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7 Reasons a Knee Scooter is a Great Choice!

Getting around after a leg injury can be a real hassle. Using crutches or a walker is slow and cumbersome, and it places a lot of load on your back, arms and shoulders.

A rolling knee scooter is a great substitute for other adult walking aids, letting you glide along at a faster speed than hobbling or even walking.

Why Hobble, When You Can Scoot?

Here are 7 reasons why a knee scooter is a great choice:

  • Safety and stability: A kneeling rolling walker lowers your center of gravity and gives you a broader base of support than other types of medical walking aids.
  • Quick transportation: A knee scooter lets you get around quickly, often faster than walking. The convenient hand brakes let you safely navigate pedestrian traffic.
  • Fun: Scooting is fun! Kids love scooters, and a knee scooter lets you get in touch with your inner child.
  • Even loading of your hips and spine: Crutches load your body weight onto one leg and strain your spine and upper body, and a walker causes you to slump forward. A knee scooter lets you move about with perfect posture, placing less strain on your hips and spine than other adult walking aids.
  • Easy to transport: A knee scooter folds up for easy transport in your car, or for convenient storage at home or work.
  • Foot elevation and protection: A kneeling scooter protects your injured foot by keeping it off the ground. A kneeling scooter is a great choice for diabetics with foot ulcers.
  • Independence: A knee scooter lets you move about independently while your injuries heal. A convenient basket allows you to transport personal items with ease.

Kneeling Rolling Walkers at CertHealth

A knee scooter is a great investment to protect your injury and your upper body while you heal. Compared to other medical walking aids, a kneeling rolling walker allows you to move more quickly to get where you want to go in a timely fashion. Shop for all your adult walking aids and other medical needs, and enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

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