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Upgrade your Bathroom for Improved Safety

Statistically, 25% of elderly people in the USA experience a slip-and-fall accident each year. In fact, an elderly person falls every 20 minutes, and 11 seniors experience a fall-related trauma every 50 seconds!

Moreover, bathroom falls are a common cause of mortality in elderly populations.

Maintaining balance and stability during bathroom use is key to avoiding in-home injury, especially for the disabled and elderly. Loss of vision, reduced mobility and other factors can make the bathroom a hazardous place. A number of minor improvements can increase bathroom safety and reduce the risk of injury.

What causes bathroom risks?

Some bathroom safety hazards include:

What changes can be made?

Consider hiring a specialist and modifying your bathroom with special safety aids that can make your elderly family member’s routines safer and give you peace of mind. Items to consider include:

Slip-resistant surfaces are key to preventing falls and injuries to your elderly family members. Organizing and decluttering your bathroom can improve safety and reduce the risk of falling. Remove throw rugs and bath mats, bathroom scales, and other items that may create a tripping hazard.

Make the space convenient and accessible, making sure that all robes and towels are within the senior’s reach.

Hiring a personal aid during the weeks and months after surgery to help with bathroom use is an additional safety measure.

Keep a mobility aid at hand in the patient’s room. A patient with reduced mobility often needs help when getting up or sitting down.

About Commodes

While a heavy duty commode or a bedside chair may look somewhat intimidating, a patient who has just undergone hip replacement surgery will appreciate the convenience those items offer for standing, sitting and using the toilet.

Bathroom safety devices provide balance and stability for post-surgery patients, day or night. A well-equipped bathroom can help preserve the patient’s dignity while providing important safety features.

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