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Stroll or Roll? Knee Scooter vs Crutches. How to speed things up

Having a lower extremity injury to your foot or ankle can slow you down, making it a chore to get from place to place, especially if you are relying on crutches. But what if you could speed things up by rolling instead of strolling?

For many patients, a knee scooter offers a great alternative to crutches, although both share many things in common:

  • Both knee scooters and crutches provide stability and balance.
  • Both provide a wide base support during walking that reduces the risk of falling.
  • Both support body weight, taking the load off your injured limb.

Crutches have not changed much in design over the past couple of centuries, although they are often made of lightweight aluminum today, rather than wood. A knee scooter is similar to a rolling walker with wheels and a seat. Like a rolling walker, it features hand brakes for safety.

Advantages of a Knee Scooter over Crutches

Despite their similarities, there are many compelling reasons to choose a knee scooter over crutches.

  1. Stability and Durability: A rolling knee scooter is both lightweight and highly durable. It is more stable than crutches, reducing the risk of falling.
  2. Pain-Free Transport: Crutches can be painful to the underarms and hands, as they support your body weight. A kneeling rolling walker takes the load off your upper body and places it more naturally on your lower body.
  3. Better Weight Distribution: By nature, crutches shift your weight to the “good” leg, throwing your body weight to one side. A kneeling rolling walker distributes your weight evenly between the right and left sides of your body.
  4. Safety: There is much less risk of losing your balance with a knee roller, because your center of gravity is closer to the ground.
  5. Easy Transport: A knee scooter folds for convenient transport, unlike crutches that take up more room.
  6. Lower Energy Demand: Because you are rolling instead of walking, you expend less energy with a knee scooter. Also, a rolling walker with wheels and a seat gives you a place to sit if you need to rest.
  7. Fun Attractive Design: A knee scooter looks a lot like a bicycle or a regular scooter, and it is much more fun to use than crutches.
  8. Speedy: A knee scooter lets you tool around town at the speed of a regular scooter or skateboard, much faster than crutches.

A rolling knee scooter is perfect for anyone who suffers from:

  • recovery from surgery
  • broken foot or ankle
  • ankle sprain
  • amputation
  • ulcer below the knee

Rolling Knee Scooter at

At CertHealth, we have a wide range of health supplies and support equipment to meet your medical needs. Our rolling knee scooter is made of lightweight aluminum, with an adjustable steering column and knee cushion height. Our steerable knee walker scooter requires no tools for assembly, so you can be rolling instead of strolling in no time!

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