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Origami Laundry Hamper- Doing laundry in an artistic way


Beautiful Origami style laundry hampers that make doing laundry easy and convenient. The smart design of this laundry hamper conveniently folds away when not in use and features durable handles making carrying easy and quick.

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A colorful laundry hamper – a cute bath item and practical addition to your walk-in closet, bathroom or bedroom. Ideal for students living on campuses, facilitates the process fo doing laundry considerably. With the bright laundry hamper you’re least likely to confuse your clothing with someone else’s. Easy to use and compact this laundry hamper can be used in multiple ways. Made of polyvinyl chloride – a durable plastic, this basket provides plenty room for all things you choose to put in it: whether those are clothes that need a wash or the damp towels. Easy to clean, maintain and store: just fold it along the obvious lines on the product the way you choose to have it. The laconic style of this laundry basket will complete any interior design plan. This type of hamper is perfect for children’s rooms, student dorms, daycare bedrooms and bathrooms, nursing home facilities, even beauty shops. Any way of application you choose for it – it will be of long term service for you. Simply laid out instruction right on the packaging will help you assemble or disassemble it without tools if necessary for travel or storage.


Blue, Green, Red, White

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