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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom Safety Bars for Elderly

Bathroom safety units and grab bars are a number of equipment items that are very much oriented onto people that have been partially or fully deprived of dexterity, such as:

  • post surgery patients
  • bariatric patients
  • elderly family members
  • weakened individuals
  • a patient recovering from trauma
  • a disabled family member
  • a partially disabled elderly family member
  • anyone lacking agility

Bathroom Grab Bars for Seniors

Making your bathroom a safer place has just gotten easier. By installing bathroom safety bars for elderly in your shower or a couple around your bathtub you provide better, safer environment for your loved ones who have been deprived of their agility.

Grab Bar Structure

Made of durable knurled chrome steel, this grab bar helps to prevent falls and slipping while in shower. This is especially to the point when a disabled or weak person is taking shower. The knurled texture on this bathroom grab bar helps maintain stability and balance.

The statistics for head, back and arm trauma post bathtub falling accident is too high to ignore. Make sure you provide a safe environment for your loved one or to the person who is given care.

Remember, people who cannot move as rapidly as a healthy young person appreciate additions to the interior that help them maintain control and stability as well as relevant independence.

Extra security is never too over the top in a patient room. Considering how unpredictable medical conditions can sometimes be.

Bathroom Safety Items

Certhealth’s online store offers a wide variety of bathroom equipment and supplies for disabled people, small children, bariatric patients, elderly people, and post-surgery patients.

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