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Healthline Bath Round Stool, Shower Bench, Adjustable, Lightweight, Compact bathroom chair, with Non-Slip Seat and Legs, White


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A shower chair makes showering easier for older people and people with musculoskeletal disorders. The seat is made of specially composed medical grade material, and the frame is made of anodized aluminum that protects against corrosion. Rubber tips on the legs prevent slipping. It allows you to take a shower while sitting, significantly facilitating daily hygiene for people who find it difficult to stand due to poor health or injuries or surgery. People with physical disabilities, as well as older people with poor health, need special care conditions, including hygiene. To ensure comfort while taking a shower or bath, special auxiliary devices like bath stools have been created. The round stool can be placed directly in the shower or bath, without fear of corrosion. Due to its compact size, the bath bench fits in any bathtub of standard dimensions, does not take up much space in the shower. Adjustable in height, does not slip on wet floors. Convenient and reliable to use. This HEALTHLINE stool for the bathroom will make bathing procedures even more comfortable, simplified, and most importantly, safe.

  • Facilitates showering for the elderly and people with musculoskeletal disorders
  • Used during the rehabilitation period after surgery, disease or injuries.
  • Comfortable stool for bath or shower. Heats up quickly to body temperature
  • Lightweight and comfortable chair for taking a bath and sitting in the shower.
  • Comfortable use over a long service life is guaranteed.
  • An aluminum shower chair that fits any bathroom. The compact size allows you to use it even in the smallest places.
  • Non-slip rubber tips ensure a firm fit in place.
  • The compact bath and shower stool allows you to take a shower in a sitting position.
  • The legs of the chair are made of aluminum, resistant to corrosion.
  • From 15 inches to 20 inches in height adjustment depending on the needs of the user.
  • No need for special tools and skills to assemble.
  • Universal stool for convenient and safe use in the bathroom.


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