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Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs tend to receive the majority of positive reviews, as they are the easiest to use and maintain. You can manually accomplish activities which are optimally configured around you in a safe and convenient way.

These custom wheelchairs help prevent pressure and shoulder injuries as well as assist in maintaining good posture. Every year, customers are increasingly choosing their ultra lightweight wheelchairs for people with disabilities, understanding the feasibility and advantages of these products:

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and conveniently store a wheelchair;
  • Independent movement on lightweight wheelchairs requires minimal muscular effort of hands compared to other products;
  • Despite the lightness of the design, the strength of the product is maintained, which allows it to be operated without restrictions by almost any patient.

Ultra Light Wheelchairs for Your Comfort

A manual wheelchair from Healthline Trading USA offers a light durable frame and great features. The ultralight transport wheelchairs we sell can support individuals up to 300 pounds.

At Certhealth online store, we also provide ultra lightweight folding wheelchairs that can be easily folded and stored in a car trunk for long trips.

Choose an ultralight manual wheelchair that meets your specific requirements. You are free to pick the model with desk padded arms or with full padded arms. Products come in three size options: 16″, 18″ and 20″.

The upholstery of a manual wheelchair is made of sturdy nylon, making it a lot easier to clean the fabric and maintain it in superb condition for a long period of time. These models are not only compact and comfortable, but also safe thanks to the bacteria and fungus resistant covering that is flame resistant.

Healthline ultra lightweight folding wheelchairs have an overall height of 36 inches and an overall width ranging from 10″ to 11.5″. Designed with double criss-cross frame, it weighs only 32 pounds without the elevating legrests.

Wheelchair Assortment at

An ultralight wheelchair is already equipped with a carry pocket on the backrest for the comfort of patient and caregiver. If you wish to enhance your new wheelchair with other convenient accessories, feel free to browse Certhealth online store.

We provide a wide range of medical equipment and other complementary products for elderly, individuals with disabilities, post-surgery patients and anyone who experience health issues.

If you have an active lifestyle and need a comfortable and compact chair, take a look at the ultra lightweight wheelchairs at Our specialists can completely customize the chosen product to meet your needs, life and even personality.

Call Certhealth for help in ordering the item you prefer. Our specialists are always ready to guide you through the wide assortment at our online store, tell you more about specific products, and arrange fast and free shipping straight to your home.