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Bariatric Wheelchairs at

Certhealth is proud to present bariatric wheelchairs manufactured by the top producer of medical equipment in the country – Healthline. With weight capacity of up to seven hundred pounds and seat sizes up to thirty inches, bariatric wheelchairs from Certhealth are strong and durable, able to accommodate almost any user. Bariatric wheelchairs and rollators are frequently thought of as “extra wide wheelchairs” or heavy duty wheelchairs. You can pick replacement parts for such chairs in our Wheelchair Accessories department.

Bariatric Wheelchair. Structure and Design

Similarly to Certhealth’s lighter, manual chairs, the heavy duty (bariatric) models are all foldable and feature comfortable vinyl coated armrests and elevated footrests, they’ve got seat upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain. These wheelchairs differ considerably in their construction though. Normally lightweight wheelchairs include lighter metals: like aluminum or titanium alloy. A bariatric heavy-duty wheelchair is produced from steel.

At Certhealth, we present an outstanding variety of heavy duty wheelchairs. Our store also has an extensive department of mobility aid accessories. Our customers can find plenty of options there to help fine tune their wheelchair for better functioning, and make sure the device is a perfect fit and functions well.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a division of medicine, the purpose of which is to offer people specific, fast and measurable results in weight loss. The large overweight reduces the self-esteem of a person, poses a serious threat to health, worsens the quality of life and significantly shortens its duration. We have gathered the best specialists in our field and the best solutions to offer our customers the most convenient step to a healthier, beautiful and long life.

All of those are serious surgeries and most of them prompt lifetime changes in patient’s body.

People who are overweight in order to achieve better shape and weight loss are often not enough just to limit calories and reduce the amount of food. That we have decreased appetite and we stop eating, the brain should receive a signal that the stomach is full. A large role in this process is played the size of the stomach and digestive hormones.

But a surgery remains an operative invasion, no matter how you choose to name it. The changes that a patient has to get used to are deficiency of b-group vitamins, protein malabsorption, etc.

Bariatric Surgery. Aftermath

The challenge of recovery after a bariatric surgery is based in the movement difficulty due to trauma. One should keep in mind that the patient has not lost all undesired weight. The patient has been removed part of the stomach to stop digesting as much food as he or she used to. At the same time the patient is still relatively the same size he used to be before the surgery. So he needs more space than an average person. This is where Certhealth bariatric wheelchairs come into play. Easy and maneuverable, wide and high quality, these wheelchairs provide the utmost comfort and convenience for both – the patient and the caregiver. Order online and call us whenever you experience difficulty choosing the right model.