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True Care Super Absorbent Incontinence Underpads (100 Count)

$58.75 $65.00

  • True Care disposable incontinence underpads provide secondary leakage protection to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces.
  • Strong enough for overnight use, these super absorbent underpads feature extra-strong construction and are durable even when wet.
  • Locking in wetness to protect surfaces, the moisture-proof barrier offers protection along with protective underwear and briefs.
  • To use the underpad, place the colored side down on a chair or other surface with the white absorbent side facing up. For disposal, wrap the pad securely in its plastic back sheet and dispose of in a sanitary manner.
  • Includes 100 incontinence underpads measuring 30 by 36 inches each.

True Care disposable incontinence underpads 30×36 provide secondary leakage protection to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces. Chucks pads are strong enough for overnight use, these super absorbent underpads feature extra-strong construction and are durable even when wet. A moisture-proof barrier offers protection along with protective underwear and briefs.

To use the underpad, place the colored side down on a chair or other surface with the white absorbent side facing up. For disposal, wrap the pad securely in its plastic back sheet and dispose of in a sanitary manner. Do not flush. Note that True Care Underpads should be used for back-up protection only. For best protection, use with another adult incontinence product.

  1. The bed will stay dry thanks to their durability. Since they are bigger, you just need one every night. I am glad I bought them, they arrived quickly and the shipping was free! Totally worth it!

  2. I adore these covert pads. Even though my elder dog wears doggy diapers, he regularly “leaks” even through them. He spends the night in a crate, therefore the big coverage of these pads is ideal. Even when he slightly creases the pad (creating his bed), these pads still cover the most of his space. They are absorbent, robust, and keep my boy—and his sleeping area—clean and dry. Other coverage products I’ve tried haven’t quite lived up to these.

  3. Due to my bladder problems I go to the bathroom very often. Sometimes I cannot hold myself. To prevent such accidents, I cover most of the seats at home with these pads. I hope to find a decent doctor to resolve my problem, but for now, I just use True Care pads to keep myself safe. I am glad to work from home, otherwise it would be more problematic. I purchased a few packs in advance, I use the pads daily and I am really grateful. Their quality is great, the tore only if they become too wet. The size is just perfect for me, they are quite large and cover large surfaces, so I don’t have to worry about spoiling anything.

  4. They work well for my old dog who has difficulties keeping his excrement and occasionally his pee. My floors are shielded from odors and stains by them.
    I arranged them in layers. I wrap up the top layer when he uses them and throw it away.

  5. They accomplish their intended purpose of keeping the bed sheets dry for a person with incontinence issues. These are adequate for many hours on their own or as a backup with another kind of protection, but I’m not sure they would last a full night without any extra protection. Avoid the temptation to “shake them out” before placing them on the bed, as I did once and was left cleaning up filling crumbs for days. Other than that, truly nice and nnot too expensive product, I am satisfied with its quality!

  6. One of my adult family members is now coping with incontinence. The pads I used before were ineffective. I discovered that I had to change the bed sheets every day and wash laundry. The True Care pads are very absorbent and have a wide surface area. Now I can simply clean up and throw the pads away. That really facilitates my work. Thank you so much!

  7. They are not too bulky as other brands, which does the trick. I don’t have to clean them, I just dispose of them easily. However, they make noise, which is not the best option for a person who already has trouble with sleep.

  8. These absorbent bed covers are a godsend in so many ways for my 82-year-old mother. Quick cleanliness is necessary first so that mom, doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It conserves water because I washed 2-4 loads in 3 days, which was really saving! Finally, I roll it up and toss the underpad away. But, because they are so costly, if only one corner is damp, I cut it off and use it until I have to wrap it and throw it away. Overall, a fantastic product.

  9. My brother has these on his wheelchair and usually his bed. He always tried to get to the bathroom, but sometimes the accidents happen anyway. So, the pads help in that situation and we don’t have to worry about leaking. I like the quality, the price is nice too.

  10. I have a sick poodle at home. She can’t hold herself until our walk so we had to cover most of the floors with these underpads, they help a lot, so we don’t have to wash the floors all the time! They are quite big and cover a lot.

  11. The pads are quite sturdy and swiftly absorb liquids, no leaks. I would recommend to cut them in half to get more value of them (depends on how you use them, of course). I wasn’t dissapointed, this was the greatest solution for my pets.

  12. Very soft and absorbent. I purchased these for our puppy room. The quality says for itself. Up until the pups started tearing them apart, these were more practical! I appreciate that they arrived on time and completed their task. I’m grateful.

