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Dukal 412-10 Gauze Sponges, Type VII, Sterile, 12-Ply 4″ x 4″


  • 412-10 Sterile Gauze Sponges, Type VII, 12-Ply, 4″ x 4″
  • USP Type VII gauze,
  • 100% woven-cotton
  • 12-Ply, 4″ x 4″
USP Type VII gauze, 100% woven cotton. Sterile gauze sponges, Type VII. Highly absorbent and offers exceptional clinical performance. Used for many applications, including general wound care, dressings, prepping, wound packing, and debriding.
  • Dukal – 412-10 Sterile Gauze Sponges, Type VII, 12-Ply, 4″ x 4″
  • USP Type VII gauze,
  • 100% woven-cotton
  • 12-Ply, 4″ x 4″
Quantity (Packs)

10 pcs/pack

  1. Much more affordable than purchasing from the local pharmacy. I bought around 20 for different needs, mostly for the first aid, because I have to small children who tend to fall a lot and in summer it is especially dangerous if their wounds can get infected. So I try to keep this nearby, just in case.

  2. This Dukal gauze sponges are very nice. I like how soft and absorbent they are.

  3. I foolishly assumed that these sponges would be thick enough, but I had to use at least 2 layers to stop bleeding from my daughter’s knee. I amg glad they are sterile and do their job, but again, could be thicker.

  4. I am so glad I purchased these! They are really good for the treatment of bedsores/small wounds and can prevent bleeding if used in a few layers. Basically the product matches the description and I am glad I purchased a few packs of it (4×4).

  5. My husband’s bedsore wound is being cleaned with a great product. I use 1 tissue for each dressing change I must perform twice day. They are thin, sterile, they are a great help!

  6. I use this product to cover the second layer of dressings. Due to the item’s prompt delivery, excellent packaging, and excellent condition, I awarded it a rating of 4. I adore that they are sterile. But, the gauze sponges are really thin. They do not absorb well due to their thinness. I would have to utilize two instead of one in order to achieve the performance I want, which would reduce their worth. I’m not yet sure if I’ll make another buy.

  7. Each of them is packed individually to keep them sterile. I used these to clean the cut I got from the knife while cooking. They even stopped the bleeding, if I used around 5 for that. My purchase contained only like 10, I will order more later.

  8. For my boat, I needed to put together a first aid pack. Hopefully I won’t ever need any of the things I bought. These tissues, however, will come in handy for bruises a small wounds.

  9. During my child’s leg surgery, we used around 6 over the course of 30 days to keep the area covered and clean. The sterilized gauze sponges were quite effective.

  10. Too small for my needs. Might need to buy larger ones. But they are helpful with small wounds.

  11. These 4×4 Dukal sponges are must have in every first aid kit. So, having these in my bag even helps me to be better prepared for any situation when I may need to act as a first responder to family members.

  12. After a surgery, I used them to wrap or cushion drains. They were adequate and good at their job, but not exceptionally soft. Compared to the similar ones I purchased from a chain retailer, these were thinner. With said that, 4×4″ gauze sponges are pretty effective for small cleaning procedures, but not for big wounds.

  13. My mother has breast cancer. These are what I’ll need for her breast augmentation. It was essential for me to get gauze tissues that would last and prevent the wounds from leaking over her clothes since I have to change them twice a day, using two each time. I will have to purchase another pack for my mother.

  14. They’re thinner than I anticipated, but they’re still good. There may be times when you need to utilize 2.

  15. These are quite effective and soft, however I needed to fold them in half to achieve sufficient thickness. They were well-packaged individually and quite practical aside from that.

  16. I had an infected toe, these were very helpful for cleaning it. I am glad that I bought these, as doctor recommended.

  17. Under a gauze pad that was heavier, these performed just great. These, in my opinion, would be incredibly effective on a wound, but not if it is oozing. These are really reasonably priced considering what you receive.

  18. Perhaps it’s exclusive to my review. Even when tripled up on top of them other, they are not really suited for leave-on dressings, but they do a respectable job of cleansing the wound and debris off. They are simply incredibly skinny. They are probably OK with little wounds – I’m dealing with big wound healing.

  19. Not too thick as expected, but at least 2-3 help to get rid of the fluids. It absorbs very well, but will require multiple layers.

  20. These sterile sponges absorb any unwanted fluids attempting to exit the afflicted region while holding ointments on wounds. Excellent sterile pad at a very reasonable price!

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