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Safety Grab Bars for Elderly

Grab bars are safety items that help prevent slips and falls and loss of balance while bathing and toileting.

These bathroom safety units assist patients with transferring from one place to another and provide sturdy support.

Grab bars are mostly intended for seniors, individuals with disabilities, post surgery patients, bariatric patients and people who are recovering from trauma or injuries.

Why Should You Have Grab Bars in Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the house when it comes to fall risk. Grab bars prevent falls and reduce the risk of injuries and trauma.

Place safety grab bars near the toilet so you or your loved ones can stand or sit with sturdy support at hand. Elderly people often feel dizzy or lose balance, so it is essential to install a sturdy devise they can grab onto in the bathroom.

Falls most often occur due to slippery surfaces in the bathtub and surrounding wet areas, hot water accidents, and steam from the shower. Shower rods and towel racks are not sturdy enough to support human body weight. Therefore, safety grab bars are must-haves in the shower or tub.

Safety grab bars for shower and toilets should be installed thoughtfully. When planning on securing your shower or bathtub with safety grab bars, pay attention to small details to prevent falls. For instance, note which side the towel racks are installed; where is the rug placed? is the person left-handed or right-handed? Try to imagine using the bars yourself to determine optimal placement.

Grab Bar Structure

Made of durable knurled chrome steel, this grab bar helps to prevent falls and slipping in the shower, especially for weak or disabled patients. The knurled texture of this bathroom grab bar helps patients maintain stability and balance.

Statistics for head, back and arm trauma from bathtub falling accidents are too high to ignore. Make sure you provide a safe environment for your loved one or patient.

Remember, people who cannot move as rapidly as a healthy young person appreciate additions to the home interior that help them maintain control and stability while providing a measure of independence.

The value of extra security in a patient room cannot be overestimated, considering how unpredictable medical conditions can sometimes be.

Bathroom Grab Bars for Elderly at Certhealh

Making your bathroom a safer place has just gotten easier. By installing bathroom safety bars for the elderly in your shower or around your bathtub, you provide a better, safer environment for your loved ones who have lost their agility.

At Certhealth, we sell only certified medical equipment and accessories, manufactured by our reliable partner, Healthline Trading.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are always happy to provide our clients with helpful consultation and help to choose the most relevant items. Call us today to learn more about special offers and purchase of safety aids.