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Knee Walker Scooter Steerable W/Both Side Handle Brake and Basket


  • Adjustable steering column and knee cushion height, requires no tools. Steering adjusts between 33.5″ to 40.5″ from ground; knee cushion adjusts between 19″ and 25″ from ground. Length with Basket: 36″, Length without Basket: 31.5″, Width – front wheels: 16″, Width, rear wheels – 10″ Front basket durable and lightweight Parking brake button add security in locked position
  • Sturdy aluminum frame offers the advantages of low density and high strength
  • Can be used conveniently used indoors and outdoors
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If you want to buy a knee walker – you are in the right place. Healthline Trading sells adult knee walkers at a great price point. This particular knee walker is steerable with handle brakes and a basket for convenient storage of your personal items. The steering column and the knee pad height adjustable. From 33,4 to 40,5 inches for the column. And 19 through 25 for the knee pad. The length of this steerable scooter is 36 inches with the basket attached. 31.5 inches – without the basket. Width of the scooter on the level of front wheels is 16 inches. Parking break button secures the scooter in place.

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Black, Blue, Red

  1. My daughter was extremely upset after her foot surgery. Not only she was in pain, but she also had to hear sad news from doctors about the recovering process. While searching for a 4 wheel walker, I’ve read a lot of reviews and seen tons of models. Finally, I picked this one. My daughter loves the red color and its design. I helped her to decorate the basket to cheer her up a little. Hope, the healing process will pass fast and successfully.

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