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Baby Wipes Soft-pack Flip-top, with Aloe 80/pack


Great all-around baby wipes! Soft, strong, durable.
Aloe to soothe skin & Vitamin E to support skin hydration
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Bathroom accessories like wet wipes with a convenient cap often make a life of a caregiver much easier. Cleaning up, wiping, dusting off unwanted dirt – all of this can be done with a simple wipe. Whether you are a mother of a small child or a relative of an elderly or a disabled person – a pack of wet wipes should be at hand at all times. The wipes come in three pack varieties: 5, 10, 24. Strong, durable, but still soft – these wipes are a great addition to any household. 80 wipes per pack, they are aloe-enriched to soothe skin. Added vitamin E is to support skin hydration. The size of the wipe is 5.9×7.8 inches.

Quantity (Packs)

5, 10, 24

  1. Totally satisfied with this purchase. Wipes are thick, durable, strong and soft! I use them as adult incontinence wipes. Definitely, these are my favorite wipes. Will buy them again.

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