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Phone: 800-414-2358

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Every year, customers are increasingly choosing their ultra lightweight wheelchairs for disabled people, understanding the feasibility and advantages of these products:

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and conveniently store a wheelchair;
  • Independent movement on such a stroller requires minimal muscular effort of hands compared to other products;
  • Despite the lightness of the design, the strength of the product is maintained, which allows it to be operated without restrictions by any patient.

Why Patients Keep Choosing Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs?

Especially popular among manufacturers of lightweight wheelchairs for disabled people are manufacturers from Germany. The German industry has reached a benchmark in the design and manufacture of rehabilitation products, including wheelchair wheelchairs.

Ultra Light Wheelchair from Certhealth

The most popular are the lightest wheelchairs. They are the easiest to use and maintain. With Ultra Lightweight technology, you can more easily and safely accomplish activities in a manual wheelchair optimally configured around you. These custom wheelchairs are configured to your body to help prevent pressure and shoulder injuries as well as assist in maintaining good posture.

If you have an active lifestyle, self-propel your chair and qualify for an Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, we can completely customize it to your needs, life and even personality.

Call Certhealth for help in ordering the item you prefer. We are here to help.