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Oxygen Bag For D Cylinder


  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap for convenience
  • Made of durable lightweight nylon for easy care
  • Fits a D size oxygen tank
  • Convenient front pouch
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This respiratory care oxygen bag for D-type cylinder is a bigger version of the C-cylinder bag – number one solution for patients needing additional oxyden supply throughout the day, when out and about. It is made of stiff rugged material, thus does not dirty up too quickly, does not require heavy washing, is cleaned easily and swiftly even with a damp wash cloth or a wet wipe (in case the stain is minor). Comfortable fit and its simple cut provide long term fuss-free service. D-type oxygen cylinders fit perfectly into this bag and are carried around with ease. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap any user can find his perfect fit with this product. Made of high-quality hypoallergenic nylon material: won’t rub or shrink. The structure of this oxygen bag includes an outer extra pocket for any minor necessities that you may have on the go.

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