – it must have a stronger frame, heavy duty support and reinforced elements. Commonly, a considerably wider seat is also included. Certhealth has a broad variety of bariatric equipment for home use, utilization in medical facilities, and for clinical settings. We carry a range of bariatric walking aids and bariatric bathroom safety items to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

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