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A bath bench is an essential element of a bathroom. Most people associate this type of unit with an accessoire for disabled, a bathtub chair for elderly person. In reality every well-thought-out bathroom would benefit from an item like this.

Bath Bench. Why and What for?

A bathroom safety chair is a sturdy well-made slip resistant stool – with a back or without it, that helps the person taking a shower to safely conduct the showering process. This item becomes especially important to have if the person is:

  • elderly
  • lacks flexibility
  • has lost some dexterity in the limbs
  • a post surgery recovering patient
  • post stroke person
  • disabled or partially disabled
  • physically weak/infirm people

Entering bathroom, stepping over the bathtub edge and the showering process itself may seem straightforward and easy to accomplish to most people. But for those deprived of dexterity and ability to move find the hardest time moving around on slippery wet surfaces.

It is important to secure the environment in your bathroom with efficient equipment to provide the safe pathways for a disabled person and their routine activities.

Bathroom Safety Equipment

It is important to realize that how you feel in your bathroom can never compare to the feeling of a disabled person, someone who has lost dexterity recently or has been deprived of it for years. Support and balance are the most important things such people lack. Preventing slipping and falling accidents, fractures and major soft tissue trauma is only possible when your bathroom is equipped accordingly:

  • slip resistant transfer benches
  • bath benches
  • bathtub clamp rails
  • bathroom grab bars
  • commode toilet chairs
  • safety frames for toilets, showers, bathtubs

Certhealth presents an extensive selection of bathroom safety equipment: grab bars, shower stools, slip resistant transfer benches, etc. Sturdy frames, comfortable structure, little to no tools necessary for collection, medical grade materials, bariatric equipment sizes – all of this and more is waiting for you at Certhealth.