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Phone: 800-414-2358

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True ageing reason is yet to be discovered but real-life ageing health consequences are obvious:

  • limited range of motion
  • weak eyesight
  • weakened muscles
  • lack of balance and stability
  • chronic diseases
  • chronic pain and inflammation.

Bathroom safety rails and shower handrails can help you solve the problem of slip and fall accidents, bathroom trauma and patient dependence. Stability, balance and gait control are crucial in post hip surgery patients, post-stroke patients and elderly.

Bathroom rails help patients get in and out of a bathtub, aid them every step of the way. Adjustable devices that help in the toileting and bathing process and make up for limited mobility, range of motion, lower extremity weakness are sold at

Bathroom Rails from

Our store is proud of the 20 years worth of experience in selling medical wheelchairs, toilet safety rails, toilet handrails and other mobility aids for patients living with spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disorders and other conditions that require specific lifestyle adjustments.

Certhealth sells specifically constructed:

  • tub rail
  • toilet rails
  • shower rail.

We’ve listed affordable bathroom safety rails that secure ultimate stability aid and balance control to elderly people, people with disabilities, partially disabled people, post-stroke or post-surgery patients. Peace of mind and safety environment are the benefits you get when arranging the patient room properly. Prevent unwanted trauma and risk with Certhealth mobility items.

Scroll through Certhealth’s pages to view our selection of:  

  • medical wheelchairs
  • aids for the elderly
  • patient room items
  • bariatric products
  • disability accessories
  • incontinence products
  • medical walker accessories
  • mobility walking aids
  • respiratory care equipment and accessories
  • wheelchair components
  • personal hygiene products.

For years, Certhealth products have enabled customers across the country to overcome mobility and communication challenges and experience an improved quality of life. With its extensive operating experience in the tri-state area, Certhealth will help you find the best mobility equipment to meet your needs. Join our club of loyal customers and explore our wide range of new mobility options. Our highly-trained consultants will help you find the right items for your condition. We provide excellent customer support and safety tips for using your home healthcare equipment and devices. Remember, we are here to keep you moving.