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How to Choose a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

In a perfect world, getting around in a wheelchair would be easy. Ramps would be universally accessible and sidewalks and curbs would be accommodating. Sadly, that is not the case, but at least there is a partial solution.

A portable wheelchair ramp comes in handy when you need to get around in your chair in areas that are not wheelchair-friendly. Whether at home or at work, a portable wheelchair ramp gives you the independence you need to get things done. However, selecting the right ramp is critical for both safety and utility.

Some things to consider when selecting a portable wheelchair ramp include:

  • Materials: When it comes to ramp materials, think safety first! If the ramp will be exposed to the elements, slip-resistant materials are a must. Your wheelchair needs traction in rain and snow, so make sure your portable ramp offers enough grip to allow for safe transport in any weather.
  • Height Threshold: Selecting the right height threshold is critical for safe access. If your portable wheelchair ramp is too high or too low it will be unsafe or even ineffectual. Examples of spaces with height restrictions include steps leading into your home, doors with raised thresholds, vehicle entrances and the steps leading between the garage and house.
  • Space Constrictions: Carefully measure the space where you intend to use your portable wheelchair ramp and compare it to the width of your chair’s wheelbase. You need to leave enough room to get on, get off, reverse and turn around.
  • Weight Capacity: Make sure your portable wheelchair ramp’s weight capacity is rated to handle heavy loads. Consider the user’s body weight, the weight of the chair, and additional weight for bags or packages. Subjecting your ramp to too much weight can lead to serious safety issues.

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