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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Toilet Aids for Disabled

Toilet aids for elderly people are designed and manufactured to improve the quality of life of a disabled, sick, weak or post surgery persons.

Our selection of hygienic toilet aids helps maintain a healthy daily routine. If the person you give care to is disabled or lacks general dexterity through illness or an accident, Certhealth assortment of toilet aids will be of particular help. If sitting down or getting up from the toilet presents a certain difficulty, our wide range of raised elevated toilet seats will help you solve the problem.

Toilet aid for Elderly

Sometimes due to a medical condition (an illness, an accident, personal health weakness, spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disorders) a person is not able to use standard toilets at all.

Toilet Aids for Seniors

Because of the movement disability, through a temporary trauma, post surgery or post stroke recovery state a patient cannot move accordingly or with necessary agility. Due to that problem and the block that happens to people who have recently lost agility other health issues may arise. Like incontinence. Raised toilet seats can minimize the problem.

Mobility Toilet Aids

In the modern world of mobility equipment industry there is a huge variety of toileting solutions that help people with disabilities, elderly people, patients with neurological diseases and limited range of motion. People with severe arthritis can benefit greatly from raised toilet seats and toilet safety frames. Disabled people can be aided by bedside commodes and bariatric bedside commodes with adjustable height legs. Think of a rolling walker that will aid a patient get to the bathroom.

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