  13. Firstly, I thought they would be small, but received a big pack of long and large underpads. Just what my 70-year-old grandma needed! I can easily get rid of the used ones. We usually put them on the dining chair, coach and bed to avoid accidents. Before the absorbent material becomes too messed up, these will last for around 5 to 7 nights. I also like that they don’t seem to get hot or sweaty, so my grandma doesn’t experience too much discomfort.

  14. The underpads are excellent. When my son sleeps, they remain where they are on the bed. The underpads prevent the mattress from becoming wet when he wets himself while sleeping.

  15. With three kids in the family, the purchased pad from True Care became very useful to our family. They’ve been beneath my kids bed sheets, and they’ve helped me do a little less washing overall. These will go a long way because this box of pads is so large. But overall, good product, less headache for me, as a mom.

  16. Good absorbing material, big help to my granny, who is unable to leave bed without extra help.

  17. The quality of this underpads is nice, it is hard to tear them up. I decided to buy 2 different packs from this and other brand to test the difference. I like True Care, they are big (30 x 36 inches), they never let me down with wetness absorbation, easy to dispose of. I also like that I paid less for them and the delivery was free. I am very satisfied!

  18. They are adequate for an elderly person who experiences overnight incontinence. When going into bed, you just need to make sure it is correctly placed. Big size, like 30″ for 36″ fits nicely and covers enough to preserve leaking.

  19. I was usually buying from another brand, but lately their prices increased so much, that I had to find more affordable option. I gave a try to True Care pads.These have nice quality, large and absorb the liquid well. My dog, who I am potty training leaves the spots on the pads, I usually put at least 1-2 on top of each other, just in case. For now I am happy with this product and free shipping.

  20. I actually have a large nutria at home. It is such a struggle to clean after my pet, because it leaves their poo everywhere, ignoring the litterbox. This is where the pads from True Care come in use. The rat sometimes chews them, but at least now the floor is cleaner than before. I had to buy a few different packs to see which size fits for it better, seems like XL is our best option. My advice – think twice before having nutria as a pet 🙂

  21. I recommend using this as a backup protection in combination with something else.I use them for various needs: underneath the sheets for the kids to avoid leaking (I also use another extra pad with higher absorbence, just in case). These are also helpful to gather different rubbish undernearth my car seat. This kind of cushion helps protect your car’s interior.

  22. Due to my disability, I am more likely to get bed sores, infections, and skin wounds. I thus always sleep on a pad. These are the most attractive, cozy, and affordable option I’ve found. With the help of my relative, we fold it, change to the fresh one. So far, no “accidents” or leaking.

  23. My daughter recently had her first period, so we decided to use these pads to avoid leaking on the bed sheets. They are really helpful. Every surface is protected, no bloody stains and everyone is happy!

  24. I’ve been purchasing these pads for a while. My pugs use them as puppy pads. These are big enough for all sizes of dogs. I no longer get peepee spill issues on the floor. I strongly recommend these!

  25. I must admit that the size is large and it plays an important part in covering bed to catch and absorb the leaking that might occur during the night. My 75-year-old-grandmother really needed some good quality pads and I think we finally found the perfect ones for her. Affordable in prize, not to rough and easy to change. My life became much easier, because now I don’t have to do the laundry every day.

  26. This is a fantastic method for protecting the mattress in the bedroom. The huge size completely encloses the bed’s most important section. They also prevent the covering from slipping underneath you when you move into and out of the bed (it has a high 4 poster queen size pillow top mattress). There is a faint medical scent, but it is not offensive. The pad is large enough to fit nicely in the required region despite the fact that the material is not slick. Overall, I am satisfied. Worth its price after all.

  27. I am an artist. I use these to cover my floor while drawing with paint. Just a nice cheap option for the surface protection. So far, no stains and easy disposal of the used pads. They are great!

  28. I am buying the big pack from Cerhealth for the first time to try the quality. So, I put these on my mother’s bed to see how they absorb the liquid, because my mother cannot go to the bathroom without extra help. I change them daily, so far I am pretty happy with the product.

  29. If you are looking for some pads, that would protect your bed sheets and save your time from tons of laundry – True Care are the best option. I bought the pack of 100, because I need a lot, big sized (30″x 36″) for my sick elderly relative. They absorb very well and easy to change.

  30. Due to the fact that I work away from home, I have trained my tiny dog to relieve himself on them. The pad’s size is really helpful in this regard. These are a very excellent product, and I will keep purchasing them. Big thanks to True Care!

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