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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Portable bedside toilets for the elderly and disabled are designed and manufactured to improve the quality of life of people who are disabled, sick, weakened, or recovering from surgery.

Our selection of hygienic toilet aids helps our customers maintain a healthy daily routine. If someone you care for is disabled or lacks general dexterity due to illness or an accident, Certhealth’s assortment of toilet aids for disabled and handicapped will be of particular help. If sitting down or getting up from the toilet presents a challenge, our wide range of raised elevated toilet seats will help solve the problem.

Toilet aids for the Elderly

Sometimes due to a medical condition (an illness, accident, personal health weakness, spinal cord injury, or neuromuscular disorder) an elderly person is not able to use standard toilets at all. A chair toilet for elderly can be a great solution to help older adults maintain independence and dignity.

Toilet Aids for Seniors

A movement disability from a temporary trauma, surgical procedure or recovery from a stroke can impair mobility, and patients may lack the necessary agility to use the toilet. Issues like constipation and incontinence can make matters worse. A raised toilet seat or a portable toilet chair for elderly can help patients use the toilet with confidence, without fear of falling when sitting down or getting back up.

Mobility Toilet Aids

The modern mobility equipment industry offers a huge variety of toileting solutions to help people with disabilities, elderly people, patients with neurological diseases and those with limited range of motion. People with severe arthritis can benefit greatly from a raised toilet seat and toilet safety frame. Bedside commodes, bariatric bedside commodes and portable toilet chairs for elderly with adjustable height legs can offer a perfect solution for patients who have difficulty getting to the bathroom.

Toilet Aids at

Shop toilet aids for the disabled and seniors at We provide you with a wide choice of splash guards, elevated toilet seats, and various self-wiping aids. At Certhealth, we sell only the highest-quality toileting aids, devices and accessories, produced by Healthline Trading, an experienced medical equipment manufacturer. Portable bedside toilets make it easier for elderly people and individuals with various disabilities and injuries to take care of themselves and maintain an independent, private and dignified life.

Certhealth Supplies Assortment

At Certhealth, we do our best to gather all the necessary medical supplies and devices to provide you with a broad selection, so you can always find the perfect option to suit your needs. Our online shop offers the best aids and accessories for the elderly and disabled, manufactured by Healthline.

We stand out by providing all of our customers with constant support and useful information. Our specialists are always ready to give detailed answers to all your requests and questions. Healthline Medical Supply appreciates customer loyalty and offers special discounts for a wide range of items.

Contact us today to learn more!