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Dukal Basic Care Gauze Sponge, 4″x4″, 8 Ply, Non-Sterile, Pack of 3 (Sold by 200 per Pack, Total 600)


  • Basic Care Gauze Sponge, 4″x4″, 8 Ply, Non-Sterile
  • Pack of 3 (Sold by 200 per Pack, Total 600)
  • 100% woven cotton
  • 8-Ply, 4″ x 4″
  • Latex free
100% woven cotton, Gauze Sponge, 8-Ply, Non-Sterile, Basic Care, 4″ x 4″. Lighter, economical choice for quality care.
  • Dukal Basic Care Gauze Sponge, 4″x4″, 8 Ply, Non-Sterile, Pack of 3 (Sold by 200 per Pack, Total 600)
  • 100% woven cotton
  • 8-Ply, 4″ x 4″
  • Latex free
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Pack of 3 (Sold by 200 per Pack, Total 600)

  1. They work really well and I’ve used them a lot in the past. The gauze sponge is very absorbent and gives a wound an additional layer of protection.These may, incidentally, also be used as a coffee filter (I haven’t seen anyone actually using it that way, but it works for me!). Thumbs up to seller!

  2. Cleaning wounds has never been so easy and effective. Very absorbent and not too thick. I prefer these gauzes over other ones I used to have, they were sterile though. Using non-sterile pads helps to get rid of debris around the opening and stop the bleeding, I also cover them in alcohol and that works too. A great addition to my first aid kit.

  3. I like that you can create your own amount of thickness from a few layers of the sponges. Or you can use just one thin. The size is also very nice and symmetrical for various wounds. I would use these though for viping than covering the bleeding parts because they are not sterile. Overall, a great product!

  4. So I got 2 packs (200 pads each). They are very helpful in everyday life, the price is affordable and quitw cheap in comparison to other brands. They are absorbent and not too soft. Sometimes I use them not only for medical purposes but just to clean my laptop because they don’t leave any stains on the surfaces.

  5. Pay attention, these are NOT STERILE pads. I use them mostly for skincare. Very nice for makeup removers, they are soft and absorb pretty well. The only thing I didn’t like that they don’t come in separate packaging each. I had a hard time of finding the better storage to keep them clean. Other than that, they are nice.

  6. I’ll get more if I run out because it works excellent as a gauze pad. I usually wash my face with one, it helps to get rid of makeup pretty fast. Very soft and clean. They are very helpful to stop bleeding from small cuts I usually get during shaving, so shoutout to that too!

  7. Excellent to have on hand for unexpected bleeding. They are prepared for use and securely wrapped for storage. Excellent for cleaning delicate items like glasses and furniture from dust.

  8. These non-sterile sponges are very soft, they let the skin breathe, no synthetic fibers. Pretty effective in use. Exactly what I expected.

  9. Woven, don’t fall apart like other gauzes, I am quite happy with the pack I got. Takes not too much space in my first aid kit I have in the car. I hope I won’t need them too often, but purchasing was necessary.

  10. So, overall I am satisfied with the product, however, I would like to name a few flaws, that some of the buyers already noticed. Nothing against the product, but just to be aware: the gauzes are non-sterile, not the best choice for treating wounds, do not put them directly on the wound. To repackage them into more practical containers, like your camping pack or your car’s first aid kit, use ziplock bags. Plan to use them properly though, as they are still not sterile.

  11. These sponges are very nice for skin care routine, I have two packs, which is enough for a long period of time. I don’t use them for any other purposes, like medical for example, because they are not sterile (for that I have other type of sponges with higher absorbence).

  12. Simple, woven and soft. 8 Ply is not high absorbent, in my opinion, but good enough for the wounds I had recently. I ordered a few packs and I was not dissapointed! Very decent product, even though the price seemed high for me, but I think that is optional. Anyway, the gauzes fit the description, nothing to add.

  13. The size and texture of these gauzes are as predicted. These are superb quality and excellent for treating many kinds of wounds (but not the deep or serious wounds).

  14. The gauze in most of the stores, especially sterile ones are so expensive, I decided to order non-sterile, they seemed to be effective and a nice option! Just what I needed for daily cleansing the wound area.

  15. They are a quite thin, as several other reviews have noted (they are not hospital grade 8 ply). These worked great for me as I used them to compress and cover a healing wound. The cost was excellent, and shipping was free! My item was delivered quickly. On the same day, I purchased some medical tape from a different company, and it took them twice as long to deliver it. I would recommend ordering from this firm if you want a quality gauze product urgently.

  16. I put together a practice kit for my students in a fitting bag with the necessary supplies. These gauze pads are perfect for it, and my students can use them in many cases. I need a lot in the bag, not sterile, and I need it cheaply!

  17. 4″x 4″ is a perfect size for our needs. They are similar to the ones that nurses use in the hospital, so I am glad I got the gauze sponges from Dukal. I got used to care for my relative’s wounds at the hospital, so it was pretty easy to adapt with the pads I got. They are not sterile, but clean, be aware of that. I got exactly what I expected.

  18. These gauze sponges are very convinient to clean cat ears and nose, they pretty soft. You don’t have to worry when you twist them, it is easy to do without causing too much discomfort for your pet.

