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Tired of Sponge Baths? Consider a Shower Commode Chair with Wheels

Degenerative disease, age-related health issues or trauma can be devastating, robbing you of your independence and dignity, and taking away life’s little luxuries that you once took for granted, like showering or using the toilet. However, thanks to innovations in the design of medical equipment, some of your lost privileges can be restored with a shower commode chair with wheels.

Your bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home, with its hard slippery surfaces and water that can easily make you slip and fall. If you are a caregiver, transferring your patient from bed to shower or commode conveys a great deal of responsibility and risk, making you inclined to take care of your patient’s hygiene needs with sponge baths and bed pans.

A commode chair for the shower and toilet may provide a solution for both caregivers and patients, making patient transfer from bed or chair to commode or shower a less daunting task.

Advantages of a commode chair for toilet or shower include:

  • functionality of a shower seat
  • convenience of a commode seat
  • transportation ease of a wheelchair
  • safety and comfort for patients and caregivers
  • smooth transfers
  • easy maneuverability
  • moveable foot support

Your patient or loved one will be happy to have regular cleansing showers, improving their quality of life. The commode chair for toilet allows them to eliminate without the mess of a bedpan or the discomfort of a toilet seat. And a commode chair for elderly or disabled patients makes caregiving easier, with easy to clean surfaces and a convenient removable waste receptacle.

The wheels with locking brakes on your commode chair for elderly or disabled patients makes transport to the bathroom a breeze. A commode shower chair with wheels is highly maneuverable and height adjustable, so you can customize it to any user.


Commode Chairs for Toilet or Shower from

At Certhealth, we understand the needs of elderly and disabled patients and their caregivers. We are dedicated to providing solutions that restore dignity and improve the quality of life of our customers. Our easy online store and quick home delivery make a logical choice for all your medical care needs.

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