  19. I have seen in other online stores these type of gauzes, unfortunately much higher in price. So I decided to purchase one pack from Dukal. I wasn’t dissapointed! The pack of 200 that arrived pretty fast had enough for treating my mother’s bedsores (2-4 daily). 100% woven, no sythetic materials. Please note that they should be used in layers to absorb the liquid.

  20. I would like to note that these gauze sponges are more affordable because they are non-woven and not sterile. It is intended for inexpensive sponging, debridement (it should feel a little gritty), and treating wounds. It should not be cut into individual squares; instead, use it in small handfuls.You can get higher-quality nonwoven sponges, but they will generally be slightly more expensive. For the vast majority of first aid emergencies at home, this stuff is affordable and more than sufficient.

  21. We didn’t actually need 4 by 4s, but in the end turned out the size was perfect for us! Our relative required them during his abscess treatment. These gauzes really helped, we might purchase another pack in the future!

  22. Fair pricing. It’s a clean gauze bundle that may be opened and used several times (with very clean hands or gloves). It is not single use sterile gauze because the inside gauzes are not separately wrapped, as is stated in the description. To keep the package clean in our dusty home, I store it in a ziplock bag.
    It works well for any non-sterile gauze application wounds that don’t require sterile treatments.

  23. It really absorbs a lot while keeping the area dryer than most other gauzes, and I use it every day for wound treatment. Although it isn’t the softest, it is the simplest to handle and tape down in unreacheble locations.

  24. Fast shipment and great quality. So I bought 3 packs to make sure that my relatives will have these at home too, specifically grandparents, because they spend time in the garden and usually have some small accidents and cuts. And there comes the time when these sponges come in handy!

  25. Great woven first aid gauzes.They are incredibly useful for treating wounds since they are soft and absorbent. It is beneficial to have one at home that is really useful in a particular situation. They provide excellent value and can be helpful in different situations.

  26. They cannot be distributed in fist-aid kits as easily since they are not separately packaged. As they are not sanitary, I would also be wary about using them on serious wounds. I wish I had known that before placing my purchase. However, I found some other purpose for them, so at least it was not much of a waste.

  27. I bought these gauzes for my daughter, and they work wonderfully. In a month or two, I’ll place another order.

  28. Given that we have a large family, this offers a tremendous value for the money and complements the wraps we purchased. They are great to have around to take care of my noisy kids and to know that I have the resources to assist them if necessary.

  29. I used them to care for the kittens I was fostering. They need frequent cleanings of their eyes and nose due to upper respiratory infections. It was nice and tender to clean them with these. Unfortunately, I had to find another storage instead of their original pack to keep them isolated from outer factors that would make them dusty or dirty.

  30. Although it’s not sterile, it’s fantastic to stop the bleeding from a kitchen knifes or other instruments that are usually not good in quality. When combined with a triple antibiotic or something similar, it makes a wonderful cushioning beneath wraps. My recommendation for sure!

  31. For everyday wounds treatment I used 12 ply, but 8 ply work quite well too. The are not the softest but easier to manipulate in hard to reach places and tape down.

  32. These 4 x 4 first aid sponges are rather great. They are soft, highly absorbent, and do not irritate. With a total of 200 sponges, this box offers excellent value. These might need being sterilized or at the very least separately wrapped. All of the sponges are visible once you open a pack. After opening, I’d store them in a bag or another airtight container. The fact remains that they are a terrific addition to my home first aid kit and useful to have on hand in case of emergencies or for treating wounds.

  33. To clean injuries and control nosebleeds, these first aid pads are unquestionably useful. They may be used to apply toner or remove makeup as an extra benefit because they are incredibly gentle and won’t bother the skin. Remember that these are described as non-sterile so don’t expect individual wrapping or sealed packaging. Excellent pricing!

  34. I could not find any of these in local medical stores for a cheaper price. The Dukal have a solid package and enough in one pack (200, 4″x4″) for everyday use. These are very helpful for small wounds, makeup cleaning. However, too thin in my opinion.

  35. 4″ x 4″, 8 Ply, 200 in a pack, 100% woven. Pretty decent for such price. I didn’t have any cases where I would need these gauzes (which is good, thank god). Still, it is better to have them, just in case, you never know. I am happy with what I received, the delivery was fast and the package didn’t have any defects. For now I will leave 5 for this product, we will see their effectiveness in the future.

  36. I use these mostly to remove my makeup, but they are also helpful in treating wounds, no syntethic. I am glad I have these gauze pads!

  37. I am a school nurse, the gauzes I purchased are clean, made of durable material, and effective. I have another pack of sterile gauzes from the same brand and I use them both for different occasions.

  38. Really useful for cleaning and treating tiny leg injuries. Decent pricing.

  39. I work in the food service industry, accidents happen there. My hand received a little burn when I was working, and this woven gauze is excellent at absorbing and protecting it. I bought a substantial package of 3 packs (200 each pack), and I took one for use at work, just in case. They are sturdy; you can’t simply shatter them with only your hands, and surgical tape sticks to them quite effectively. I am glad I had this protection of my burn, and I changed it only twice a day!

  40. We are both extremely happy with the product’s quality; it is just what we needed. I bought this product primarily to aid a patient control their incontinence. It offers a layer of protection to pads. Having this many at this pricing is quite helpful because we use a lot of these. Also, the service was good and quick delivery is crucial in the healthcare industry. I heartily endorse both this vendor and this product, and I fully intend to place more orders as required. I’m grateful.

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